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What Happens When You Die?

The Bible says there is no heaven. And there is no hell mentioned, either. However, there is "eternal life." How, when and where we obtain that "eternal life" is the big question. The subject is clearly explained in the Bible. The answer will surprise most Christians. 

End-Time Prophecies

Are we in the end-times? Many say yes. But what does the Bible say? Read the complete list of events that must happen first that are not even on the horizon.

Will Life Get Better Or Worse Before The Second Coming?

Most people think life is getting worse. But the Bible says it will get better. Are you ready for the Golden Age?

Is Satan Alive And Well?

Just what does he look like? Does he really rule the world? Is he insane? Was he created evil from the very beginning? Be sure to read our Illuminati page to understand how Satan controls the world, with God's permission.  Also read, God's Illuminati, to understand why God allows this to occur.

Good Health Is Available For All People and All Ages

The secret to good health has been kept a secret throughout most of history. The Bible gives us the guidelines for good holistic health. Independent researchers, down through the ages, have verified them. Our attitude about what constitutes good health and treating illness is really a spiritual issue; a glorification (or defilement) of God's temple.

Do you need to jump-start your personal or professional life?

There Are People Who Understand This Knowledge Worldwide

They are scattered around the world. They are connected through the Internet by a bond of similar beliefs on important issues. They practice what they preach by doing rather than just gathering facts. Check us out. We are the ASSOCIATES ONLINE EKKLESIA. We practice Original Christianity Before Churches. Are you a misfit?

Just Who Are You?

Do you know who you really are? Why are you here? And what is your final destination? Do you know how to lead a Christian life? Most religious groups either fail to address these questions biblically or rely on man-made doctrines instead.


Dr. Ernest L. Martin

Many articles, audio teachings and videos on almost any subject. All written from an independent, non-denominational perspective. 

Biblical Research and Archeology 

Biblical research by the ASSOCIATES ONLINE on almost every subject. And, we have a treasure of obscure pages and articles here.