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The whole world was riveted to their TV sets for a week in 2005 as we watched and wondered - when will help arrive for the victims of hurricane Katrina? While everyone pointed fingers, Katrina victims received no water or food for days on end. People died and were assaulted while authorities sat by with loaded guns to prevent residents from even leaving the affected areas when they could.

What wasn't reported is even more horrifying and was definitely not just your typical governmental bungling. Read below to see what really happened, as reported by those that were there. Your area could be next.

Alternative Theories  

Citizen Flotilla Turned Back by LA State Officials

FEMA's Blocking Efforts

FEMA Sabotage 1

FEMA Sabotage 2

FEMA Sabotage 4

FEMA Sabotage 5

FEMA Sabotage 6

FEMA Sabotage 7

FEMA Sabotage 9

Government Criticism

Government Waste

Guardsmen Played Cards While People Died in New Orleans

Hurricane Andrew  - Worse than Katrina - and with no aid.

Iraq-Katrina Connection

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Katrina Encyclopedia

Katrina Myth; the Truth About a Thoroughly Unnatural Disaster - The video.

Katrina Non-Action - By Kelly McGinley.

Katrina Was Not the Problem

Levee Sabotage 2

Levee Sabotage 3


Paramedic's Experience

Rapes, Killings Hit Katrina Refugees in New Orleans

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Salvation Army