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Disease (Alkalinity / Acidosis)

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Is Satan Alive And Well?

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What Happens When You Die?

Will Life Get Better Or Worse Before The Second Coming?

World Power Structure (Illuminati)



What Happens When You Die?

The Bible says there is no heaven. And there is no hell mentioned, either. However, there is "eternal life." How, when and where we obtain that "eternal life" is the big question. The subject is clearly explained in the Bible. The answer will surprise most Christians. 

End-Time Prophecies

Are we in the end-times? Many say yes. But what does the Bible say? Read the complete list of events that must happen first that are not even on the horizon.



Will Life Get Better Or Worse Before The Second Coming?

Most people think life is getting worse. But the Bible says it will get better. Are you ready for the Golden Age?

Is Satan Alive And Well?

Just what does he look like? Does he really rule the world? Is he insane? Was he created evil from the very beginning? Be sure to read our Illuminati page to understand how Satan controls the world, with God's permission. Also read, God's Illuminati, to understand why God allows this to occur.



Good Health Is Available For All People and All Ages

The secret to good health has been kept a secret throughout most of history. The Bible gives us the guidelines for good holistic health. Independent researchers, down through the ages, have verified them. Our attitude about what constitutes good health and treating illness is really a spiritual issue; a glorification (or defilement) of God's temple. Do you need to jump-start your personal or professional life?

There Are People Who Understand This Knowledge Worldwide

They are scattered around the world. They are connected through the Internet by a bond of similar beliefs on important issues. They practice what they preach — by doing rather than just gathering facts. Check us out. We are the ASSOCIATES ONLINE EKKLESIA. We practice Original Christianity Before Organized Religion. Are you a misfit?



Just Who Are You?

Do you know who you really are? Why are you here? And what is your final destination? Do you know how to lead a Christian life? Most religious groups either fail to address these questions biblically or rely on man-made doctrines instead.


Many articles, audio teachings and videos on almost any subject. All written from an independent, non-denominational perspective. Read ESSENTIALS OF NEW TESTAMENT DOCTRINE here.



Biblical Research and Archeology 

Biblical research by the ASSOCIATES ONLINE on almost every subject. And, we have a treasure of obscure pages and articles here.


Everything of a scientific nature that may not be as we've been taught. Flat earth (disproved,) UFO's, German Disks, Aliens, and a long list of other controversial subjects are covered.


Independent News Sources

Note that most of the video commentators to the right do not have their finger on what is going on behind the scenes and are just speculating at best (and neither do the hundreds of other commentators not listed here.)

The recent Brunson/SCOTUS debacle proves that none of these people have the answers. The popular and humble commentator known as "SG Anon" is the only one who has issued an appology for his part in the Brunson/SCOTUS debacle. Only God really knows what is going to happen.

I highly recommend the sites listed below.

  1. Real Raw News. Read Skeptics to understand why this controversial page is true. Listen to Michael Baxter's first radio broadcast where he talks about his Real Raw News website and why he is the only one actually publishing this White Hat military-originated inside information. Nothing in our world is going to change until all of the evil people are removed and that is what the military White Hats have been tasked with be it God's will. President Trump has said all along that he was going to "drain the swamp." This website is the proof that is happening now.

  2. SG Anon provides good commentary based on what is reported on Real Raw News (above.) Also here.

  3. Derek Johnson's articles and videos here and here and here and here and here and here and here are worth listening to (or reading.) Derek Johnson explains what is going on from a military law perspective.

  4. Dr. Robert O. Young Latest vaccine and health research blog. Also here on Rumble

*** The above sites are all you really need to read. The sites to the right are sometimes interesting specultaion, but have no real solid inside information. Neither do the hundreds of other news sites on the Internet.***

  1. Top 50 Articles - Before It's News The BIN site was founded in 2008 by dot com investor and Falun Gong practitioner Chris Kitze. Note that the link descriptions are usually not even close to what is actually on the videos. Few of the commentators they link seem to have anything worthwile to say, and none of them have any true "inside" contacts.

  2. Daily Mail Sensational news that can be assumed to be covertly controlled by MI5/6 and the cabal/deep state, but occassionally prints nuggets of truth.

  3. Pandemic News

  4. Health Impact News

  5. Project Camelot - Kerry Cassidy - Covers many aspects of what is going off.

  6. Marilyn Williams Well rounded commentary.

  7. David Zublick - Dark Outpost. And here.

  8. Miles W. Mathis While not really a source for daily news, his commentary on controversial subjects is worthy of review. He presents a new way of viewing subjects that is entirely "outside of the box." Also here and here and here.

  9. Tucker Carlson Recently earns high points for bringing some important stories to the masses and has been fired because of it. He is the most professional and credible mainstream news commentator online or in the national media. Watch his latest on YouTube here. He is also now on Twitter.

  10. Jeff Rense He's been around for decades.

  11. Life According to Marz - Prince Charles?

  12. Disaster News

  13. Strange Sounds



Yes, it was an inside job. If you don't understand how that could be, you will never understand what is going on in the world today.



Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Have you developed unexpected diseases or medical conditions since the beginning of 2020? It may well be the result of the recent telcom 5G technology upgrade.

An expensive technology that no one ever requested, this worldwide technology was introduced at the exact same time as the so-called COVID pandemic. And that was not just a coincidence, either.

5G is in fact a weapon that is capable of operating on a very wide range of microwave frequencies. It's range is only about 1,000 feet, so many repeaters are necessary. 5G phones are not recommended.

And what do we all have every 1,000 feet? Street lights. Especially the new LED lamps that will rebroadcast the nefarious 5G signals quite nicely. If you are technically minded and want to know exactly what is inside the street lights, watch this video.

Much research has gone into the 5G technology by independent checkers. Click here, here, and here to find out what these deadly transmissions are capable of and how they relate to the pandemic.

If you can't sleep, try playing your favorite music all night at a low level. Amazingly, this seems to help.



Christ expounded on the subject of charity for the less fortunate. When was the last time we provided for the homeless, or helped children who fall through the cracks of government provided aid? Or provided help for those wrongfully convicted, or visited those warehoused in prison where no rehabilitation is provided and conditions are horrid? Christianity as practiced today is a sad reflection of our lack of love for our fellow man. And our lack of biblical understanding from not reading the Bible.


Child Trafficking

The issue of child trafficking is so pervasive and so horiffic, I hesitate to even comment on it. Stealing children is bad enough, but what they do to them after that is simply unspeakable.

"They" are the elite of society, the cabal, including previous presidents. Even Child Protection Services are pure evil, as are Family Courts.

Please watch this video first and then click here for more information.

President Trump and the military have all of the evidence. More links are here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Watch this Jeffrey Epstein video here.



For most people the word "clone" brings up images of science fiction movies. Surely no one believes that they actually exist in real life today.

But actually they do. In addition to traditional doubles and stand-ins, clones can now be made to order, usually several at a time. And they are age appropriate. They get hung up in a special storage closet, like a suit on a hangar. One's memories and character are downloaded onto a computer and then uploaded into the new clone as needed.

Many people who are still running around today are in reality, clones (or doubles or stand-ins.) The real (original) person has since died. Clones are not 100% perfect and often have malfunctions in speech and movement. They've been making them since 1938.

Learn more here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here. Learn how to identify a real clone.

Our Commission

Christ's commission to the apostles was to "heal the sick and to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God." By preaching the gospel we are effectively telling people what their ultimate destiny is to eventually become part of the God Family.

No one is doing this today, individually or collectively, even though those instructions are just as applicable to us individually today as they were to the apostles back then. We do not need a direct commission (page 4 #6) from God to preach the gospel or to provide healing knowledge to the sick.




The dead are truly dead, awaiting their proper time of resurrection. Their memories and character are still intact under God's protection. Any alleged visitations or communications from them in our lifetime are purely demonic manifestations. Death is described in the Bible as a deep sleep. Nowhere in the Bible is the concept of going to heaven, hell, or being reincarnated promoted.



Most of what you see and learn in life is not as it seems. We are all blinded by various false truths and half-truths, sometimes by God Himself. Our educational systems initiate the lies, and our news sources perpetuate them for life. Our organized religions then endorse the lies. Few people are capable of true discernment (the ability to tell truth from lies, right from wrong, and good from bad.)And this applies equally to men and women.



Disease (Alkalinity / Acidosis)

All disease starts in the body, not somewhere else. There is only one disease: acidosis. All other so-called diseases are simply the symptoms of the particular way in which acidosis is manifesting itself in their particular body.

The average allopathic doctor has little-to-no knowledge of how the body actually works as it is barely taught in medical school. They don't know how to treat disease symptoms holistically without using their dangerous and ineffective drugs or by dangerous surgeries or radiation. Especially with cancer.

Worse, most "alternative" health practitioners do not approach healing from a natural holistic viewpoint either, preferring to promote only their particular occupational specialty while ignoring all other avenues of healing (like a simple alkaline diet change that will change the bodies environment,) or addressing the mind and the spirit of the patient, too (which will also change the bodies environment.)

For those who are students of the Bible, the prophet Daniel is noted for impressing King Nebuchadnezzar with not only his and his friend's excellent (alkaline) health, but their subsequent abitilities in wisdom and judgement that were ten times better than all of the others.



The Bible says all were saved before the foundation of the earth. All will eventually become part of the God Family for eternity. But not all will be resurrected into the Kingdom of God at the second coming of Christ. Read these articles.

This is perhaps the most important message that people need to know at this time. Jesus instructed the apostles to teach it. There is nothing you have to do to "get saved." You already are. Whether you will be in the Kingdom of God at the first resurrection is a different issue and is dependent on your character and lifetime activities.

Those that cling to the heaven/hell doctrine need to understand the parable of Lazarus. Christ spoke to the masses in parables, not literally.

 We do not go to heaven or hell when we die. We go to sleep until the time of our resurrection.

Click here to see which resurrection you will be in.



God is the creator of all things, both good and evil. This is a hard concept for most people to accept, but is well documented in the Bible. Satan the Devil (created evil by God) was appointed by God to rule over the world until Christ's return. Christ never challenged Satan's authority over the world when tempted by Satan.

Note that all of the evil people in the world, especially those in power or influencing positions, are in some way satanically influenced.

Read these assumptions about Satan. Is this a picture of Satan? Is Satan alive and well?


Sovereignty of God

The Bible says that God ultimately selects world leaders (both good and evil) and controls world situations as He sees fit. He also sets the boundries of countries. We don't always understand why God does certain things. God is the creator of evil. And God's ways are not our ways.


World Power Structure (Illuminati)

The world power structure under Satan has been cloaked in mystery since biblical times. Only now is it's behind-the-scenes presence starting to be revealed, often referred to as the "government-behind-the-government, globalists, the cabal, Deep State, Illuminati, Phoenicians, the left, the New World Order," and the "Illuminati."

The concept of "conspiracies" is denigrated in our society, despite the examples of them in the Bible. Are we "fear mongers"?

We are all collectively responsible for this evil state of affairs by allowing these criminals to exist and thrive. Presently, a "devolution" and "military-sting" are clandestinely operating by good-guys (aka, White Hats) to save the world. President Trump has been active doing things most people have no knowledge of. It is a fluid situation with no set timetable, and ultimately a spiritual problem involving us all. God is still in control and is awaiting our repentance. Watch "The Fall of the Cabal". Watch this video on Trump's behind the scenes activities.

UPDATE: Military law is running the U.S. Watch Derek Johnson. Then look for his latest video and his articles here and here. Nothing is going to change until the military goes public with its arrests, tribunals, and executions. And there may well be an alien influence associated with the cabal.


Pandemic Genocide Vaccinations

Pandemics are imaginary and are based on centuries old faulty virus science. Disease-causing viruses do not fly through the air. Amazingly, even those who speak out against the pandemic are afraid to tell the whole truth.

Vaccinations for these imaginary viruses are all poison and have always been a fraud. Many people die or are seriously injured from them. They are even considered a satanic form of child sacrifice, which has been going on since the beginning of time.

The present worldwide pandemic is considered to be genocidal and is designed to work in tandem with the new (weaponized) 5G microwave telcom system that came out at the very same time. Ironically, people injured by the so-called vaccines or by the 5G microwaves fail to make the connection. Click here, here, and here to find out what these deadly transmissions are capable of and how they relate to the pandemic.

Life insurance payoffs have more than doubled since the latest vaccinations started. Many sports athletes are collapsing, and young people are having heart attacks (average age 23,) but no one is making the connection. Healthy pilots are in short supply because they refuse to take the shot and are fired. Those that do take the shot are having severe reactions that they cover up and continue to jeopardize their planeloads of people by still flying in an unhealthy state.

20 million are dead and 2 billion injured worldwide.


Many people today talk about "God Given Rights." But according to the Bible, you only have one right the eventual inclusion of all of humanity into the God Family. All other so-called rights are actually gifts from God, including the gift of life itself.



Yes, they do exist. It is no longer a fringe topic and is now discussed even in the controlled mainstream news media. There are tons of UFO related links. Some craft are ours. Read more here and here and here (on German discs.) Read about the different alien races.


The Trinity

Nowhere in the Bible does the word "trinity" exist, nor is the concept of a trinity godhead revealed. None of the apostles ever used it in the opening salutations of their respective books.

Deceptively, it obscures the true understanding of our ultimate destination in life the eventual inclusion of all of humanity into the God Family.

Most Christian preachers will tell you that is pure blasphemy. And most churches continue to make this doctrine a cornerstone of their beliefs.


Exemplary Life

Our job as Christians is to set an example to the world by leading a peaceful, Godly life, by doing good works, and relying on God for all of our needs and for our individual and collective protection. This is why God says to stay inside our homes in times of trouble, not to pick up a sword to fight troubles, nor to participate in (offensive or defensive) warfare that God Himself may have even initiated.

You shall know them by their fruits... Matthew 7:16-20 NLT.


Trump Timetable

Many are wondering where we are in the timetable of world events. Many erroneously believe we are in the biblically prophesied "end times," even though specific end-time events are not even on the horizon. Only the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, is an identifiable event.

Many claim the international good-guy "White Hats," both in and out of the military, have attained all of the military tribunal evidence necessary to declare martial law. The "military sting" operation of the stolen 2020 election (see below) by the cabal (and partly through foreign interference, an act of war in itself) alone is justification. Other investigations and confessions of treason and crimes against humanity are also now secure and abundant.

So, why hasn't the USA military taken overt action and declared martial law? Why haven't the present military tribunals in Guantanamo (which appear to have begun in secret and also here) and the 222,000 sealed federal indictments against people in high places been made public? Apparently, even top people in the military are asking these questions, too. And so is Russia's Putin.

Two possible reasons:

First, people need to "experience" the truth about the corruption that we-the-people have allowed to occur down through time. Just "telling people" what is going on has never worked in all of history. The Bible documents that people have to be shown through real-life painful experiences, even if those result in mass deaths and sufferings. It is quite possible that many high profile former politicians and actors are now dead (executed by military tribunals,) though they may have doubles or clones taking their places in the public eye. Read the latest Gitmo arrest and execution list and here and here in the (FireDog) comments section at the bottom.

Second, we all need to repent of our individual and collective sins. God is in control and will show mercy on us only when we repent and He sees fit. There appears to be little-to-no repentance being displayed or called for by our spiritual leaders. Most uninformed people regard our present troubles as a mere annoyance or inconvenience. And it may well be that the worst of our troubles is yet to come as all events seem to be continually fluid and predictable.

Trump (and the military) knew in advance that the 2020 election would be fraudulent. And he had a good reason for allowing a 2022 fraudulent election. And now he has formally declared his candidacy for the next election. Notice that he never said, "2024 election."

In the meantime, inflation will continue out of control, food shortages may begin, and masses will continue to die from the poison vaccinations. A new pandemic may be intoduced to take over where the coronavirus left off, with yet another new deadly vaccination that would be introduced (along with possible mandatory masking again.)

The best speculation is that something will happen in 2023 with the public announcement of the GITMO tribunals

Or, a nuke will go off somewhere, there will be a real food shortage, or a massive banking system failure.

Only under Martial Law will the traitors be arrested and a foolproof Quantum Voting Sytem installed. That will not happen under our present corrupt judicial system that will not entertain lawsuits about voter fraud.

So, if God is using Trump, as it appears that He is, God may be allowing the evil and the suffering to continue. Maybe He is waitng for us to repent? There simply is no specific timetable. Only God knows when things will change and God's ways are not our ways. Watch this video on Trump's behind the scenes activities.

Military law is running the U.S. Watch Derek Johnson. Then look for his articles here and here. And watch the TWO TRUMPS here.

On November 18, 2022, the House announced the criminal investigation of Joe Biden. However, no further information on this investigation has been forthcoming, other than the discovery of classified documents in Biden's garage and homes.

And the Qauntum Financial System for banking is apparently set up, though not yet operational.

Nothing is going to change until the military goes public with its arrests, tribunals, and executions. According to this New York Times article, that should happen sometime this summer, 2023.

Keep up to date on events on our recommended Independent News Sources.

Read about the Illuminati in the article about life under Trump.

UPDDATE: It is becoming obvious from current events that something big is going to happen. We have no idea what that event will be, but it could be an alleged nuclear detonation in the Ukraine. But whatever the event is, it will involve the split-U.S. military (White Hat/good guys vs Black Hat/bad guys.) This in turn will force the issue to go public (which is now kept secret through the contolled news media) and will result in an American civil war, with Americans shooting Americans within the military. On a smaller scale, this has already begun. Many more Americans are probably going to die.

Because of this split within the military, GITMO and all of it's high-value detainees are now being evacuated to Guam for security reasons. The Black Hats control an air base at the tip of Florida, within easy striking distance of GITMO.

When asked when GITMO might resume its present operations the reply was, “Sometime in 2024.”

But wait. Why "sometime in 2024"? The 2024 election isn't until November 5th, 2024. Trump would not take office until January of 2025. GITMO won't be "safe" to return to until Trump returns to office and the Black Hats are arrested and eliminated. So, does this mean he will return to the White House sooner than the scheduled 2024 election? Maybe out of a dire necessity to prevent WWIII? We can only speculate. Note that Trump's announcement to run for the presidency never said, "In 2024."

Lately President Trump stated that he could end the Ukraine war in one day, even before he officially returns. Could it be that a nuclear detonation will have to happen sometime between now and then? One which will scare the world into believing there will be an ensuing worldwide nuclear holocaust? A situation where Trump and Trump alone can prevent WWIII all legally covered by military martial law? Time will tell. The movie script continues. Please pass the popcorn.

Remember, Trump and Putin are good guys, both working against the cabal. They call each other regulaly to discuss mutual concerns and events and to banter about who has had the most assassination attempts made on their lives. They are not going to start WWIII with each other.

Note, too, that Australia (and most of the rest of the world) has the same problems as we do. But they have no Donald Trump to save the day. There is a good possibility that Australia will become a state or territory of the USA in order to clean up their corruption.

Note that there also may be an alien influence involved. But as the Bible says, we see through a glass, darkly.

Life After Trump Returns

While life for most people around the world continues to become harder and harder, those "in-the-know" wait patiently for Trump's return. No one knows when he will return. Even the U.S. military is getting anxious about the situation. Ultimately, it is up to God.

But what will life be like after Trump does return?

  1. The arrests of the evil Deep State (cabal) people (and here) will continue as they have been (and here,) only now it will have been made public knowledge through the Emergency Broadcast System program to educate the world on what has been going on. Thousands more will be shipped to Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (aka, GITMO) for military tribunals for those charged with treason and crimes against humanity. All evil people and evil organizations worldwide will eventually be dealt with.

  2. Fuel prices will eventually return to normal as the U.S. once again becomes energy independent as Biden's destructive energy policies are dismantled.

  3. Food prices will eventually drop and food shortages will eventually disappear.

  4. All federal income taxes ever paid to the U.S. will be refunded to its citizens. There never was a law saying you have to pay them. And the federal government will gradually be reduced in size.

  5. NESARA/GESARA will be implemented. There is over $4 million dollars worth of gold available for every man, woman and child worldwide, presently under U.S. military protection. There will no longer be any poverty and a quantum economic system will be put in place. Read about it's history here.

  6. The housing market values will probably skyrocket as soon as the wealth starts to be disbursed. It will take years to build sufficient housing for most people worldwide. People will have money to buy, but there won't be enough houses available initially. Eventually the prices will drop and even out as more houses are built.

  7. The same situation will exist with new car availability as we are experiencing now. A total lack of inventory due to high demand.

  8. This could possibly be the beginning of the prophesied end-time "Golden Age" mentioned in the Bible, but strangely ignored by most religious and church leaders.

  9. Changes will be made to our judicial and law enforcement groups to assure proper Constitutional guidlines are practiced by both groups. Those who are wrongfully convicted will finally find justice. Those rightfully convicted will be given remediation to make sure they do not return to prison, as is presently successfully practiced in the Scandinavian countries.

  10. Pharmacuetical companies will no longer be able to produce dangerous and ineffective drugs. Natural medicine will be promoted and will no longer be condemned. Vaccinations (and here) will probably be abolished as they are based on faulty science. Mandatory vaccinations for schools and businesses will be eliminated. All those who promoted vaccinations and dangerous drugs will be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity in a military tribunal in Gitmo.

  11. The entire educational system will be re-evaluated and reformed.

  12. All of this has been planned years ago.

  13. Watch this video for proof.

  14. QFS (Quantum Financial System) will be implemented in banking, voting and education worldwide.

  15. Watch this video on Trump's behind the scenes activities that will be implemented.

  16. JFK, Jr. will be the Vice President, insuring that Trump's changes remain intact long after he is gone. Yes, he is alive and well and now has 3 children. Watch this video of his wedding.

  17. The Qauntum Financial System for banking is now in place but not yet operational.


The Stolen 2020 U.S. Election

The recent release of the movie 2000 MULES documents one way in which the 2020 U.S. election was stolen. Mind you that the election in any democratic country is the very fabric, heart, and sole of that country's existence. When the integrity of that election is stolen, it technically is an act of war, whether perpetrated by foreign or domestic enemies of the state. In this case, it was conducted by both. And it is up to the military of any democratic nation, whose leaders take an oath to protect the country from all enemies (both foreign and domestic,) to take action.

The movie does an outstanding job of documenting one of the ways in which fraudulent votes were cast, by "mules" dropping phony votes into multiple absentee vote boxes in key swing-vote states. What most people may not know is that there were also other ways that the election was compromised.

First, you have the time-honored practice of votes cast by illegal aliens, dead people, and multiple voting by the same person simply going to another precinct.

Second, you have massive amounts of bogus votes delivered in the dead of night by large trucks.

Third, you have built-in software in the voting machines that ensure an electronic "vote flip" in favor of the preferred candidate.

Fourth, the computers used in the election were easliy "hackable" by just about anyone, foreign or domestic.

Fifth, the servers tabulating all precinct voting results were all located outside of the U.S., under foreign control.

Amazingly, even after the 2000 MULES movie is viewed by millions of U.S. citizens, nothing seems to be happening to rectify the situation. And the military, whose job it is to defend the nation, still has taken no action as their oath requires them to. They have all of the evidence of the above crimes of treason, but have not declared martial law to set up new, honest elections and to arrest those who participated in the fraud. Thet claim they can do nothing until the President, Donald J. Trump, gives the go-ahead. Martial law will then be declared.

Military law is running the U.S. Watch Derek Johnson. Then look for his articles here and here.


The Coming Civil War

The very idea of another American civil war seems preposturous to most people. Who exactly would be fighting who? Right now a war is being waged through controlled voting, the controlled news media, and by the 3 letter cabal-controlled government agencies illegal activities. But not by violence.

First, let's address what is not going to happen. Popular commentator Mike Adams has addressed his proposed civil war scenario here. Be aware that Mike has no knowledge of the behind the scenes activities of Trump starting back before he even decided to run for office (at the coercion of the U.S. military.) Nor does Mike have any knowledge of Trump's activities while in office to change the legal status of the United States back to a Constitutional republic. Nor does he understand the ongoing "drain the swamp" activities that have gone on in Guantanamo over the years, including stopping massive child trafficking. Nor does Mike (by his own admission) have any knowledge of biblical history or of biblical prophecy. He is not a Trump supporter. Therefore he is hardly one to be contemplating a civil war scenario involving Trump.

Now, if there is to be a civil war between the good guys (Trump, most conservatives, and the good guys in the military) and the bad guys (the cabal or Deep State, Soros, RINOs, and most Democrats,) there has to be weapons involved and soldiers to use them. So, just who would these people be?

Here is the short list of the bad guys:

  • UN Troops that have been stationed on U.S. soil for decades. Maybe 100,000 of them? Fully armed, with their own tanks and transport vehicles (usually white in color.) Why are these troops even in our country?

  • Red Chinese troops, fully armed and with transport sitting just inside the Canadian and Mexican borders. They are just hours from major U.S. cities. Why are they there?

  • Our own military troops that happen to be under the control of the minority pro-Biden/cabal/Deep State military officers (Generals Milley and Hokanson.) We don't know exactly how many those will be, only that we guess that many if not all of the personnel at the lower ranks probably either don't know what is really happening or they do know what is happening, but can't do anything about it, short of desertion. They probably really support the good guys.

  • The government's many cabal-controlled 3 letter agencies are now armed to the teeth. Even the IRS.

The good guys are everyone else. Trump claims to have the support of the Secret Service, the Marines, the Space Force, the Air Force, and the Navy. Civilian-wise, he has most of America behind him and many of them are highly armed.

While the idea of Americans firing on Americans may seem unlikely and certainly distasteful, note that it has already begun. First in Germany where 5 special forces military personel were killed retrieving the 2020 election servers that were being guarded by CIA agents. Secondly, rumor has it that when Harris ordered her Secret Service agents to open fire on the Marines guarding the now empty White House. Americans died there, too. (The D.C. White House has been closed since the 2020 election. All subsequent White House videos and photos being made and shown in the MSM news are made in the mock White House locations in Georgia and California.)

So, what would be the likely scenario to start the shooting? The speculations are endless and I am not going to add to them. span style="line-height: 150%; font-family: "Arial",sans-serif; color: black"> But nothing is going to change until the military goes public with its arrests, tribunals, and executions. This action alone could trigger the civil war.

In any event, the first major casualty will be the Internet. It was previously planned that it would be turned off for 10 days. No communications and no financial transactions. This will coincide with an announcement over the Emergency Broadcast System (worldwide) that Trump (still legally the Commander in Chief of the Restored Republic for the United States of America) has authorized temporary "military martial law"  to be implemented.

During the 10 days of darkness, only designated TV and/or radio stations will be broadcasting military programs explaining exactly what is (and what has been) going on behind the scenes that justify this action. The scheduling of new and fair presidential elections will also be announced.

Meanwhile, bullets may be flying, buildings and airports may be seized, and important people on both sides may be arrested. Note that President Trump just recently told General Berger to ramp up the Deep State arrests of those deamed traitors and those who have commited crimes against humanity (all legal under the Insurrection Act of 1807.) Gas and food may be in short supply. Criminal gang activity (including Soros funded BLM and Antifa rioters) will be expected to run rampant as local law enforcement becomes overwhelmed. So, be prepared. And if necessary, stay in your homes where God promises protection. Be assured that the good guys have thought of everything and are well prepared. Watch this video.

According to Tucker Carlson, the U.S. (and most of the world) is extremely low on Diesel fuel and Diesel additives. The entire world runs on Diesel fuel. This means there may be no gasoline deliveries (because tanker trucks run on Diesel), no food deliveries, and no trains (which are all Diesel/electric) in various regions and at various times. The world could devolve into chaos overnight. This may well be the trigger for the implementation of military martial law and/or civil war.

Worse, Biden has just banned all diesel trucks starting in just a little over 10 years from now. Be assured this will be reversed under Trump.

Watch this video by Derek Johnson, an extremely informed veteran (and also here.) Then look for his articles here and here.


Ukraine War

Amazingly, the average conservative has no idea what is really going on in the Ukraine. It seems we are still in the habit of getting our news from the MSM (main stream media) even after it's been proven time and again that it is all fake news.

First, the Ukraine is not a country. It is legally part of Russia. Second, since the end of WWII it has become a stronghold haven for neo-nazis. And for the evil cabal. This is the same cabal we are fighting the the U.S. And the cabal does not like Russia any more than it likes the U.S. Therefore, Russia's enemies are our enemies.

The first thing Russian missiles took out were the U.S. military bio-labs, owned and controlled by the cabal. Russia responded just like we did during the Cuban missile crisis. Thank you Russia.

Russia, under Putin (who periodically consults with Trump) wants to install a non-cabal government. Zelinsky is in fact a professional dancer/actor, not a legitimate polititian. Atrocities being committed there are actually committed by the cabal-controlled militia, not the Russians. Many innocent people are affected, as they are in any war-torn country. This is unfortunate. No one knows how or when it will end, but it appears the Russians are winning. Read this recent update to what has been going on. And watch this video by Gene Decode.


Truisms That Most People Don't Know

  1. Viruses don't fly through the air. It's a 200+ year old myth. There is no scientific proof and there are no pictures.

  2. 5G is a deadly bio-weapon, not just a telcom upgrade (that no one asked for.)

  3. There is only one biblical diet that gives good health, even though the Bible says you can eat anything. It's just a matter of when and how you want to die.

  4. There is only one disease acidosis. All other so-called diseases are simply manifestations of acidosis (too much acid in the body.)

  5. Most health care is bogus, not holistic or natural. Yet it is the preferred choice of most people.

  6. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can resolve emotional and physical problems by simply tapping on key meridian points of the body while saying certain scripts.

  7. Grounding or earthing can also resolve emotional and physical problems by simply walking barefoot on grass.

  8. There is no trinity, no heaven, no hell, nor any reincarnation. There is something better. The Kingdom of God at the first resurrection.

  9. There is an after-life, but it's not what everyone thinks it is. Ironically, most modern religions condemn the concept of a God Family.

  10. We are not in the biblical end times, though two biblical prophecies may be initiated soon - the Golden Age and the Ten Nations, thanks to Trump's anticipated economic NESARA/GESARA policies and his Jerusalem U.S. embassy move.

  11. Clone technology does exist. Not everyone you see is in their original body. Update here.

  12. Aliens exist good, bad and indifferent. Treaties have existed since the Truman administration and possibly even before that.

  13. The world is run by evil people behind the scenes, not just those elected. But God is still in control, waiting for mankind to repent of their sins.

  14. Child trafficking is pervasive worldwide and also among our elite leaders. Few understand what that really involves.

  15. Gitmo executions and military tribunals are ongoing. Nothing is going to change until the military goes public with its arrests, tribunals, and executions.

  16. Military law is running the U.S. Watch Derek Johnson. Then look for his articles here and here. We are in a military occupancy.

  17. There is enough collective gold wealth in the world to give every man, women, and child over $4 million dollars. It will be distributed through NESARA / GESARA.


The Bible

There are presently 66 books in most Bibles. However, the inspired number of books is actually 49, with 22 of the 66 books incorrectly divided. There are no missing books, despite what many claim. Some words may not be correctly translated, but this does not seem to be a problem with God at this time. Some versions may contain fewer errors, but none are perfect and only one lists the books in the correct order.

Before you start reading the Bible, you might want to read Mr. Brian Butler's book, WHO AND WHAT IS GOD. Mr. Butler was a student of Dr. Ernest L. Martin in college.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowlege. Hosea 4:6


Passion of the Christ


Mel Gibson warned actor Jim Caviezel that playing the character of Christ was going to be very difficult and that if he accepted, he most likely would be marginalized by Hollywood. Mel Gibson warned actor Jim Caviezel that playing the character of Christ was going to be very difficult and that if he accepted, he most likely would be marginalized by Hollywood.

Caviezel asked for a day to think about it and his response to Mel who was funding and directing the movie was: "I think we have to make it, even if it is difficult."

"And something else, my initials are J.C., and I am 33 years old. I didn't realize that until now."

Mel responded with, “You're really scaring me now.”

During filming, Jim Caviezel who plays Jesus lost 45 pounds, was struck by lightning, accidentally struck twice during the scourging scene leaving a deep 14-inch scar, he dislocated his shoulder when the dropped the cross into the hole which him on the cross. He then suffered pneumonia and hypothermia from being nearly naked with only a loin cloth on the cross for several hours.

His body was so stressed and exhausted from playing the role that he had to undergo two open heart surgeries after production.

The crucifixion scene alone took 5 weeks out of 2 months of shooting.

"I don't want people to see me. I just want them to see Jesus. Conversions will happen through that.”

Almost like a clairvoyant prediction many amazing things happened. Pedro Sarubbi, who played Barabbas, felt that it was not Caviezel who was looking at him, but Jesus Christ himself, as he played that role he said of Caviezel, “His eyes had no hatred or resentment towards me, only mercy and love.

Luca Lionello, the artist who played Judas, was an avowed atheist before shooting began. He eventually converted, confessed and baptized his children..

One of the main technicians who was a Muslim also converted to Christianity.

Some producers said they saw people they didn’t know during the filming dressed in white, but when the recordings ended they weren’t in the footage.

The Passion of the Christ is the highest grossing US R-rated film of all time, with $370.8 million! Worldwide, it grossed $611 million.The Passion of the Christ is the highest grossing US R-rated film of all time, with $370.8 million! Worldwide, it grossed $611 million.

More importantly, it has reached many souls around the world. Mel Gibson paid $30 million out of his own pocket for the production because no studio would take on the project..

Jim Caviezel simply and proudly proclaims his faith in Christ and the miracle it was to represent him as an actor and believer.Jim Caviezel simply and proudly proclaims his faith in Christ and the miracle it was to represent him as an actor and believer.

It should be noted that the essence of this movie is that we all killed Christ. A good movie review is here.


TV Programs

Many Christians have decided to eliminate the TV from their lives, essentially throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Granted, the vast majority of TV progams are worthless. But not all.

In particular I can recommend the PBS series (and subsequent 2 movies) called Downton Abbey. The series chronicles 12 years of life on a great English estate on the cusp of a vanishing way of life. The lives of the upstairs and downstairs occupants intertwine at a time when the whole concept of having classes of people is being highly questioned.

While the program is not religious, the underlying biblical values expressed are hard to deny. It portrays humanity at both its best and its worse, and portrayed in every possible scenario imaginable.

I can't recommend this series enough. I have watched every episode at least 3 times. You can watch the entire series on Amazon, while the PBS sometimes repeats the series on Sunday afternoons.

I can also recommend another similar series on PBS, Poldark. PBS often replays the series on TV.

For those who enjoy biblically based entertainment, I highly recommend the TV series, THE CHOSEN. It follows the life of Christ in a way most of us would never have imagined. It is playing on many of the TV venues.

Also, both Amazon and Netflix have many worthwhile educational documentaries on almost every subject imaginable.

The inexpensive "Roku" plugin also offers many movies and TV series of the past that are worth watching. There is no monthly fee, but there are (annoying) commercials.


Health Insurance

Are you still paying a fortune for so-called health insurance? Why are you doing that to yourself and your family? Especially in these times of extreme inflation.

First, it does nothing for your "health." There is hardly any doctor associated with any health insurance who understands good health. It's simply not taught in medical schools. What is taught is the satanic use of unnatural drugs and the prevention of disease through the injection of barbaric and often deadly vaccinations and here.

But even those of us who understand that principle and take care of ourselves nutritionally still live in fear of having to use them "in case of an emergency." But did God provide for such emergencies through biblically ordained principles?

There exists three "health cost sharing ministries" in the United States based on a biblical principle. The company I am familiar with and recommend is called Christian Healthcare Ministies. From their website:

The New Testament’s direction that Christians carry each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2) is the foundation of this nonprofit health cost sharing ministry. CHM is a 21st-century representation of how members of the early Christian Church shared to meet each other’s needs (Acts 2 and 4). And it works: our members have exercised their faith and shared other members’ eligible medical bills since 1981.

And how much does this program cost? The most inexpensive program is only $90 per month per person. The most expensive program is $235 per month. This is a fraction of the typical fees charged by most health insurance companies today.

Go to their website to see how it actually works. It is not an insurance company, but it does meet one's needs just the same. And it is approved by the U.S. government as a legal alternative to health insurance. They have been in business since 1981. Note that they only reimurse for allopathic expenses, as do most health insurance companies.

I have no affiliation with them in any way.

Watch this YouTube video on how it works.


Phones for Learning?

Can you really learn from your smartphone? The long term answer is NO. The amount of knowledge on the Internet that the average person needs to learn is way too voluminous. It is the equivalent of a college education.

And the typical smartphone screen size is way too small and hard to read. And as we get older, our eyesight deteriorates. Then we tend to not read as carefully. And we aren't as likely to click on the important hyperlinked words within an article that explain the subject even more, nor to bookmark them for future reference.

There was once a day when we all thought nothing of spending over a thousand dollars on a computer. Today you can buy a tablet or even the latest (superfast) solidstate hard drive laptop for less than $300 on Amazon. Being able to comfortably read and comprehend large amounts of text simply requires the larger screen of a tablet or laptop.

You can even piggyback on your existing smartphone plan so you don't have to pay for a traditional WIFI hookup in your home. Some telcom companies will even provide a tablet for you for little or nothing. Just dial 611 and ask.

Furthermore, one needs to be able to bookmark important articles, which is often difficult or cumbersome on smartphones. And if you don't bookmark important articles and web sites, the chances are you will not find them again when you need them.

If you were to go back to college, would you just use a smartphone only? Not if you valued your (expensive) education. So, why is surfing the Internet any different?

By the way, everything in college is already on the Internet. Traditional colleges will teach you tons of useless and worthless information in addition to what your main interest is (and for a high price.) And by the time you graduate, what they taught you will all be outdated. In affect, you will be starting all over again, diploma in hand.

Make use of the Internet now. Most of it is FREE! How much do you value your continuing adult education?


Med Bed Treatments

Do the predicted Med Beds really work? The claims are impressive. Only time will tell.

1. Med beds can correct a patient’s medical problems to restore one’s body to its optimal state.

The beds can replace or grow limbs and organs.

For those who have a prosthesis, the prosthesis will be removed in bed and dissolved so beneficial healing can take place.

Surgery in the hospital bed will give immediate results. For example, a baseball pitcher who needs surgery may be in a medical bed and ready to go on the field immediately after treatment. They’ll be really ready to go before they wake up and roll out of bed.


Beds can reverse the damage inflicted by B4 K/a, however beds that are not empty and have a natural wound, their wound will take precedence.

Bed Med treats all kinds of heart diseases.

Addiction can be cured. But people will still have to figure out why they are addicted in the first place.

The beds will dissolve any surgically added grafts and repair the damage, returning the body to a healthy state before the problems started.

The medical bed not only heals the damage caused by chemotherapy, but also restores the body’s overall health by removing all abnormal tumors.

NOTE: Since no one seems to be able to technically describe how these med beds actually work, there is the possibility that this entire concept is a scam. If this technology really worked, someone would be using a modified version of it right now. If this technology turns out to be alien derived and is brand new, then that is a different story.


Search Engines

When anyone says the word "search engine," the name that immediately comes to mind is "GOOGLE." But the fact is that there are dozens of search engines. But most of them are obtaining their search results from Google, too.

If you are searching for anything the least bit controversial, you can be assured that it will be censored.

There is only one that seems to be truly independent and that is the Russian search engine, YANDEX.

Watch this video about how the Internet is totally controlled.



Do you need to jump-start your life? Is your job not going anywhere? Have you lost your job as so many have?

There are time proven solutions to these problems. Most are actually free. You only need to do 2 things.

First, learn from those who have studied the secrets to success. Second, take action to put what you have learned into reality.

You don't need to go back to school to earn a higher degree. There is no correlation between formal education and success in life. And success in life is not measured in income alone. Learn the secrets of true happiness. Everything one could ever want or need to know is actually online. And most of it is free!


JFK, Jr.

Yes, he was never on that doomed plane. He, his wife and her sister are alive and well. And he now has 3 children.

He was chosen decades ago to continue the work of his late father, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) — and now, also that of Donald J. Trump, who promotes the exact same ideals as the former President JFK. He will be introduced to the world at just the right time as Trump's Vice President. Wait until you see what is going to happen then!



Whether one should vote or not is not clearly defined in the Bible or in most constitutions. For much of the world, the voting process itself is corrupt and the choice of candidates boils down to a lesser of two evils. Some suitable independents may also be on the ballot, but the chances of them being selected are usually slim to none. God says that He picks our world leaders, so maybe we should simply rely on His judgement rather than being coerced to participate in an evil system. It's up to us individually to decide whether to participate or not.

NOTE: Things may change, however, once the new QVS Quantum Voting System is installed. There will be no fraud under this system.


Nuclear Bombs Don't Exist

Astonishing as that statement may seem, the fact is there has never been an independently documented nuclear blast from a bomb. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were probably both bombed with the same fire bombs used in other parts of Japan, burning all of the wood structures.

But the fear of nuclear bombs is the key component. And that is why all major countries of the world claim to have them. And that fear in itself is further proof that most countries are "controlled" and not truly independent from each other.

Be advised that any "pre-emptive" nuclear strike may well involve conventional bombs or missiles of significant magnitude and should not be taken lightly. But there will not be any residual radiation involved (though governments may well claim that there is in order to keep the myth alive.)

A new type of weapon may well be more dangerous than the imagined nuclear bomb. And that is one where the conventional blast energy is "directed" in one direction only. A weapon of that configuration, set off under sea and hundreds of miles away from its intended target, could produce a tsunami a quarter of a mile high. That in turn would wipe out all land and people inland for several miles. Watch this video. And this one, too.



Military detention, tribunals, executions, and imprisonments are being held here. Lists of people brought there so far are here, here, here, here, here, and here. Most are unverified until the military goes public with it's activities, expected in the summer of 2023. Biden, Harris and General Milley are charged with treason.

The latest to hang for his participation in the genocide is the former Surgeon General, Jerome Adams.

Military law is running the U.S. now and precedes the Constitution and Supreme Court Law. Watch Derek Johnson. Then look for his articles here and here. We are in a military occupancy.

Only U.S. citizens are given the "privilege" of having a one-day military tribunal. Non-citizens are simply shot on the spot.

Read the list of arrested and executed people in this comments section.


Where Are God's ProphetsToday?

For those few who have read the Bible cover-to-cover you know that in the Old Testament God sent prophets to the people and to the leaders of nations, urging them to repent of their many sins. Most did not listen to the prophets and God took vengeance against them and their nation.

But where are today's prophets? The leaders of our various religious groups and organizations should be urging repentance and proclaiming the sins of the people. But few are preaching that message. Feel-good and non-biblical messages are the norm.

But actually the prophets of old gave messages for two time periods. Their own time period and also for in the future. Like maybe the future end times?

Most households have a Bible with all of the information needed in it to understand history and to understand God. God is still speaking to us through His word today. We simply are not listening to Him because we have chosen not to read the Bible cover-to-cover. And we will all eventually pay for the consequenses of our actions or lack thereof. My people are destroyed for lack of knowlege. Hosea 4:6. Read Antecedents to Bible Prophecies.



NESARA/GESARA is the world's most important plan to bring peace, prosperity, and wealth to all citizens of the world in our immediate lifetime. It is coming soon under the new Trump administration. It was originally to be announced on September 11th, 2001. But the horrific events of that day overshadowed it.

This is its history. This is what it will entail, including the retraining of all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

It is expected that those that are presently wrongfully convicted (estimated to be 20% of the prison population) will be given a chance to prove their innocence. While such provisions are provided now, they do not work in the corrupt environment that presently exists. Read about possible benefits for everyone. Watch these videos. More articles can be found here.



I highly recommend the movie, THRIVE II. It covers the issues of today that affect all of us and the hidden secrets that are available now.

Covered are free energy devices that work right now, and simple healing procedures covered up by the medical industry.


Marriage, Divorce, and Living Together

It is surprising what the Bible says about marriage, divorce, and living together. What most churches teach and what the Bible really says are often two different things. Women have a special place in marriage. Read this link before making a major decision.



What exactly do we need to repent of? Here are just a few of the more serious sins committed by many people in the United States and around the world.

If you elected to vote in the past, did you only vote for the perceived lesser of two evils (as most do,) totally ignoring the candidates that are not aligned with any evil groups? The lesser evil is still evil. And today we have pure evil politicians on both side of the fence.

Do you patronize the biblically condemned evil pharmakia/allopathic medical industry for your health needs? Do you adhere to their deceptive advice on phantom pandemics? Do you take their disease and death-causing vaccinations and drugs? Do you force your children to take them?

Do you keep the popular contemporary Christian holy days that are pagan in origin and were never kept by the early Christian church and are insulting to God?

Worse, do you close your eyes to the child trafficking and unspeakable torture business, which is more lucrative to the evil criminals than the illegal drug business?

The Bible is historically replete with continuous cycles of sin-punishment-repentance-forgiveness-prosperity since the beginning of time. When will our true repentance begin?

And what are many of our top commentators relying on for validation of their predictions; dreams, divination, non-biblical prophecies, so-called biblical codes, and numerology. All of the demonic sources God forbids in the Bible. And then there is the ultimate catch-all, claiming we are living in the end times.

Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 NLT

My people are destroyed for lack of knowlege. Hosea 4:6


Pharmakeia (Allopathic Medicine)

The allopathic health system is satanic (referred to and condemned in the Bible as "pharmakeia" and here) and is fraudulent in nature. Apologetic defense of it by citing "emergency medicine" successes does not justify it's continued extistence for non-emergency treatment. The two are distinctly separate subjects. Even emergency medicine could be practiced in a more natural and holistic manner if we were to properly research it.

The "Garden of Eden" alkaline foods were designed by God to give Adam and Eve both eternal life and good health, but are ignored and denigrated by the medical industry to this day.

Most people believe everything the medical industry tells them, which is why pharmacuetical TV ads for dangerous drugs are so prevalent and effective. Ironically missing are TV ads for the various vaccinations, as TV regulations require a complete disclosure of all side-affects. No one would take them if they were told the real truth.

The Bible says we can eat anything. But how long do you want to live?

My people are destroyed for lack of knowlege. Hosea 4:6


Kingdom of God

Of all of the subjects on this page, this is undoubtedly the most important. God's ultimate plan is that we will all be saved and become a member of the God Family. But not all of us will achieve that at the same time. Read about the Kingdom of God here.


Rebuilding the Temple

There are many events that must happen during the end times. Foremost is the reconstruction of Solomon's Temple. This event can only happen once historians understand its true location, which is one third of a mile south of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, over the Gihon Springs.

It is not located anywhere near the Dome of the Rock or the Wailing Wall, a major point of religious contention among the three major religions. Jesus Himself said that not one rock would remain upon another, which is the exact description of the Wailing Wall.

There are no immediate plans to rebuild the Temple in the popularly perceived location (near the Muslim holy sites,) as such an event could potentially start World War III.

Interestingly enough, what might be buried under the Temple could be of significant importance.


End Times

We are not in or even near the "end times" as described in the book of Revelation and other books of the Bible. Many different Middle East events must occur within a 7 year time perod, including a period of extreme prosperity known as the "Golden Age." The apostles, if they were still alive, would be fooled by the Antichrist in this Golden Age era. The only prophecy to ever be fulfilled to date was the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

Read Antecedents to Bible Prophecies and End-Time Prophecies.


Reading the Bible

The Bible is God's communication and instructions for us today. It reveals the history of the world, tells us who we really are, and tells us what our final destination really is. Even though it is the most popular book ever written, most people have never read the Bible cover to cover.

Maybe now would be a good time to start? Reading just 2 pages a day is a good pace for both speed and comprehension. The New Living Translation (with large print) is easy to read.

Before you start reading the Bible, you might want to read Brian Butler's book, WHO AND WHAT IS GOD. Mr. Butler was a student of Dr. Ernest L. Martin in college.

Also read, ABC's of the Gospel and Essentials of New Testament Doctrine.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowlege. Hosea 4:6


Jump-Start You Life

Are you happy with where you are in life? Are you in a place where you can help other people? Do you have the finances and the time to help others. Maybe you need to make some changes.



Christ expounded on the subject of charity for the less fortunate. When was the last time we provided for the homeless, or helped children who fall through the cracks of government provided aid? Or provided help for those wrongfully convicted, or visited those warehoused in prison where no rehabilitation is provided and conditions are horrid?

Christianity as practiced today is a sad reflection of our lack of love for our fellow man. And our lack of biblical understanding from not reading the Bible.