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Music can be highly subjective. One person's music can easily be another person's irritation. We are all influenced by the era we were raised in and the music that was prevalent at that time. What determines whether music is "good" or not is the emotions that it leaves us with. Below are some unique selections to listen to while at your computer or dinner table - or to buy as CDs.

AOL Radio - Available to everyone.

Andre Rieu YouTube Channel - Incredible music.

Andre Rieu 100 Greatest Moments

Andre Rieu 100 Most Beautiful Melodies

Andre Rieu I Will Follow Him

Andrea Rieu Songs - The best collection of all his music.

Andre Rieu Under The Stars

Bible as Music - Free streaming download.

Broken Hearted Melodies - By Sarah Vaughn.

California Dreamin' - By Scala and Kolacny Brothers

Celtic Music - Very soothing Celtic music in many different formats (listen live).

Elvis & Celine Dion in Concert

Greg Topper - King of Rock 'n' Roll. The very best dance music of the 50's, 60's & 70's.

Jackie Evancho - Incredible 10 year old singer. Also, here.

Live 365 - Listen to your favorite genre on your computer... for free. Very large selection.

Love is All Around - Video from the Troggs.

Madeleine Peyroux - Excellent adult background/dinner music.

Pandora Music - Best free streaming music online. 

Pandora Rip & Save - Download and save on your hard drive.

Pink Martini - Excellent adult background/dinner music.

Playa Cofi Jukebox - Incredible selection

 of oldies music.

Susan Boyle - Video of an incredible singer.

TheRadio.com - Play any song.

Tony Joe White - Excellent adult background/dinner music.

 TV Programs / Movies

Most emphasize interpersonal and family relationships. Many available on Netflix and PBS.

Ally McBeal - Fast moving comedy show based on relationships. Watch on Netflix.

Amazon Prime - Not as big as Netflix, but better quality selection.

The Andy Griffith Show - Delightfully funny and corny. Set in the late 50's-early 60's. The way life ought to be. Watch on Netflix.

Bar Rescue - With Jon Taffer, who saves bars about to go under. His advice is good for all businesses. Watch on Spike.

The Borgias - Quality, Showtime/BBC (2011) TV series set in the early Roman Catholic Church. Watch on Netflix. Vastly superior to the former series. Both series are unsuitable for children due to extreme violence and sex.

Brothers and Sisters - Based on a family that sticks together. Watch on Netflix.

Cedar Cove - Excellent family TV series on Netflix.

Desparate Housewives - Everyday life situations presented in a humorous fashion. 180 Highly entertaining episodes on Netflix.

Doc Martin - Comedy series based on an English doctor who lives in a seaside community. Watch on PBS and Netflix.

Downton Abbey - One of the best British TV shows ever produced. Set in the turn of the century. Watch on PBS.

The Guardian - A father and son legal team that try to do the right thing. Watch on PBS and Netflix.

House of Cards - Fictional account of politics in Washington, D.C. Not far from the truth. Watch on Netflix.

 Hulu.com - Watch TV programs on your computer.

Kitchen Nightmares - With Gordon Ramsay, who saves restaurants about to go under. His advice is good for all businesses.

La Femme Nikita 1 - The only series that remains better than all of the spin-offs. Light years ahead of the others. Be sure to watch the episodes in order.

La Femme Nikita 2 - All of the websites.

Mr. Selfridge - Based on a real story. Watch on PBS.

Netflix.com - Quality entertainment. Watch on your regular TV with a Roku adapter. This is the future of TV entertainment. At $11 per month, it is an incredible bargain.

The Paradise - Excellent English department store drama on PBS.

Reign - High drama based on character and leadership - and the lack thereof. Watch on Netflix.

The Exception - Probably the best movie ever made. Set in Holland with Kaiser Wilhelm II. Not a dull moment in the film.

The Tudors - Great history of Henry VIII on Netflix.

The Wonder Years - Great family show based on real life situations. Watch on Netflix.

Tribute to Jon Taffer - Of Bar rescue.

TV Land - Watch old TV shows online.

Andre Rieu - 

I Will Follow Him

Andre Rieu - 

Under The Stars