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It seems that we are bombarded with varied news media sources of every kind in our daily lives. But the fact is that they all have one thing in common; they are all covertly "controlled" - by the lluminati. The news they report is all "sanitized" - and they almost never take on the real issues of the day. The news they present is basically bad for you. There are only six major news sources.

With the advent of the Internet, independent news sources are now just a keystroke away. But most people have no idea where to begin to look for them. Below is a list of some 150 of the better sources that will present news that you will never find on your favorite TV station, newspaper or magazine.

Forums & Message Boards on All Subjects

10 Most Influential People In Alternative Media

19 Things the News Media is Strangely Silent About

Abel Danger

ActivistPost.com - Highly recommended.

Alternative Science & History News

AlterNet.org - Highly recommended.

Aljazeera - Amazingly unbiased.

American Chronicle

AmericanFreePress.net - Highly recommended.

American Patriot Friends Network (APFN) - Many interesting links.

American Voice Radio

Amped Status - Highly recommended.


Art Bell - The top late night radio show in the world - exposed.

Barbara Hartwell - Christian whistle blower with interesting insight into other Illuminati researchers.

BBC - Why it's NOT an independent media source.

Before It's News - Highly recommended.

The Big World Gathering - Extensive links.

Black Listed News - Highly recommended.

Brasscheck TV - Incredible, graphic videos of many controversial subjects. Check out the index here.

Business Insider - Excellent source for business news.

The Byte Show - Listen to (ASK) David Sielaff's interview here.


Censored News Stories

Chelsea Green

Citizens for a Legitimate Government

Coast to Coast with George Noory

ConspiracyKing.com - Extensive  articles, videos and books.

ConspiracyPlanet.com - Extensive resources.

Contending for Truth - Great site.


Counter Punch

Coup Media - Revolutionary Human Media

Cryptogon.com - Conspiracy news.

Cryptome - Incredible resources on all subjects.

Dahr Jamail's MidEast Dispatches - Iraq news.

Daily Bail

Daily Bell

The Daily Reckoning

Danny Schechter News Dissector

David DeGraw - Excellent articles.

DEBKAfile - Mossad inspired and Illuminati endorsed.


Democracy Now


devvy_kidd_com_hdr.jpg (16884 bytes)Devvy Kidd's Archives 1

Devvy Kidd's Archives 2

Dprogram.net - Highly recommended.

Educate-Yourself - Incredible collection of articles and links not found anywhere else.

Energy Grid Alternative Media

End of the American Dream  

EnglishRussia.com - Interesting pictures from Russia.

Ether Zone





Feed Your Brain Magazine   

Fighting for Freedom

Flyby News

Food Freedom

Forbidden Knowledge TV


Freedom Force - A list of true patriots.

Freedom's Phoenix - Highly recommended.

Gary North

Genesis Communications Network  

Gerald Celente - Incredible track record, by Trends Research.

Dr. Gianni Hayes' Radio Show

Global Research - Highly recommended.

Google News - Available in all languages.

Government Gone Wild -Excellent and informative videos.

Ground Zero  - By Clyde Lewis.

Health Freedom Alliance - Latest news on all health issues.


Hermes Press

Hidden Knowledge Course


The Idaho Observer

If Americans Knew - Israel and Palestine statistics.

Illuminati Scoreboard

The Independent Institute

The Independent

India Daily

Information Clearing House

Information Liberation - Highly recommended.

InfoWars - Alex Jones. Good information, though he may be controlled. See Barbara Hartwell.

The Insider

Institute for Historical Review

The Intel Hub  

The International Forecaster - By Bob Chapman.

The Invisible Opportunity

Janet Phelan - Investigative reporter on court abuse.

Jeff Rense - Highly recommended.

The Jerusalem Post

Jim Stone Freelance - insightful news.

John Connor - Illuminati news.

John Kaminski

Johnpilger.com - Independent journalist.

Judicial Watch


Keely Net

Leading Edge - Extremely interesting.

Left Hook - By Dean Henderson. Excellent Illuminati commentary.


Liberty News Radio

Lightworkersxm - Large selection of news.

Live Leak - Interesting videos.

Love for Life - Extensive articles on all subjects.

Market Skeptics - What really is going on with various markets.

MemoryHoleBlog.com - Latest conspiracy information.

The Memory Hole

Merovee - Leading edge Illuminati news.

MetaTech.org - Wide diversity of interesting subjects.


Mindfully.org - Large cross section of subjects.

My Favorite Mason - Illuminati news.

Muckraker Report

The New Enlightenment

News By Us

News from Behind the Scenes




NewsWithViews.com - Highly recommended.

Network News: Seeing through Illuminati Eyes

New World Order Report - Highly recommended.

New World Order Research Organization

No World System

Off the Grid

Old-thinker News

Online Journal


Opinion Maker

Opposing Digits Blog

PakAlertPress.com - Good articles.

Patch.com - News from your hometown.

Peers - Sponsors other independent thinking websites.

Peoples Voice

Peering Into Darkness

PID Radio

Portland Independent Media Center

PrisonPlanet.com - Highly recommended.

Project Avalon

Project Camelot

Project Censored

Propaganda Matrix


Quantum Pranx  - Wide selection of topicis.

Raw Story

RealEconTV - Financial news without the BS.

Reality 101 - Wide range of topics.

Reality Blog - CAFRs and many related subjects.

Real News 24/7


Red Ice Creations - Highly recommended.

Rense - Highly recommended.

Rense TV

RINF Alternative News Media


Rumor Mill News

Russian News and Information Agency

Russia Today (RT) - Illuminati controlled? (The Daily Bell).

SecretJustice.com - Judicial watchdog.

Secrecy News


Signs of the Times

Skolnick's Report

Stan Deyo


Surfing the Apocalypse

Target: Freedom

The Tap Blog - Subscribe to their blog site newsletter..

Ted.com - Incredible videos on new ideas, experiences and devices.

TheFluCase.com - Wide variety of subjects. Highly recommended.

Think About It - Many varied subjects.

TomFlocco.com - Scandals revealed.

Total Information Analysis

Trends Research Institute - Incredible track record, by Gerald Celente.

Truther Girls

Truth Seeker - Highly Recommended.


Tyranny Chronicles - Free newsletter.

Unknown News


writewhatyertold.jpg (30897 bytes)U.S. Observer

Iraq war Veterans Must watch ! US Soldiers Waking UP !

Veterans Today - Highly recommended.

Vialls Investigations

View Zone

VigilantCitizen.com - Illuminati related symbols and news items. Highly recommended.

VOX News

Wake Up America

Waking Times - Good health information.

WantToKnow.info 1

WantToKnow.info 2

War is Crime - Highly recommended.


We the People Radio Network

Whale - Many varied subjects.



What We Call the News - Freedom's Pheonix.

William Thomas



World Affairs Brief


WorldTruth.TV - Excellent.