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Next to the printed book, radio and TV, the Internet and the computer are the greatest communication tools ever invented. While used by almost everyone, most are still not aware of the vast potential of both of these technologies. The websites listed below offer leading edge technology for those willing to master what is literally at our fingertips.

Get Acrobat Reader

1&1 - Get your domain names here.

10 Computer Annoyances and How to Fix Them

10 Useful Web Applications You Don't Know About

23 Top Undiscovered Websites  

800 Numbers  - Hard to find listings.


Addresses of Everyone Important

Airline Fares - How to find the lowest fares.

Alexa - Traffic rankings.

Antennas - Free boosters for your WIFI.

AOL Video - Online videos.

ASK.com - Excellent search results.

ASK.com Maps


Backing Up Data

Backgrounds for You Computer

Backup Essentials

Backup Hard Drives

Backup Strategies - Dr. Mercola.

Browser - Firefox - The preferred browser.


Business Opportunities in a Failing Economy - How to look for new opportunities.

CCrane.com - Unusual electronic equipment.

Cell Phone Tapping - Anyone can hear your conversations.

Clicker.com - Listing of all previous online TV programs.



Coding 1 - CodeHS.

Coding 2 - Code.org.

Compete - Website traffic analysis.

Copy & Paste

Craigs List - Find anything. Sell anything. Free service.

Dictionary - In all languages.


Dictionary/Encyclopedia - The Free Dictionary.


DogPile.com - Searches all of the other major search engines.

Domain Names & Website Hosting - 1&1 - Very inexpensive.

DMV Problems?

Dropbox - The easy way to transfer files.

Ebooks - Management software.

E-Cards - Nice cards to email.

Ecuador Property Investments

Email - Thunderbird.

Email - StartMail.

Encyclopedia - In all languages.

Facebook - How to use it, by Dr. Mercola.

FareCast.com - Best deals on plane and hotel rates.

Favicons - Add a picture to your website.

File Storage - Top ten services.

File Transfers - The easy way to transfer files.

Financial Tips

Firefox - The preferred browser.

First Internet

Fonts - Large selection.

Gas Prices - Just enter your zip code.

GetHuman.com - Directions for talking to a real human being at every company.

Gmail Advantages

Goggles Flight Simulator - Fly over your own house!

Google - The most popular search engine.

Google and Microsoft - How they are destroying each other. And the alternatives to them.

Google ASK

Google and the CIA

Google Custom Search Engine

Google Directory

Google Earth

Google English - Experimental

Google Groups

Google - How it Works

Google Help Center

Google Maps

Google Maps - 51 things that are blurred out.

Google Maps - 100 things to do with them.

Google Mars

Google Moon

Google News

Google Phonebook Name Removal

Google Search Tips

Google SketchUp - Create 3-D renditions.

Google Spam Filters

Google Tracking - Do you know where your kids are?

Google Translate

Google Trends - Find out how popular various search phrases are.

Google UFO

Google Usage

Google Users - This is what people use Google for?

Google Video

Hulu.com - Watch TV programs on your computer.

Intelius - Find anyone.

International Calls for Free

Internet Archive

Internet Censorship 1

Internet Censorship 2

Internet Rumors

Internet TV

IP Address - Find yours here.

Hoax Slayer

Home Values - Find yours instantly.

Jooners - Online planner.

Keeping Up

Khanacademy.org - Learn anything here - for free!

Khan Academy Videos - How to make one.


LiveLeak.com - Astonishing videos.

Mahalo.com - Ask any question.

Meta Cafe

MAC Internet Users

Microsoft and Google - How they are destroying each other. And the alternatives to them.

Microsoft Action Pack - Save on all MS software.

Microsoft Images - Free downloads.

Microsoft Office Alternative - Free.

Microsoft Silverlight

techsupport.jpg (96258 bytes)Microsoft Support

Microsoft Updates

Mid East Maps

Mind Mapping - Free sites.

MSN Search

Netiquette 1

Netiquette 2

Omgili - Searches forums only.

OpenOffice.org - Free MS type software.

Pagebull - Search engine with pictures only.

Palindrones - Reads the same way in either direction.

Pandora - Huge music collection.

PDF Conversion - Convert your files to a PDF file for free.

PDF/Adobe Reader - Free download.

People Search - U.S. Search

People Search - Yahoo

Pictures from Around the World - Select area or type.

PhotoSketch - Make a complete picyure using sketches.

PowerPoint Download Information

PowerPoint Viewer 2007 - Free Microsoft download. 2003 version for older machines can be downloaded here.

Random Number Generators


References You Can't Do Without

Rense Video

Revver.com - Free videos.

SDXC Memory Cards - 2 Terebytes.

Search Engine Alternatives

Search Engines - Anonymous tracking.

Search Engines - DuckDuckGo.com.

Search Engines - StartPage.

Search for Video

Search Strategies


Signupgenious.com - Great for getting people to sign up for your event.

Snopes.com - Check out Internet rumors here.

Skype Internet Phone - Free! Call anywhere in the world.

Soul Camera

Speed Traps Exposed

Speed Trap Exchange - Listing of all known speed traps.

Spyware - Clean up your computer for free.

StartPage.com - No search censorship. No IP address  recording.

Systrain Language Translation


Ted.com - Interesting speakers on all subjects.

Telephone Cheat Sheet

Text-to-Speech - OddCast speaking characters.


ThinkExist.com - 300,000 quotations.

Time Anywhere in the World - Includes weather and other information.

Translation Website 1 - Alta Vista Babel Fish translator. Works very well.

Translation Website 2 - NewsTran.com

Truth Miners

Tweetdeck - Newest fad.

TV Land - Watch old TV shows online.

URL Trends

Veoh.com - Online videos.

Viddler.com - Online videos.

WayBack Machine - See old websites.

Webcam - Best on the market.

Website Hosting - Lunar Pages.

Website Domains - Inexpensive website addresses.

Website - Why you need one.

Website Builders - Best for 2016. Read all of them.

Websites for Free - Jimdo. Free or pay, with ecommerce options. Easy to use.

Weebly - Another good website builder.



Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia Scanner

Wikipedia's Six Sins


Wimax - High speed connection of the future.

Windows Annoyances

Windows Live

Windows Live Local

Windows Startup Music - Why?

Windows Updates


WWITV - Watch TV from around the world on your computer.

WolframAlpha  - New search engine.

WordPress Themes - Build your own website.

World Clock - Amazing statistics updated by the second.

Worms - Conflictor.

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Video


Virtual Turnpike - Find a picture of any address.

You Tube - Interesting videos.

Zengardner.com - Interesting subjects.

Zip Code Statistics

ZIP File Software - Free download.