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Being able to laugh at ourselves is one of the signs of a mentally healthy person. There is much to laugh about in this world - especially in the field of religion. And if we can laugh at ourselves, we've achieved the ultimate sense of humor. The sites below offer a small taste of what is universally available on the Internet.

30 Second Animated Parodies

April Fools Jokes - The top 100.

Belief-O-Matic - A personality quiz about your religious and spiritual beliefs.

Birthday Calculator

Cell Phone Video - Why you need Blue Tooth for hands free driving.

Comedy Videos

Computer Mouse Demonstration

Diebold Leaks Results of '08 Election

Digital Clock

Dog House - Be aware, guys.

Dog Tricks - Type in your command (sit, kiss, roll over, play dead, etc.)

Elf Yourself

Flying Cars Video

Global Warning Video - Hilarious.

The Government Can - Hilarious spoof on the government.

Hitler and the Mortgage Crisis

The Holy Observer - Back in circulation and as funny as ever.

HowManyofMe.com - How many people have your name?

In the Beginning - A one act play, featuring Adam, Eve and the Serpent.

Jackson Pollock - Drag and click your mouse. OK, it's silly.

JibJab - Hilarious political parodies.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jokes 1

Jokes 2

Jokes 3

Landover Baptist Church - Don't click on this link if you are easily offended - or are Baptist.

Monday Morning Test

More Humor Sites

One Liners & Proverbs

The Onion

Onion News Network - Hilarious news videos... with a degree of truth.

Optical Illusions 1

Optical Illusions 2

Penny Postcards

Pictures to Brighten Your Day


Quotes Machine - On every subject.

Sam the Bell Hop - Incredible card trick.

Start Your Own Religion

Stupid Videos

What We Call the News - Hilarious JibJab presentation.

Whole Book - Good jokes.

Your Name in Snow - Just type in your name and watch the show.

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