Original Christianity Before Organized Religion

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Dr. Michael Heiser's approach to biblical research is in keeping with Dr. Martin's unbiased, academic philosophy of scriptural study. Click below to read some incredible new biblical research:

Dr. Heiser has also been a regular guest on the popular nighttime radio show COAST to COAST AM with GEORGE NOORY. On the show he has commented on some of Dr. Martin's books, which has generated some public interest in ASK. Check out these links below:

New to Dr. Heiser's website are several extremely interesting videos. Utilizing the LOGOS Bible Software, Dr. Heiser takes you through the correct translation of the scriptures of many controversial topics. Be sure to watch them all. Just click here.

Read a draft of Dr. Heiser's 2003 Near East Archaeological Society paper on "The Jesus Ossuary".

Dr. Hesier now has a blog that is very informative.

Read an intervew with Dr. Heiser regarding UFOs here.