What Is Lunasin?

What Has Lunasin Done For Patients?

Lunasin Can Help Your Patients and Your Practice

Lunasin Inflammation Reduction

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Lunasin vs Conventional Cancer Drugs

How Is Lunasin Sold?

Reliv International of Chesterfield, MO, has acquired the exclusive rights to lunasin through Soy Labs, LLC.

Reliv markets lunasin under the brand name of LunaRich X. Reliv also adds the equivalent of one capsule of lunasin per scoop in the Now multiple vitamin supplement and also in several other Reliv products.

NOW Ingredients

What Is The Cost of Lunasin Products?

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Why You Should Recommend Lunasin To Your Patients

If you have read What Has Lunasin Done For Patients?, you can see that lunasin has an impressive track record. If you are on Facebook, click on Reliv's LunaRich & LunaRich X Stories for daily updates on patient experiences with lunasin. 

No matter what your specialty is (medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.), lunasin might be beneficial to your patients. Inflammation reduction is a concern for all practices. 

It should be noted that some practitioners are generating significantly more income from these products than from their own practice. Read pages 20-21 of Reliv's Lifestyle magazine. 

Once patients experience the benefits of lunasin, they generally put their entire families on it for life. Check out this Vietnam vet's story (pictured right).

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