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Facts of Life - 101

Everything You Need to Know...

That No One Will Tell You

March 22, 2011

This ongoing work in progress is written for the benefit of those few people who truly are seeking the answers to life's mysteries.  These short "facts of life" are not in any particular order, but all of the subjects are discussed on the many links listed on this website. Those who are wise will seek out these subjects and research them to determine if these statements are indeed true.


  1. There is but one God (YHWH, as revealed in the Bible) and He has a head, two hands, two feet and a body. We were created in His image, but are composed of a mortal body and a spirit. There is no Trinity mentioned or alluded to in the Bible.

  2. God does reveal Himself to us and gives us instruction through the Bible (and no other books). God is not the author of confusion and there are no other representatives of God, other than His Son, Jesus Christ.

  3. Jesus is the Son of God and He died for our sins. There are no other deities in the Godhead, though the Bible mentions other members in the Family of God (such as the Sons of God in Genesis).

  4. You are here for a purpose and are destined to change the world for good. 

  5. You were already saved, before the creation of the earth.

  6. You are considered to be a member of the Family of God and will be resurrected in either the first or second resurrections, after your death.

  7. You have the opportunity in this lifetime to qualify for a position in the Kingdom of God at the first resurrection. The choice is yours.

  8. God can provide for us and protect us, if we rely on Him and it is His will at the time. However, there are no guarantees that you will be saved in times of trouble. It is God's sovereign choice and we all have to die at some time.

  9. God is the creator of all things, including good and evil.

  10. Satan is ordained by God to rule this earth and was created evil by God. There is no Star Wars-like battle between the forces of good and evil.

  11. Satan rules the earth primarily though bloodline families, known generically as the Illuminati (Mystery Babylon or the Synagogue of Satan, as revealed in the Bible).

  12. The United States (and all other western democracies, communist governments and dictatorships) are controlled by and their governments were created by the Illuminati.

  13. God elects which Illuminati families will maintain the power in any given country (who, in turn, install their puppet leaders, usually under the guise of democratic elections).

  14. All wars and major world calamities (invasions, depressions, famines, 9/11, etc.) are planned and financed by the Illuminati bloodline families.

  15. Participating in wars, violence, and fighting against the Illuminati is not biblically condoned.

  16. The world is kept in political bondage through subterfuge, illegal spying by intelligence agencies, assassinations designed to look like accidents, semi-secret and secret organizations, corrupt politicians, corrupt political parties, corrupt justice systems and the control of the media and educational institutions.

  17. The world is kept in economic bondage through excess taxation, restrictive laws and the dependency on oil and electricity. 

  18. The world is kept in mind bondage through the control of the educational institutions and the media.

  19. The world is kept in spiritual bondage through perverse biblical teachings and control of the churches and religious organizations.

  20. The world is kept in a state of poor health by the control of the food, water, medical and drug industries - and through miseducation. The secrets to good health are well known and revealed in the Bible. 

  21. Despite all government's basic suppression, God's will is that everyone be healthy and wealthy - and will provide success and prosperity to those who seek it for the right reasons. There is enough wealth in the world for every single person to own their own mansion. The Bible talks about individual wealth quite extensively. 

  22. Age 70 should be the peak of one's achievements.

  23. The government holds advanced technology that is 50-100 years ahead of the private sector, including Tesla-based free-energy and anti-gravity technologies.

  24. The United States, Russia and China have advanced Tesla-based technologies that can control the weather and create earthquakes at will (HAARP).

  25. The Illuminati-controlled governments of the world have been polluting their skies with deadly chemicals, known as "chemtrails". No one is completely sure why this is happening.


Ken N.

March 22, 2011


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