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Front page news on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been a daily fact of life for most of us. The parallels between the these wars and the Viet Nam War are quite similar. And, like the Viet Nam War, the real truth is kept from the public.

As bad as the daily news is, it's really much worse. And if that is not bad enough, the possibility of war breaking out in Iran or other neighboring countries is very real. Read below to see what what the news media is not telling you.

60 Minutes Video - Why we are in Iraq.

Abu Ghraib Murder & Torture Dateline Video

Alive in Baghdad - A video news service.

American bases in Iraq - Here to stay.

American Contractors in Iraq

American Iraq War Deserters

Anticipated Iran War 1

Anticipated Iran War 2

Anticipated Iran War 3

Anticipated Iran War 4

Anticipated Iran War 5

Anticipated Iran War 6

Anticipated Iran War 7

Anticipated Iran War 8

Anticipated Iran War 9 - Iran: the Threat of a Nuclear War

Anticipated Iran War 10 - Suspension of the U.S. Constitution.

Anticipated Iran War 11

Anticipated Iran War 12


Appeal for Redress

Babylon, Stargates & Saddam Hussein

Baghdad Burning - An award winning blog on daily life in Iraq.

Baghdad Hospital - Appalling conditions.

The Bases Are Loaded - Video on our permanent bases in Iraq.

Battle of Baghdad

soldier_funeral.jpg (10523 bytes)Believers Against the War

Beyond Treason

Canada’s Secret War in Iraq

China/U.S. War Scenario

Collateral Murder - Recent video footage of American atrocities.

Col Westhusing's 'Suicide' In Iraq


Consumers for Peace

Corporate Takeover of Iraq Economy

Cost of Iraq War Today - Constantly updated and compared to what that same money could have been spent on.


Courage to Resist

Dahr Jamail's MidEast Dispatches

Death Count - True count by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Devastation

Dennis Kyne - Decorated veteran speaks out.

Disintegration Strategy

Fallujah Destruction

Financial Theft 1

Financial Theft 2

Generals Against the War

Genocide in Iraq

The Ground Truth

Gulf War Syndrome in Iraq

Historians Against the War


Iran Attacks by U.S. - The historical record.

Iran Missiles - Capable of taking out U.S. ships?

Iran War Scenario 1

Iran War Scenario 3 - Israeli attack?

Iran War Scenario 4

Iran's Deadly Shahab-3

Iraq Atrocities

Iraq Body Count

Iraq Conspiracy Video

Iraq Engagement Video

Iraqi Electricity - It doesn't exist.

Iraq for Sale Video

Iraqi Genocide

Iraqi War Protests - Now illegal. 

Iraqi Women 1

Iraqi Women 2

Iraq Infections

Iraq Invasion Death Toll

Iraq Life 1 - An index of articles on what is really going on in Iraq.

Iraq Life 2


Iraq Press Freedom?

Iraq Prison Torture

Iraq Oil 1

Iraq Oil 2

Iraq Reconstruction

Iraq Refugees

Iraq's Cancer Crisis

Iraq Torture Videos - Caution: Extremely graphic and disturbing.

Iraq War Casualties

Iraq War Costs

Iraq War Images

Iraq War Reporting Video - What you won't see on the TV news.

Iraq War Veterans Against the War

Iraqi Women Under Occupation

Iran War - What war with Iran might look like.

Israeli Snipers Killing American Troops?

Last of Iraqis - Interesting daily blog on Iraqi life.

Letters from Iraq

May Day, I Repeat, May Day

Mercenary Massacre Video

Military Families Speak Out

Military Veterans Health Issues - Alternative health solutions.

Next Phase

New World Order - Cannon fodder for the NWO. Excellent article for first time readers.

Persian Gulf Naval Build-up

Redefining Death 1

Redefining Death 2

Redefining Death 3

Redefining Death 4

Revolt of the Generals

The Road to Falluja

Sergeant Benderman

Shoot People - For no reason.

Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdraw

Soldiers Injured Ordered to Return to Fight

Surge Myth



Ungodly War 1

Ungodly War 2

unclesam.jpg (21891 bytes)U.S. & Coalition Casualties - CNN.

U.S Nuclear Weapons Usage - In Iraq and Afghanistan?

U.S. Palace in Iraq

U.S. Soldiers Deaths

U.S. Torture

U.S. to Stay in Iraq Permanently

U.S. Tour of Duty

U.S. War Crimes

U.S. War Hero Executed - by U.S. - Football star Pat Tillman.

Veterans Testimony - This is what our guys are really doing in Iraq.

Veterans Today

Voices from the Front - A vets experience.

WarComesHome.org - Treatment of veterans when they return.

War_is_a_Racket_510x680.png (486935 bytes)War is A Racket - By Marine Major General Butler.

War That's Not a War

West Point Graduates Against the War

What Next in Iraq?

Who Won, Who Lost? - The high cost of war.