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Christian Discernment

Or, Who Is Telling The Truth About Healing?

July 5, 2014 Updated October 13, 2018



In its simplest definition, discernment is nothing more than the ability to decide between truth and error, right and wrong. Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking about truth. In other words, the ability to think with discernment is synonymous with an ability to think biblically. Read this excellent article on Christian discernement.

This article is written specifically for the benefit of all people worldwide who are looking for truth about health issues and issues that require "discernment" about other people.

For health issues, should one rely on the typical allopathic doctor who will usually prescribe an acidic and sometimes dangerous drug? Or, should one look outside the "medical establishment" to find a safer, more effective means of healing and good health? 

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Recently, I had an occasion to Google the words, "Christian holistic health," My purpose was to simply find a few good articles on the subject and link them to our ASSOCIATES ONLINE site. My (naive) thinking was that surely all (or, at least some) Christians had discovered what I have been taking for granted for decades that the secrets to good health were clearly defined in the Bible and that no one would ever question that precept.

What a shock I received from Google! While there were dozens of articles on the subject, most were blatantly pro-allopathic (medicine by drugs.) They actually viewed anything out of the mainstream with extreme suspicion, as if allopathic medicine has always been with us and has always been the standard by which everything else is measured by. The ultimate article I read even suggested that essential oils were to be viewed with suspicion.


Did they mean the essential oils the wise men gave to Jesus, a year after his birth? That was the last straw. There was no point in continuing this research. Christianity is hopelessly lost on this issue.

It had now become obvious, however, that the real issue here was one of 'discernment'. Discernment is probably the number one issue that all people (and most Christians) have yet to master. What is discernment?

Discernment is simply the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, good from bad and righteous from unrighteous. It is the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The subject is applicable to everything in the Bible. And, it is necessary in the understanding of doctrine, prophecy, and the Bible and in Christian life in general, including health issues.

Since the Christian world is divided into so many different groups, churches and ideologies, is there any one person or group that has mastered 'discernment'? Well, no one I have ever met or heard of (including myself). God has given us what is known as "progressive revelation" as a tool to understanding. That means spiritual (and physical) principles are revealed to us as we have a need to understand them. Therefore, no one knows everything, as God has yet to reveal everything.

What God has given us, however, are some keys to understanding 'discernment'. One of those keys is, "By their fruits you shall know them."

So, how would that principle be applied to the issue of health? Does it mean that we should look at the private lives of the 'healer/researcher/writer' and make a judgment call based on that criteria alone? Probably not (as many sincere people are deceived on certain issues as we all have been at some point in our lives), though that would also weigh heavily in my opinion if the next two criteria were also met.

No, what this scripture would mean in regards to the issue of health is, "What is that person's track record (or, fruits) in healing?" Do people respond with positive testimonials to whatever this person is advocating? Do people say, "Yes, I had that same health issue, and I followed that protocol and the problem was resolved." 

Interestingly, even some of the top health advocates online and on TV have few if any testimonials. Yet, some others, who are not as well known, have hundreds. How can this be? People are either enjoying a healthy life based on that protocol or they are not. I am constantly amazed at the number of qualified 'experts' that will come up with varying opinions on almost every health subject with few if any testimonials.

These testimonials alone are not the final word, however. A biblical validation of the espoused principles is the ultimate litmus test of whether their proposed protocol is legitimate or not. It is really quite simple. Does the Bible validate the protocol? Either directly or indirectly. Either by instruction or by the historical record.

My favorite health subject is the issue of 'water'. Should we be drinking tap water, filtered water, ionized alkaline water, hydrogen water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, or spring water? There are many "experts" out there, all with impressive credentials and tons of "scientific studies" who will try to convince you of their particular stance on the issue. They all sound equally impressive and plausible. So how does one "discern" the truth of the matter?

Again, who has the established track record of healing and good health maintenance? And second, who has the biblical validation? 

Now, one might wonder what biblical validation could there possibly be for water? We have to start with the understanding that God designed our bodies to function in a particular way. And, we have to understand that God has given us the substances to maintain that body in a healthy state until our time on this earth is up. God did not make any mistakes in the human body (as the pro-immunization people would like you to believe.) Our bodies are all perfectly capable of functioning without disease if they are fed correctly.

Getting back to our previous question of which water should we be drinking, the real question should be, "Which water does God expect us to drink?" If we examine the scriptures, most people in biblical times obtained their water from streams (as was probably the case in the Garden of Eden), wells (mentioned many times in the Bible), and from natural springs (as was the source of water for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, situated directly over the Gihon Spring and not where everyone thinks it is today.) Therefore, one can easily conclude that even today, our water sources should be from the natural and unpolluted sources as much as possible, as God always intended for us such as spring water.

And, the "establishment's" recommendation for drinking water? Drink the city water, usually poisoned with deadly fluoride.

I use this example of water as an example of how we should discern all health issues and matters. Amazingly, most Christians today still "worship" the allopathic medical system through their local "doctor" (a violation of the first commandment.) Whatever he says is the gospel truth, as if it came from God Himself. Most Christians will go to their graves believing in this lie. In fact, if the good doctor says, "We can't help you any longer. Go home, call Hospice, and die," most people will amazingly do exactly that. The idea that there might be another alternative is totally foreign to their way of thinking.

Until Christians can learn true discernment in health matters (and in spiritual and personal matters as well), most will continue to needlessly suffer from health issues at the hands of our adversary, Satan the Devil and his representatives (however well meaning they may be) on this earth. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge", Hosea 4:6.

Ken N.

July 5, 2014

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