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Most people think the draft is dead and that there is nothing to worry about. No politician would provoke the wrath of his constituents by voting for such a historically unpopular program. Yet, after 9/11, Congress approved the so-called Patriot Act without even reading the words to it, feeling that it was in the "national interest".

All that is needed to instigate a new draft is another major "terrorist attack", like 9/11. The ensuing outrage would provoke even the most strident opponent to volunteer their very own children to "protect the country". This time, there will be no escape clauses for those who object. Women will be drafted just like men. Millions of dollars have already been spent to prepare this new draft for a swift and easy implementation.

If you believe that you are a Conscientious Objector, now is the time to document this fact. Any implementation of the draft will most likely be done under "emergency" circumstances (like another 9/11 type of attack), leaving little time to file the proper papers and document your position. The links below will help you accomplish this important documentation.

Green: No armed services
Blue: No conscription
Orange: Plan for conscription to be abolished within 3 years
Red: Conscription
Grey: No information

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There is no greater instance of government doublespeak than when it comes to the military. Here are some examples:

  • Serving in the military: getting money for college from the taxpayers.

  • Deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan: occupying a sovereign country.

  • The global war on terrorism: a cash machine for privileged government contractors.

  • Conscription: slavery.

  • Stop-loss policy: backdoor draft.

  • Dress blues: government-issued costume.

  • Troop surge: escalation of a war we are losing.

  • Flying sorties: bombing civilians and their property.

  • Stationed overseas: helping to maintain the U.S. global empire of troops and bases.

  • Enhanced interrogation techniques: torture by the United States.

  • Extraordinary rendition: U.S. sanctioned torture by other countries.

  • Fighting terrorism: making terrorists.

  • Fighting our enemies: making more enemies.

  • Defending our freedoms: destroying our freedoms.

  • Insurgents: foreigners who resent having their country invaded or occupied.

  • Sanctions: killing children without bombs and bullets.

  • Military chaplain: trying to serve two masters.

  • Military appreciation service: idolatry.

  • Praying "God bless our troops": blasphemy.

  • Supporting the troops: supporting foreign invasions and occupations.

  • Precision bombing: civilian killer.

  • Cluster bomb: child civilian killer.

  • Land mine: American IED.

  • Terrorist: someone who plants a bomb that doesn’t wear an Air Force uniform.

  • Enemies of the United States: countries that oppose U.S. hegemony.

  • Enemy combatant: someone turned over to U.S. troops in Afghanistan by someone eager to collect a bounty.

  • Axis of evil: countries with oppressive governments that our oppressive government doesn’t like.

  • Allies: countries with oppressive governments that our oppressive government likes.

  • Anti-Semite: someone who opposes U.S. military intervention in the Middle East.

  • Military recruiter: pimp for duped young men who want to sell their services to the government.

  • Bomber pilot: long-distance killer.

  • Persistent conflict: perpetual warfare.

  • U.S. interests: an excuse to police the world.

  • U.S. foreign policy: imperialism.

  • National security: national police state.

  • Collateral damage: the slaughter of unarmed civilians by American bullets and bombs.

  • Die for our freedoms: die for a lie.

  • War hawk: warmonger.

  • Regime change: meddling in the affairs of other countries.

  • Congressional supporters of large military budgets: pimps to hook up government and defense contractors.

  • Military spokesman: military propagandist.

  • Commander in chief: the chief war criminal.