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In 400 B.C., Hippocrates, the father of all doctors, said, 

"let your medicine be your food, and let your food be your medicine."

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6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition

8 Healthy Fast Food Restaurants

10 Baffling Medical Conditions

10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home

10 Foods Sold in the U.S. That Are Banned Elsewhere

10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions

10 Ways to Stay Energized

11 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout

14 Dark Secrets of How Your Food Is Made

15 Ways to Hack Your Brain

24 Incredible Facts Why Hydrogen Peroxide Should Be In Every Home

25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Body and Health  

25 Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

27 Years Later and there is No Deaths from Vitamins but 3 Million Dead from Pharmaceutical Drugs

28 Signs of West Coast Radiation

45 Uses for Lemons

75 Ways to Think Your Way into Good Health

90% of heart disease treatment guidelines stem from less-solid science according to Duke University Clinical Research Institute

528 HZ - Healing frequency.

1931 Nobel Peace Prize - The Cause of All Disease.

$20,000 to Drink a Vaccine

$75,000 to Drink a Vaccine

AAPS - A professional organization for doctors to preserve our medical freedoms.

Abs - Six tips to get a six pack.

About Alternative Medicine

Acupunture vs EFT - EFT wins by a 50% margin.

Acupuncture Without Needles

Acne 1

Acne 2

ADD/ADHD - Natural Medicine Treatment book. Free download.







ADHD 5  - Boy Recovers from ADHD After Changing Diet.

Adolescent Obesity

Adventists 4 Truth - Alternative health articles.

Aerial Government Poison Spraying

Against the Grain - Wheat intolerance.

Agave - Safe or not, by Dr. Mercola.

Aging - How to slow it down.

Alliance for Human research Protection

AIDS - Index of articles revealing the truth about this man-made epidemic.

Aids Alternatives

Aids Bacteria

Aids Information?

AIDS Made at Fort Dix

Aids Origination

Air Purifiers 1

Air Purifiers 2

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Behaviors

Alcohol Benefits

Alcohol & Cancer

Alcoholic Supplement  - Incredible supplement for alcoholics wanting to quit.

Alkaline Subjects

Alkaline Water

Alkaline - Acid Food Chart

Alkaline Diet

Alkalizing - Can You Over Alkalize?

Allergy Medicines Cause Sinus Infections

Allergies 1 - Dr. Mercola.

Allergies 2 - Dr. Mercola.

Allergies Resolved with EFT

Allergy Causes

Allergy Relief

Alexander Technique - For obtaining proper posture and relieving back problems.

Alliance for Natural Health

Alternative Health Care Clinic

Allopathic Medicine 1

Allopathic Medicine 2

Allopathic Medicine 3

Allopathic Medicine 4 - The dark origins.

Alternative Medicine List

Alternative Medicine Videos - Watch these informative videos online for free. Many health subjects are covered.

Alternative Mental Health

Alternative Therapies and Health News

Alternative vs Conventional Medicine

Alzheimer's - What really causes Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's - Essential fatty acid phosphatidylserine (PS) for memory loss.

Alzheimer's - Aluminum and elevated insulin levels.

Alzheimer's Chelation Therapy

Alzheimer's Chelation Therapy Forums

Alzheimer's Prevention 1

Alzheimer's Prevention 2

Alzheimer's Prevention 3  

Alzheimer's Prevention 4 - What to take and eat.

Alzheimer's Prevention 5 - Coconut oil.

Alzheimer Testimonials - Success with essential oils.

AMA - Why they hate natural health.

American Holistic Health Assoc.

American Cancer Society Exposé

American Medical Association

Anger Management- You can do this yourself.

Animal Food Horrors

Animal Health 1

Animal Health 2

Animal Treatment

Antibiotics  - What really happens when you take them.

Antibiotics Destroy Your Immune System


Anti-depressant Drugs Exposed - Video.

Anxiety 1

Anxiety 2

Applied Kinesiology Double Blind Experiment

Are God's People Any Healthier?

Armed Forces Super Bug

Aromatherapy - Essential oils.

Arthritis in Children

Articles of Health - Cutting edge blog.

Aspartame Ant Killer

Ascorbic Acid is Not Vitamin C

Aspirin Dangers & Alternatives

Aspirin Death - SARS & why your body needs to be over 100° to fight viruses.

Asthma - Natural remedies.

Atkins Diet Problems 1

Atkins Diet Problems 2

Attention Deficit Disorder

Autism 1

Autism 2

Autism 3

Autism 4 - Causes of autism.

Autism 5 - Never found in unvaccinated children.

Autism 6 - Cured by physician.

Autism Information

Autism & Vaccines

Avian Bird Flu Mandatory Inoculations

Avian Flu

Avian Flu Database

Avian Flu Drug Deaths

Avian Flu Hoax

Avian Flu Pandemic 1

Avian Flu Pandemic 2

A Visual History of Alternative Medicine - A visual history.

Baby Boomers

Baby Food

Back Pain - Suppressed emotions are stored in your back, by Dr. Mercola.

Back Pain 1

Back Pain 2

Back Pain 3 - These patches really work.

Back Pain 4

Back Problems 1 - For obtaining proper posture and relieving back problems.

Back Problems 2 - PDF.

Baking Soda and Lemon - Works for everything.

Bananas - Incredible benefits.

Barbequing Dangers

Baseline of Health Foundation - Sign up for the free newsletter.

BariumBlues.com - Chemtrail information.

Barley Green

Bayer Products

Beer Ingredients - You will never drink it again.

Beer Ingredients

Beef Dangers Video

Bed Bugs - Huge problem.

Bed Problems

Beef Cancer

Bee Pollen 1

Bee Pollen 2

Bee Pollen 3

Being Healthy Naturally

BestPinkSalt.com - Salt lamps and many other useful products.

Be Your Own Doctor

Biblical Drugs and the Bible

Biblical Foods 1

Biblical Foods 2

Biblical Foods and Healing Articles

Biblical Health Books

Biblical Health Products

Biblical Health Secrets

Biblical Nutrition Instructions

Biblical Nutrition Issues

Biblical References of Alkaline Foods

Biblical Vegetarianism - Why you shouldn't eat meat.

Bill Sardi's Knowledge of Health - Wide range of health topics.

Bird Flu Defense 1

Bird Flu Defense 2

Bird Flu Defense 3

Bird Flu Defense 4

Bird Flu Hoax 1

Bird Flu Hoax 2

Bird Flu Hoax 3

Bird Flu Hoax Videos - Large collection.

Bird Flu Secrets

Bird Flu Vaccine

Birth Control - Natural methods.

Bizarre Experiments

Bladder Infections

Blood Analysis

Blood Clots - DMSO.

Blood Electrification - For all ailments?

Blood, Meat & the Bible - By Dr. Robert O. Young.

Blood Thinners - Natural

Blood Type Diets - Dr. Dadamo.

Blood Types - Healthy and unhealthy.

Blood Types - Their origin.

Bone Density

Bone Density and Joint Health - By David Wolfe.

Bounce - To strengthen your muscles.

Bottled Water 1

Bottled Water 2

Bragg Liquid Aminos - Dangers.

Bragg's Tarnished Legacy - Paul and Patricia.

Brain - You actually have 2 of them. Is one of them the spirit (soul)?

Brain - Is it empty? Is the gut the spirit (soul)?

Brain Facts

Brain Food

Brain Wave Vibration  - Similar to EFT. Highly recommended.

Bras - Do away with them?

Breath of Life

Breathing Exercises

Bribery in Medicine

Buckwheat Benefits

"But my doctor said..."

Dr. Johanna Budwig - Cancer diet.

Calcium Sources

Calcium Supplements Do Not Prevent Bone Loss

Campaign for Truth in Medicine - British based.

Cannabis Oil Treatment

Canadian Government Health Abuses

Canadian Health - Canadian health issues that also apply to all of us.

Canadian Socialized Medicine

Cancer and Health Recommendations

Candida Information

Candida Foods

Car Accidents

Car Ratings by Consumer Reports

Carrots - Avoid the small ones.

Car Safety Ratings by the NHTSA

Cataract Treatments 1

Cataract Treatments 2 - Can-C dissolves cataracts?

Cause and Cure For...

Cavities Can Heal

Cellfood - Natural oxygen cell food for the body.

Cell Salts

Cell Phone Brain Tumors

cellphone.jpg (150147 bytes)Cell Phone Cancer

Cell Phone Cooking

Cell Phone Dangers 1

Cell Phone Dangers 2

Cell Phone Dangers 3

Cell Phone Dangers 4 - Why brain surgeons now avoid them.

Cell Phone Dangers 5 - Watch this video on how to pop popcorn with your cell phone. Watch this one, too.

Cell Phone Dangers 6 - Don't use while driving.

Cell Phone Dangers 7

Cell Phone Dangers 8 - Learn How to Reduce It

Cell Phone Dangers 9 - Excellent video.

Cell Phone Dangers 10 - Dr. Mercola.

Cell Phone Dangers 11 - Video.

Cell Phone Radiation Solution

Cell Phone Safety

Cell Phone Tumors

Ceramic Cookware - No heavy metal leaching.

Cervical Cancer Vaccinations

Charcoal - As an antidote for poisoning.

Chelation Therapy - Autism and heavy metal detoxification.

Chelation Therapy - Why you should avoid it. Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

Check-ups Waste of Time

Chemtrail Parasites

Chemical Poisoning

Chemtrail Sickness 1

Chemtrail Sickness 2

Chemtrail Sickness 3

Chemtrail Sickness 4

Chemtrail Sickness 5 - Chemtrail lung.

Chemtrail Sickness 6 - What In The World Are They Spraying video - free.

Chemtrail Sickness 7 - Asbestos of the sky.

Chemtrail Wine Peroxcide Test

Chet Day

Childhood Obesity

Children's Health

Children's TV Addiction

China Health Safety as Bad as U.S.

Chinese Food - Imported from China is dangerous.

Chinese Organics - Don't buy them.

Chiropractic Care 1 - Safe and effective.

Chiropractic Care 2 - Excellent video and healthcare information.


Chocolate Dangers

Chocolate - Organic

Chlorine Alternative for Pool or Hot Tub

Christian Healthcare Ministries - Approved alternative to Obama Care.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cholesterol Dangers of Being to Low

Christian Health Fellowship

Christian Healthcare Ministries - The health insurance

Christian Health Fellowship

Circumcision - Why a male baby should have it.

Cleaning Dangers

Cleaning Products - That you can make.

Coconut Oil - Good for cooking.

Coconut Oil - Good for everything!



CODEX 3 - Controlled opposition.

CODEX 4 - A form of genocide.

CODEX 5 - Excellent video.

CODEX 6 - C51 videos.

CODEX 7 - What it really is.

Coffee Dangers 1

Coffee Dangers 2

Coke - What is wrong with it?

Cold Information 1

Cold Information 2 - It's actually Vitamin D from sunshine.

Cold Information 3 - Vitamin D and hydrogen peroxide.

Cold & Flu Herbs

Cold Prevention & Information

Colds & Exercise

Colds & Flu

Colds and Flu Information - Hydrogen peroxide treatment.

Colloidal Silver Safety

Colloidal Silver Stories

Colloidal Silver Stories 2

Colon Cleanse

Colonoscopy Alternative

Colonoscopy Warning

Condoms - Why they don't work.

Connective Tissue Disorder

Conventional Medicine Cult

Conventional Medicine Independence

Conventional Medicine Quackery

Cosmetics/Body/Skin Care

Cosmetic Ingredients - Harmful to your body.

Cough Information - Raw honey.

Counselor Secrets - Shrinks are a racket.

Created 4 Health - Biblical health information.

CT Scan Dangers - 50% chance of generating cancer.

The Cure Research Foundation

CureZone.com - Huge forum covering all health topics.

Dangerous Medicine.com

Dearomatase Therapy

Death by Doctor...

Death by Medicine 1

Death by Medicine 2

Death by Medicine 3 - Zero deaths from vitamins.

Death Facts

Death Rate Statistics - Live, as they happen.

Dental Fillings

Dental Scams Exposed

Dentistry - Healthy

Dentists - Find a health conscious one near you.

Depleted Uranium Alert

Depleted Uranium Coverup

Depleted Uranium for Dummies

Depleted Uranium 1

Depleted Uranium 2

Depleted Uranium 3

Depleted Uranium 4

Depleted Uranium 5

Depleted Uranium 6

Depleted Uranium 7

Depleted Uranium 8

Depleted Uranium 9 - The Trojan Horse of nuclear war.

Depleted Uranium Detox 1

Depleted Uranium Detox 2

Depleted Uranium in Britain

Depleted Uranium in Your Family

Depleted Uranium in Your Neighborhood

Depleted Uranium Lawsuits

Depleted Uranium Links

Depleted Uranium Tanks in Your Neighborhood

Depleted Uranium Video 1 - The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children.

Depleted Uranium Video 2 - Unknown terror of DU.

Depleted Uranium Video 3 - Beyond Treason.

Depleted Uranium Videos

Depleted Uranium War Crimes

Depleted Uranium Weapons in Australia

Depression 1 - Mercola.

Depression 2 - Mercola.

Depression 3 - Mercola.

Depression 4 - Niacin for depression.

Depression 5 - Natural supplements for depression.

Depression 6 - Overcoming biblically and naturally.

Depression Drugs 1 - Medicine from hell.

Depression Drugs 2 - Why they are a total hoax.

Depression Drugs 3 - Excellent video.

Depression Foods - Five foods for beating depression.

Detox 1

Detox 2 - Sunlight Saunas.

Detox 3 - Heavy metal.

Detox 4 - With Clay.

Detox Naturally - From Dr. Robert O. Young.

Detox Protocols - Dr. Wilson


Detox Toxin Removal - TRS.

Detox - Dr. Young.

Detox - Do you need it?

Detox Protocols - By Dr. Laurence Wilson.

Detox Tips - Hungry for Change.

Detox Is Nonsense - Videos.

Detox Is Nonsense - Articles.

Detox Naturally - From Dr. Robert O. Young.

Detox with Charcoal - Great detoxifier.

Detox Your Liver and Gallbladder.

Detox with Water - YouTube video for aluminum and alzheimer detox.

Diabetes 1

Diabetes 2

Diabetes 3

Diabetes 4

Diabetes 5 - Raw for 30 Days videos.

Diabetes 6 - Check out his Mike Adam's diet (and he used to be diabetic) here.

Diabetes Deception

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diapers - Cloth or disposable?

Diarrhea Cure - Zinc.


Diet Coke


Diet Soda Dangers

Digital Broadcasting Health Hazards

Dirty Electricity - Papers by Samuel Milham.

DMSO 1 - Cancer treatment.

DMSO 2 - Useful for many health problems.

DMSO 3 - Blood clots cured with DMSO.

DMSO 4 - For pain and healing.

Doctors Are Dangerous

Doctors Are the Third Leading Cause of Death Every Year - According to the Journal American Medical Association.

Doctor Deaths 1 - Doubled over the last decade according to Scientific American.

Doctor Deaths 3 - Third leading cause of death, by Dr. Mercola.

Doctor Death Rate

Doctors Don't Tell Patients the Truth - About the treatments they would use themselves.

Doctor's Sins

The Doctor Within


Dog Problems

Dog & Cat Food

Do You Really Want to be Healed - And here.

Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap - And toothpaste. Good Christian company. Soaps for everything.

Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola's Current Newsletter

Dr. Mercola's Inner Circle

Dr. Mercola's Newsletter Index

Dr. Terry Wahls Cured Herself of Multiple Sclerosis

Drowning - It's not what you think.

Drug Complications - Responsible for 1 in 9 ER visits.

Drugs - Why prescription drugs are more dangerous than recreational drugs.

Drug Addiction Cures

Drugs and the Bible

Drug Company Lawsuit Immunity

Drug Company Payouts to Doctors

Drug Company $280 Billion Scam

Drugs Do Not Work 1

Drugs Do Not Work 2 - From a drug rep.

Drugs in Your Water Supply

Drugs Make Flu Worse

Drugs - Psychiatric

Drug Recalls - Are you taking any of these?

Drug Reps - What they really do.

Drug Reps Psychological Warfare Techniques - Used on your doctor.

Ear Infections

Ear Wax - How to deal with it.

Eating themselves to death: How obesity could be the cause of a fifth of all deaths - and MORE among women

Eat Well Guide - Where to find wholesome foods near you.

Ebola 1 - Covert Operation?

Ebola 2 - How to treat it effectively.

Echinacea - Prevents colds and flu.

E. coli Contamination - Where it really comes from.

E. coli Prevention

E.coli Superbug 1 - A weapon of war.

E.coli Superbug 2 - Bio-engineered.

Eczema and Psoriasis

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - By Gary Craig. Download his free tutorial.

EFT Articles - Energy Psychology

EFT Basics

EFT & Christianity 1

EFT & Christianity 2

EFT & Christianity 3

EFT Diagram

EFT for Christians

EFT for Dummies

EFT & Ho'oponopono - With Brad Yates.

EFT & Health

EFT Instructional Video - How to do it.

EFT Introduction - Bt Dr. Mercola.

EFT Manual - Be sure to download this free manual and follow the technique.

EFT for Marriage - Save your marriage.

EFT Masters Worldwide

EFT Newsletter - Weekly health report. Highly recommended and free.

EFT - Orange County, CA, Proactive Health.

EFT Thriving Now - Highly recommended.

EFT Palace of Possibilities - Free EFT (PDF) download by Gary Craig.

EFT Tapping Solution - Highly recommended.

EFT Tapping World Summit

EFT Tap Talk Radio - Excellent podcasts and articles.

EFT- Try It On Everything - New video.

EFT Universe - Highly recommended.

EFT Use by Doctors

EFT4Vets.com - The only answer to PTSD.

EFT for Veterans 1

EFT for Veterans 2

EFT Veterans Video

EFT vs Acupunture - EFT wins by a 2-1 margin.

Eggs - Buy organic, free-range.

EFT.mercola.com - Excellent source for EFT information.

EMF.mercola.com  - Latest on electromagnetic pollution.

EMF mercola.com - More information.

Eliminating the stomach parasites you almost certainly have.

Enemas - Coffee.

Energy Medicine - PowerPoint presentation on all the various types.

Energy Psychology Video

Enzymes - Why you don't need them.

Errectile Dysfunction - Dr. Young.

Essential Oils - Aromatherapy.

Essential Oils Desk Reference

Essential Oil Video - Essential Oils of the Bible video.

Essential Oils - Purest on the market.

Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse - Use instead of toothpaste  and mouthwash. Organic, natural and many side benefits.

Estrogen Excess

Exercise 7 Minutes a Day, 3 Times a Week - and no more!

Exercise and Diet

Exercise and Middle Age

Exercise Program 1

Exercise Program 2  

Exercise Program 3

Eyesight Care

Eyesight Diet

Eyesight Problems with the Computer

Eyesight Restoration 1

Eyesight Restoration 2

Eyesight Restoration 3

Ezekiel Bread

Fat Cells Listening

ph man.jpg (16432 bytes)Fat is Your Friend - Weight loss by pH factor.

Fat & Oil Lies

Fat Reduction 1 

Fat Reduction 2

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - Excellent video on why you should lose weight.

FDA Accountability

FDA Announces Plan to Eliminate Vitamin Companies

FDA is Running an Extortion Racket - How it affects you.

FDA Takeover of Natural Health Products and Services 1

FDA Takeover of Natural Health Products and Services 2

FDA Tyranny Raids 1

FDA Tyranny Raids 2

Fermena - The only fermented prebiotic on the market.


Fermented Foods - Health benefits.


Fibromyalgia - The alkaline treatment that works.

First Aid - Avoid the mistakes.

Fish Dangers 1

Fish Dangers 2

Fish Dangers 3

Fish Dangers 4 - There is mercury in all fish, by Dr. Mercola.

Fish Dangers 5

Fish Dangers 6

Flaxseed Oil Benefits

Fluoridation - Israel commits to ending water fluoridation by 2014, citing major health concern.

Fluoridation - 50 Reasons to Oppose It.

Fluoride Accumulates in Pineal Gland

Flu Information 1

Flu Information 2

Flu Drugs

Flu Pandemic 1 - MMS.

Flu Remedies

Flu Shot Dangers 1

Flu Shot Dangers 2

Flu Shots

Flu Vaccine Alternatives

Flu Vaccine Dangers

Flu Vaccine

Food Chart - Excellent PDF download.

Food Dangers 1

Food Dangers 2

Food Dangers 3 - Organic and farmers markets at risk.

Food Freedom

Food Heals - Video trailer.

Food, Inc.  - The movie. Highly recommended.

Food Label Comics

Food Sources for Quality Foods

Foods to Avoid - By Dr. Mercola.

Foot Problems - These low priced shoe inserts really work and can resolve many foot, leg and back related problems.

Forks Over Knives - A must see movie.

Free eBooks - Free downloads on almost every subject.

French Don't Get Fat

Fruit Substitute - Radical Fruits, a substitute for blending fruits.

Frozen Foods

Full Spectrum Lights

Future of Food - Excellent video.

Gardens - Grow your own food at home.

Gaston Naessens & Somatid Biology - Another incredible microscope.


Garlic More Effective Than Antibiotics


Generation RX - The movie about drugging our kids.

Genetic Roulette - The movie.

gmo.jpg (16432 bytes)Genetically Modified Food Brands

Genetically Modified Food Chart

Genetically Modified Foods 1

Genetically Modified Foods 2

Genetically Modified Foods 3

Genetically Modified Foods 4

Genetically Modifies Foods 5

Genetically Modified Foods 6 - Seeds of deception.

Genetically Modified Foods 7 - Monsanto & Morgellon's disease.

Genetically Modified Foods 8 - Monsanto seed police and lawsuits.

Genetically Modified Foods 9 - You can't use your own seeds - only Monsanto's (video).

Genetically Modified Foods 10 - How to avoid them.

Genetically Modified Foods 11 - Download these 2 shopping guides.

Genetically Modified Foods Video 1

Genetically Modified Foods Video 2 - Dr. Mercola.

Genetically Modified Foods Video 3 - For kids.

Genocide - World depopulation.

Geopathic Stress

Ginseng - For breast cancer and many other diseases.

Glaucoma - How to prevent it.

Glaucoma - An alkaline issue.

Global Light Network - Incredible selection of alternative supplements.

Glutathione - Parkinson's
disease prevention and reversal.

Glutothione Supplement - The story of IMMUNOCAL.

Glyconutrients 1

Glyconutrients 2

Glyconutrients 3

God of Allopathic Medicine

God's Healing - Healing and New Testament teaching.

God's Healing Word Ministry - Check out the extensive blog site here.

Got Mercury?

Government Raids - On co-ops, health food stores, etc. - all of which are illegal..

Grains and Your Health

Granite Countertops - Radioactive and radon emitting?

Grass Fed Beef

Gratitude - Energize and alkalize your water.

Gray Hair

Greenmedinfo.com - Latest updates on natural foods and drug horrors. Good information and newsletter.

Greenmedinfo.com - Dashboard for all natural research.

Green Smoothie Challenge

Green Tea

Grief & Guilt

Grow Your Own Food

Gulf War Syndrome

Gulf War Syndrome - Beyond Treason

Gulf War Syndrome - Vaccines, Autism and Gulf War Syndrome.

Gum Chewing

Gunpoint Medicine 1

Gunpoint Medicine 2

Gunpoint Medicine 3 - 17 year old fights for his life against authorities.

Gunpoint Medicine 4 - Mandatory Maryland vaccinations.

Gut Health - By Dr. Mercola.

HAARP Control of Humanity

Hair Coloring

Hair Loss - by Dr. Robert O. Young.

Health Books 1

Health Books 2

Health Lies Exposed

Heart Attack Grill - Video of actual restaurant.

Hand Holding

Headaches 1 - Migraine relief.

Headaches 2 - Instant relief with EFT.

HCG Weight Loss - By Dr. Mercola.

Herbal Medicine

Herb Reference

Heal Anything

Healing Food Reference

Healing Frequencies


Healing Oils of the Bible

Health Articles

Health Care - 100 years of medical fascism.

Health Care Failure

Health Care Industry Has Become One Giant Money Making Scam

Health Disaster of the Century - A "must view" video!

Health Experts Who Died Young

Health Freedom Alliance

Health Freedom Articles

Health Freedom - The last days video.


Health Insurance

Health Insurance Alternative - Much cheaper.

Health News

The Health Ranger - Mike Adams' biography.

Health Recommendations

Health - Science - Spirit - Good information on alkalization and many other subjects.

Health vs Medicine

HealthTruthRevealed.com - From a Christian perspective.

Health Videos - From God's Healing Word Today.

Health, Wealth & Happiness

Healthy People 2010 Grant - Creating a healthier workforce. Also here.

Heart Attacks 1

Heart Attacks 2 - Good advice on drinking warm liquids.

Heart Attacks 3

Heart Attacks and pH

Heart Attack Prediction

Heart Disease 1 - Naturopathic approach.

Heart Disease 2 - Naturopathic book by conventional heart doctor.

Heart Disease 3 - The Weiss Method

Heart Disease 4 - How the treatment is killing Bill Clinton.

Heart Disease in Women

Heart Disease Medication Failures

Heart Pain & Nitric Oxide Video

Heart Patient Exercise

Heavy Metals - How we get them. Dr. Young.

Heavy Metals Detox 1 - Health - Science - Spirit.

Heavy Metals Detox 2 - Dr. Young.


Hepatitis C


Herpes Treatment 1 - Natural.

Herpes Treatment 2

Herpes Treatment 3 - Honey, by Dr. Mercola.

Herpes Treatment 4

Herpes Treatment 5

Herpes Treatment 6

Herpes Treatment 7

Herpes Treatment 8 

Herpes Treatment 9

Herpes Treatment 10

Herpes Treatment 11 

Herpes Treatment 12

Herpes Treatment 13

Herpes Treatment 14

Herpes Treatment 15 - Eliminate by alkalizing.

Herpes Treatment 16 - Alkalize.

High Blood Pressure - Vitamin C.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Dangers - It's in everything.

HIV and Nutrition

Hoax of Modern Medicine

Holistic Medicine vs Allopathic Medicine

Holosync Sound Technology - Music that purportedly cures.

Home Health Hazards

Homeopathic Practitioner in CA

Homeopathic Practitioners

Homeopathic Revolution

Homeopathy for Swine Flu

Homeopathic Water

Homeopathy 1

Homeopathy 2

Homeopathy 3

Homeopathy 4

Homeopathy 5 - Video.

Homeopathic Water

Homeopathy 1

Homeopathy 2

Homeopathy 3

Homeopathy 4

Homeopathy 5

Homeopathy 6

Homeopathy 7 - Homeo Pie video.

Homeopathy and Abraham Lincoln

Homeopathy and Dr. Mercola - YouTube video. "Evidence-Based Homeopathy" ... watch this interesting and educational interview with Dana Ullman MPH, CCH to learn more about homeopathy.

Homeopathy, Economics and Government

Homeopathy Not a Placebo

Homeopathy Radio

Homeopathy Worldwide

Home Schooling and Vaccinations

Honest Food Guide

Honey 1

Honey 2

Honey 3 - And cinnamon. Cures everything.


Hospital Deaths 1

Hospital Deaths 2

Hospital Deaths 3 - Health care statistics and ER Room deaths.

Hospital Deaths 4 - Breeding grounds for superbugs.

Hot Flashes

How Long Will You Live?

HPV Vaccine Horror Stories

Hungry for Change - Incredible movie.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide - Food grade.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Colds and Flu

Hyperbaric Success Stories - 222 of them.

Hyperbaric Therapy

Hyperbaric Treatment


Infections - Use iodine?

Illuminati Medicine 1

Illuminati Medicine 2

Immunity Boosting

Infant Formula

Innerlight - pH health products.

Insect Repellent

Institute for Responsible Technology  - More GM food danger information.

Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects - Incredible links to all health problems. This is probably one of the most important health articles you will ever read. Be sure to read all of the pages.

International Advocates for Health Freedom - CODEX fighters.

International Health News - Wide range of health topics covered.

Intestinal Cleansing

In Lies We Trust Videos

International Advocates for Health Freedom - CODEX, a form of genocide.

Iodine 1 - Useful for health maintenance and problems.

Iodine 2

Iodine 3 - In place of antibiotics.

Iodine 4

Iraq War Diseases - Iraq war's latest diseases.

Irradiation and Pasteurization

Irradiation Plot - Why the USDA wants to sterilize fresh produce and turn live foods into dead foods.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - How to cure it.

Jack LaLanne - A man well ahead of his time. Watch these videos.

Jack LaLanne - At age 93.

Jet Lag Video - How to eliminate it.

Jini Patel Thompson

Juicing Benefits 1 - Double your vegetable intake.

Juicing Benefits 2

Juicing Benefits 3 - Dr. Mercola.

Knee Pain Resolved with EFT

Knowledge of Health


Krill Oil 1

Krill Oil 2

Laugh and Smile Your Way to Health

LASIK Surgery 1

LASIK Surgery 2

LASIK Surgery 3

Laying on of Hands

Left Brain-Right Brain - Which are you?

Leftovers - When to throw them out.

Lemon Juice 

Lentil Benefits

Lettuce Drink to Health

Life Extension

Life Extension Magazine - Lots of good articles.

LifeOne.org - Cancer and HIV.

Lifepak Nano Vitamins - The world's best vitamins. Get tested with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner before and after taking these vitamins to see the difference. Check the ingredients here Find a scanner location here.

Liquid Oxygen - We've used this successfully for sinus and snoring problems.

Liquid Vitamins - These PASSION 4 LIFE vitamins are the best on the market and assimilate into your blood stream within minutes.

Links - More worthwhile websites.

Live to be 100

LocalHarvest.org - Find fresh food near you.

Longevity - How to live past 70.

Longevity Secrets - Amazing video and commentary.

Dr. Lorraine Day - Dr. Day purportedly cured herself of breast cancer with alternative therapies. She also addresses Aids and many other degenerative diseases and their treatments.

Low Blood Pressure

The Low Level Radiation Campaign


Lupus Testimonials - Dr. Robert O. Young.

Lupus Information

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease - Cannot live in an alkakine environment, by Dr. Robert O. Young.

Lyme Disease - Dr. Darin Ingels. Also here.

Lyme Disease Testimonials

Lyme Disease Alkaline Diet - Darin Ingels, N.D., cured himself.

Lyme Disease - Alkaline juicing success story.

Lyme Disease Co-infection Story

MacDonald's Hamburgers - The first bionic hamburgers that last forever?

Mad Cow Disease

Magnesium - Why you need it.

Magnesium - We are all deficient.

Magnet Therapy


Malaria Treatment

Male Infertility

Male Menopause

Mammogram Dangers 1

Mammogram Dangers 2  

Mass Murdering Young Children - Guns? Psychotropic Drugs? or Acid Diet? - Dr. Robert O. Young.

Mattress Coils Dangerous - They emit radiation. Watch the videos.


Mattress Dangers

Meat Dangers 1

Meat Dangers 2

Meat Dangers 3

Meat Dangers 4 - How to cook with beer and wine.

Meat Dangers 5 - Why you shouldn't eat meat.

Meat.org - Shocking video of slaughterhouse practices.

Meat Standards - What they all mean.

The Meatrix - Very informative, animated meat and mad cow disease video. 

Medical Errors

Medical Experimentation in the U.S.

Medical Fascism - It's coming soon.


Medical Insurance Alternatives

Medical Index

Medical Lies - It's all about the ph.

Medical Mistakes

Medical Terrorism

Medicine from Hell - A biblical perspective on drugs.

Meditation - Is it Christian?



Memory Improvement 1

Memory Improvement 2


Men's Health 1

Men's Health 2

Mental Health - Our subconscious, from a biblical perspective.

Mental Health - 1 in 5 are ill.

Mental Health Help

Dr. Mercola - Click here to search.

Dr. Mercola's Food Video

Mercola's Forum - Covers a wide range of topics.

Mercola's Search Engine - 50,000 pages of incredible, leading edge alternative health advice from a real MD.

Dr. Mercola's Take on Water pH - Dr. Young's answer to Dr. Mercola's article.

Mercury Poisoning 1

Mercury Poisoning 2

Mercury Poisoning 3 - FDA admits to danger.

Mercury Poisoning 4 - How to remove it with sunlight.

Mercury Poisoning 5 - How to detoxify.

Mercury Poisoning 6 - Diseases Connected to Mercury Fillings.

Mercury Poisoning 7

Metabolic Type Test

Metabolic Typing

Microscopy - Cutting edge blood analysis.

Microwave Cooking Dangers

Microwave Dangers 1

Microwave Dangers 2

Microwaved Water

Migraine Headaches & pH Balance

Mike Adams - What he and his staff are all about. Subscribe to his free newsletter.

Milk Dangers 1

Milk Dangers 2

Milk Dangers 3

Milk Dangers 4

Milk - Hemp 

Milk Types

Minerals Of Life - Just as important as vitamins, they need to be absorbable. Minerals of Life have the highest absorption rate.

MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement - What it is about.

Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) - Free ebook download. Good for just about anything. Very inexpensive.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Answers - FAQ.

Miracle Mineral Supplement - Australia - Gives an excellent explanation of how it works.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Audio

Miracle Mineral Supplement Detox

Miracle Mineral Supplement DVD

Miracle Mineral Supplement De-Mystified 1 - Chlorine dioxide and instructions to make your own solution.

Miracle Mineral Supplement De-Mystified 2

Miracle Mineral Supplement Forum

Miracle Mineral Supplement Newsletter

Miracle Mineral Supplement Persecution

Miracle Mineral Supplement Protocols 1 - By Jim Humble.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Protocols 2 - Four free downloads of instructions.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Protocols 3 - MMS2.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Protocols 4 - MMS Protocol 1000.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Protocols 5 - MMS Protocol 1000 Plus.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Protocols 6 - MMS 2000.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Supplier 1 - Order by the bottle or buy the kit.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Supplier 2  - Order by the bottle or buy the kit.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Supplier 3 - Lots of good links.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Testimonials - Many good scientific articles too.

Miracle Mineral Supplement Video - What MMS is all about.

Mind Over Disease

MMS - See Miracle Mineral Supplement (above).

Mold in Your House

Mold Removal

Mold Remover - Green.

More Infants Developing Cancer Due To Effects of Estrogens and Arsenic In Soy-Based Formula

Morgellons Information

Morgellons Data File

Morgellons Disease 1

Morgellons Disease 2

Morgellons Disease 3 - MorgellonsExposed.com

Morgellons Disease 4

Morgellons Disease 5

Morgellons Disease 6

Morgellons Disease 7 - Dictyostelium discoideum.

Morgellons Disease 8 - Chemtrail conection.

Morgellons Forum

Morgellons Growth - Captured on video.

Morgellons Order

Morgellons - New Disease, or Man-Made Weapon of Terror?

Morellons Numbers - Stamped on the fibers.

Morgellons Patient

Morgellons Radio Broadcasts 04/01  - Jeff Rense.

Morgellons Research Foundation

Morgellons Super Bugs

Mosquito Forecast

Mosquito Reduction

Motion Sickness

Mountain Biking

MRSA - How to fight it.

MS Cured Naturally

MSG Names 1

MSG Names 2

MSG Names 3

MSG Poisoning

Multiple Sclerosis 1

Multiple Sclerosis 2

Murder by Injection - An indictment of the AMA and the entire drug/medical establishment. Documents how natural medicine was previously practiced in the USA. Also, here.

Mushroom Book

Mushroom Information

Music Frequency - A at 440Hz or 432Hz, the natural frequency.

Myths of the germ, virus and bacteria theories.

Nanobacteria & Heart Disease

Naps - Take one.

National Health Federation - Oldest and most reputable organization in alternative health. Best of the CODEX fighters. Highly recommended to join.

Native Foods - Restaurant chain of healthy vegan foods.

Natural Solutions Foundation Exposed 1

Natural Solutions Foundation Exposed 2

Naturopathic Rights - Guaranteed under English Common law.

Natural Health Library

The Natural Way to Heal

Naturopathic Physicians - Find one in your area.

The New Medicine - Hosted by the late Dana Reeve (wife of the late Christopher Reeve).

Negative Energy Protection

News Target

Non-GMO Shopping Guide


NeuroCranial Restructuring - Eliminates many problems, including pain.

NewChapter.com - Natural food healing.

Nurse Burnout

Nursing - American Holistic Nursing Association.

Nutricide Video - CODEX threat exposed.

Nutrient Reference

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration - Excerpts from this famous health book.

Obama Care

Obama Care - Not mandatory.

Obama Care Alternative

Obesity 1

Obesity 2

Obesity 3

Obesity in America - Animation.


Oil Pulling - Cures many problems, including sinus problems.

Oil Pulling - Video.

Old Age

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Dangers

Omega-3 Benefits 1 - Breast & prostrate cancer prevention.

Omega-3 Benefits 2 - Sourced from mercury free Krill for liver cancer prevention.

Omega-3 Benefits 3 - Krill oil.

ORAC Scale for 2007

Organic Consumers Association

Organic Farming

Organic Food 1 - Where to find it.

Organic Food 2

Organic Food 3 - Dr. Mercola.

Organic Food 4 - Organic vs. local.

Organic Food 5 - What does it mean?

Organic Makeup

Organic Products Expose Videos - Watch all three.

Orange County, CA, EFT & Homeopathy

Orthotics - These low priced shoe inserts really work and can resolve many foot, leg and back related problems.

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)


Oxygen - Natural oxygen cell food for the body.

Oxygen - Liquid - We've used this successfully for sinus problems.

Oxygen & Ozone Therapies

Oxygen Treatments 1

Oxygen Treatments 2 - Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Oxygen Treatments 3 - Ed McCabe, Mr. Oxygen.

Dr. Oz - Antioxidant testing with the Pharmanex Photobionic scanner.

Ozone Cancer Treatments

Ozone Generators - Dr. Wilson.

Ozone in Medicine Video

Ozone Monitors

Ozone Therapy Papers

Pacific Ocean Radiated

Pain Patch - These patches really work.

Pain Relief 1

Pain Relief 2

Pain Relief 3 - EFT pain relief.

Pain Relief 4 - These products really work.

Pallative Care - Killing us softly.

Parabens In Cosmetics: Friends or Foes?

Parasite Zapper 1

Parasite Zapper 2

Parasite Zapper 3

Parasite Zapper Explanations

Parkinson's Disease 1 - People with Parkinsons and Alzheimers have been found to have lower levels of vitamin D.42;43.

Parkinson's Disease 2 - Complete listing of alkalinity articles.

PASSION 4 LIFE - PASSION 4 LIFE liquid vitamins are the best on the market and assimilate into your blood stream within minutes. Check the ingredients here.

Pasteurized Milk - Why you don't want to drink it.

Pet Food Store - Natural foods.

Pet Health 1

Pet Health 2

Pet Health 3 - Free download.

Pet Water

Phantom Diseases 1 - Like Hepatitis C, Swine Flu, etc.

Phantom Diseases 2 - Like Hepatitis C, Swine Flu, etc.

Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner - Find out whether your vitamins are really working or not. See what Dr. Oz has to say about getting scanned. Get yourself scanner here.

Pharmaceutical Industry - The truth reveled.

PharmanexMD - Valuable articles on vision, dental and general health articles.

pH Alaklinity - Too much alkalinity?

pH Food Chart - This is what you need to eat.

pH Articles 1 - The largest collection of educational pH articles on the Internet.

pH Balance 1

pH Balance 2

pH Balance & Disease

pH and the Bible

pH Diets Videos

pH Foods

pH Food Chart - Excellent PDF download.

pH Healing - Kim Tinkham beat stage three beast cancer naturally with pH.

pH Health Talk 1 - By Dr. Robert O. Young.

pH Health Talk 2

pH Miracle Living - Alkaline health articles. Their newsletter is highly recommended.

pH Miracle Living Blogspot - Testimonials and pH articles.

pH Miracle Living Legal Defense - Help support Dr. Young who is fighting for our health freedoms.

pH Miracle Videos - Part 1 (of 7) of Dr. Young's Omaha lecture.

pH & Oxygen - Why you need both.

pH Riddle

pH Supplements - Innerlight pH health products.

pH Test Strips

pH Water

pH Miracle for Cancer

pH Miracle for Cancer PDF

pH Miracle Diet Video Testimony - From a cancer survivor.

pH Miracle Living Blogspot - Testimonials and pH articles.

pH Miracle Living - Highly recommended articles, newsletter, and treatments.

pH Miracle Living Health Talk - By Dr. Young.

pH & Oxygen - Why you need both.

pH Test Strips

Phenylpropanolamine Recall - Nasal decongestant and weight control.

Physician Cowards

Physician Payoffs

Pig & Pork Facts

Pinhole Glasses


Pollution Affects on the Body

Poly MVA - Cancer immune builder.

Poly MVA - How it works.


Pomegranate Benefits

Pomegranate and Blueberry Juice Frauds 1

Pomegranate and Blueberry Juice Frauds 2

Pregnancy - How alkalization makes it a breeze (Facebook post).

Proper Posture - For obtaining proper posture and relieving back problems.

Potassium Iodide (SSKI) - For just about everything.

Power Line Cancer

Prayer Power

Premature Birth Deaths

Prescription Drugs 1

Prescription Drugs 2 - From a scientist that made them.

Prescription For Disaster - Online DVD trailer.

Probiotics - Short term gain, long term damage.

Probiotics - And antibiotics and enzymes.

Probiotic Mfg. - One of the best.

Probiotics Video - CBS newscast. Click on Health, then "Eating the way nature intended". - CBS newscast. Click on Health, then "Eating the way nature intended".

Processed Foods

Processed Meat Pictures - You'll never eat processed meat again after viewing these pictures.

Produce Cleaning

Propolis - By product of bees and honey with many healing properties.

Propolis Uses

Protein Shake

Psychiatric Drug Industry - The Marketing of Madness movie.

Psychiatry - Just say no.

Psychiatry Exposed

PTSD for Iraq Vets - Free help.

Puberty - Too Early

Qigong Healing


Race for the Cure

Radiation Cures

Radiation Detox - Dr. Robert O. Young.

Radiation Effects on Humans

Radiation Protection

Radiation - Surviving Nuclear Toxicity

Radiation Toxicity Antidotes - Very comprehensive list.

Radiation Treatment with Homeopathy

Radiation On the West Coast

Dr. Rath



Raw Food Testimonial

Raw Food Video

Raw Food vs Cooked Food 1

Raw Food vs Cooked Food 2 - Video from Dr. Mercola.

Raw for 30 Days - Incredible new video.

Raw Milk 1

Raw Milk 2

Raw Milk 3

Raw Milk 4

Raw Milk 5

Raw Milk 6

Raw Milk Benefits

Raw Milk Locator

Real Age Calculator

Reliv Now - The perfect powdered vitamin formula. Enter the RCN number 7913670101 to Order Reliv Now.

Reliv Product Video

Reliv Cancer Testimonial 1

Reliv Cancer Testimonial 2

Rense Health Resources

Report Finds “Probably Carcinogenic” Chemicals in All Municipal Water Samples

Retinal Scans

Restaurant Secrets

Retirement Health - 97 year old physician's formula for life.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Right to Choose Healthy Food

Ritalin Deaths - In children.

Root Canal Dangers

Root Cause movie. The relationship of root canalsand cancer. Free on Netflix. Also Here and Here.

Rosedale Diet

Routine Check-ups Provide No Health Benefits, Study Finds - CBS news.

Royal Rife 1 - Invented the world's most powerful microscope.

Royal Rife 2 - Suppression of disease Information.

Royal Rife 3a - Investigative report.

Royal Rife 3b - Investigative report.

Royal Rife 4 - Prosecution of the device's manufacturer.

Salmon Dangers

Salmon Farms - Exposed. Watch the video.

Salmon and Tuna Radiation Dangers

Salt Dangers 1

Salt Dangers 2

Salt Dangers 3

Salt Lamps

Sanpaku Eyes - Examples.

Sanpaku Eyes - Death imminent.

Sanpaku Eyes... The Ill(uminati) Eye

Sciatica Pain - Turmeric.

Sciatica Pain - Healing patches.

The Science of Being Well - Free classic download book by Wallace D. Wattles. Extremely insightful.

Scoliosis  - Non surgical treatment.

Secret Sources

The Sedona Method - Similar to EFT.

Seed Criminalization - By the U.S. Government.

Seeds of Deception - Recommended for all people who eat food.

Seeds of Deception - Lecture - Short lecture on GM foods and the dangers they pose to us.

Seeds of Destruction - GM foods forced on the world.

Selling Sickness


Sex 1 - Too much or too little?

Sex 2 - For everything?

Shadows of the Future - Video of what is coming in food control.

Shaolin Workout

Shaving for Men

Shirley's Wellness Cafe

Shirley's Wellness Cafe Index

Shoe Inserts - These low priced shoe inserts really work and can resolve many foot, leg and back related problems.

Shoes Not Good for You?

Sickness - Four reasons people get sick and emotional healing.

SiCKO - The official website.

SiCKO - Commentary on Michael Moore's new movie on the healthcare industry and health insurance.

SiCKO - Watch the movie online for free.

SIDS & Crib Death

Sinus Problems

Sinus Treatment 1 - Honey.

Sinus Treatment 2 - "Oil Pulling" cures many problems, including sinus problems.

Sitting Evils - Why you need to stand up 35 times a day.

Skin Disorders

Skin Foods

Slaughterhouse Video 1

Slaughterhouse Video 2 - Beef used in school lunch programs.
Sleep Disorders 1 - Excellent health advice.

Sleep Disorders 2 - The impact of prayer on sleep.

Sleeping Pills 1

Sleeping Pills 2

Sleep Apnea - Dr. Young.

Sleep Creativity

Sleep Problems 1

Sleep Problems 2

Sleep Problems 3

Sleep Problems 4

Sleep Problems 5

Sleep Problems 6

Sleep Problems 7

Sleep Problems 8 - Why you are not sleeping.

Sleep Problems 9 - From light?

Sleep Problems 10 - Sleep on the floor. And here.

Sleep Problems 11 - Benefits of sleeping on the floor.

Smart Meter Hazards - Electrical fires and excess radiation.


Soaps - Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap - And toothpaste. Good Christian company. Soaps for everything.

Smoking - How to quit.

Snoring 1 - This stuff really works!

Snoring 2

Sodium (Salt) Importance

Solfeggio Frequencies - Healing frequencies.

Soft Drink Poison 1

Soft Drink Poison 2 - What happens to your body within an hour of drinking Coke.

Soda Drink Poison 3 - Some good uses for soda around the house.

Soda Drink Poison 4 - 10 reasons not to drink it.

Soy Bad, Soy Good

Soy Dangers 1

Soy Dangers 2  

Soy - Is it bad for you?

Spinach and the Raw Milk Conspiracy

Spiritual Issues Are Health Issues


Spontaneous Human Combustion - Too much acid.

Statin Drugs - Unnecessary and unsafe.

Stevia- Safe sweetener alternative.

Stress Reduction

Stroke & Brain Injury Oxygen Treatments

Study shows nutritional supplements can cut hospital readmission rates

Suger Dangers 1

Sugar Dangers 2

Sugar Dangers 3

Sugar Dangers 4 - Latest listings of sweeteners from Dr. Mercola.

Sugar Is Destroying The World

SugarWise - Incredible supplement for people with sugar problems and for alcoholics wanting to quit.

Sunblock 1

Sunblock 2

Sunblock Causes Cancer 1

Sunblock Causes Cancer 2

Sunburn - Kitchen Information.

Sunglasses, Vitamin D & Cancer 

Sunlight 1

Sunlight 2 - Cancer, tanning salons and sunscreens.

Sunlight 3 - Vitamin D health benefits PDF download.

Sunlight 4 - Best time is noon.

Sunlight 5

Sunlight Saunas

Sunshine/Skin Cancer

Superfoods 1 

Superfoods 2 

Superfoods 3

Super Bugs - Morgellons.

Supplement Reference

Supplements 1

Supplements 2

Supplements 3

Supplements 4

Supplements 5

Supplements 6

Supplement Testimonial

Supplement Watch - Tests various supplements.

Surgery Supplements of Vitamin C

Surgeries - Unnecessary

Sweet Deception

Sweeteners - Which are safe, by Dr. Mercola?

Sweeteners - Are people who eat low calorie sweeteners really more prone to being fat?

Sweet Misery  - Sweetener dangers.

Swimming - Learn in 10 days.

Synergistic Kinesiology - Muscle and organ testing.

Systems of Medicine Explained

Take Back Your Health Power

Take Charge of Your Health

Tap Water 1 - Why you shouldn't drink it.

Tap Water 2

Tap Water 3

Tea Ingredients - Are they safe?

Teeth Whitening 1

Teeth Whitening 2

Teeth Whitening 3

Teeth Whitening 4

Teeth Whitening 5 - Use instead of toothpaste  and mouthwash. Organic, natural and many side benefits.

Teeth Whitening 6 - Tumeric.

Teflon Dangers

Thermal Imaging Videos - The safe alternative to x-rays.

Thermograms - Safe way to detect cancer and other problems.

Thought Power


Time To End The Tyranny of Licenses To Practice Medicine!

Tools for Healing

Thyroid Problems

The Tomb Clock - Calculates when you will statistically die.

Total Health Breakthroughs - Excellent free newsletter. Check out their archives for specific health articles.

Town of Allopath - Entertaining cartoon video exposing allopathic medicine.

Truth in Wellness

Truth Publishing


Tuberculosis - The coming pandemic.

Tuberculosis Treatment with Vitamin D

Tumeric - Add to your diet.

Turbo Tapping (EFT)

Unclean Meats 1

Unclean Meats 2

Unclean Meats 3

Unclean Meats 4

Unclean Meats 5 - PDF download.

Unclean Meats Book - Lists all of the meats.

Underground Medicine

Unexpected Plague

Urban Homesteading Wonder: 6,000 lbs of Organic Food Grown on just 1/10th Acre!


Vegetable Oils - The worst one.

Vegetarian Diets 1

Vegetarian Diets 2

Vegetarian Diets 3

Vegetarian Diets 4

Vegetarian Diets 5 - How to get started (www.goveg.com).

Veggie Burgers - Which ones are safe?

Veterans EFT

Veterans PTSD - Healed with EFT.

Viagra Dangers

Vibration Machines 5/31 - Beneficial for the whole body. Read about the history of them here. Buy them here.

Vinegar -Toxic and acidic.

Vinegar - Worms.

Vinegar - Dangers.

Viruses Don't Exist 1

Viruses Don't Exist 2 - Dr. Robert O. Young

Vision Improvement - Naturally.

Vision Restoration

Vitality - The movie.

Vitamin C - Helpful or harmful?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D - Sunshine for congestive heart failure and cancer.

Vitamin D Benefits 1

Vitamin D Benefits 2

Vitamin D Benefits 3

Vitamin D Council

Vitamin D Deficiencies in Woman

Vitamin D & Melanoma

Vitamin D Test

Vitamin Dangers

Vitamins - Flintstones

Vitamins - Synthetic vs Natural 1

Vitamins - Synthetic vs Natural 2

Vitamins - Synthetic vs Natural 4

Vitamins - Synthetic vs Natural 5 - Dr. Mercola.

Vitamins - Synthetic vs Natural 6 - Food Matters.

Vitamins - What's in your multi-vitamin?

Vitamins - PASSION 4 LIFE - PASSION 4 LIFE liquid vitamins are one of the best on the market and assimilate into your blood stream within minutes.

Vitamin Toxins

Vitamins & Why Yours Aren't Working

Waking Times - Good health information.

War on Food - and Health - Excellent video.

Water 1

Water 2

Water Information 1

Water Information 2

Water Disinfectants - Pool water is not safe.

Water Healing

Water Ionizer - Best for pH.

Water pH - Excellent chemical analysis of water.

Water Memory

Water - The movie about how our thoughts affect it.

Water pH - Excellent chemical analysis of water.

Water Purity - Video by Daniel Vitalis.

Water Quality

Water Secrets

Weight Loss - For those not willing to try alkalization. Available worldwide.

Weight Loss 1

Weight Loss 2

ph man.jpg (16432 bytes)Weight Loss 3 - Weight loss by pH factor.

Weight Loss 4

Weight Loss 5 - For those not willing to try alkalization.

Weight Loss Book

Weight Loss/Sex Drive

Weight Loss with Chia Seeds

Weight Loss with EFT

Weight Loss with EFT Video

The Wellness Revolution Hall of Fame

Western Medicine - And the dark origins.

Weston A. Price - The Greatest Nutrition Researcher of the 20th Century who wrote Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

Weston A. Price Foundation

Whale - Index of alternative health issues.

What the World Eats - And what they spend.

Wheat 1 - Why you shouldn't eat it.

Wheat 2 - Why you should ditch it.

Wheat 3 - Modern Wheat Is The ‘Perfect Chronic Poison’ Says Expert.

Whites of the Eyes - Sanpaku. How soon will you die?

Wholefood Farmacy - Healthy foods unavailable elsewhere.

Whole Foods 1 - The chain.

Whole Foods 2 - Inside story on the popular chain.

Whole-Grain Bread

Why I Left Medicine: A Burnt-Out Doctor’s Decision To Quit

Why Many Patients Don't Really Want to be Healed

Wild Pacific Salmon Explained

Wise Traditions - Food, farming & the healing arts.

Working Out - How to go from sedentary to running in 5 steps.

World Clock - Health statistics updated in real time.

World's Greatest Medical Failures

Women's Health 1

Woman's Health 2

Worst Case Scenarios  - How to survive them, from Popular Mechanics.

Worst Foods


X-Ray Dangers

You Are 6200% More Likely to Be Killed By Your Doctor Than By A Shooter

Your Own Perfect Medicine

Stressed? Sick? 2014 EFT Tapping Summit Can Help FREE!

Origins of Medical Industry Corruption

Do You Worship the

God of Pharmakeia?

Click on video below.

These Moms Don't

What Is Your Level of Health Knowledge?

Do You Really Want to Be Healed?

Vitamin C – Helpful or Harmful?

I have been know to call vitamin C the urine acid of citrus fruits. Vitamin C is an acid known as ascorbic acid that when mixed into foods and supplements must be chemically transformed into esters to be consumable. Vitamin C is destroyed by exposure to oxygen, metals, light and heat…therefore one can surely imagine what happens to it when it is processed.

Vitamin C is believed to be an antioxidant because oxidants (acids) that are in the body will oxidize (take electrons from) ascorbate first before affecting the body’s proteins and lipids. This leaves oxidized forms of ascorbate. Oxidized ascorbate is believed to be relatively stable and unreactive and is believed notto cause cellular damage.

I have disagreed for years and believe that over time a cumulative affect of taking in vitamin C, especially in unnatural and processed forms, is harmful just like taking too many enzymes (acids) too often and thereby tenderizing yourself. The name ‘ascorbic’ comes from its supposed property of preventing and curing scurvy. The scientific name of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is derived from the Latin name of scurvy, scorbutus. Scurvy leads to the formation of liver spots on the skin, spongy gums, and bleeding from all mucous membranes. The spots are most abundant on the thighs and legs, and a person with the ailment looks pale, feels depressed, and is partially immobilized.

Yet, these are all symptoms of overacidity. In advanced scurvy, there are open, suppurating wounds and loss of teeth. Scurvy was at one time common among sailors, pirates, and others who were on ships that were out to sea longer than perishable fruits and vegetables could be stored and by soldiers who were similarly separated from these foods for extended periods.

Medical Science believes that Scurvy results from lack of Vitamin C, but I have gone on record to disagree. I say that that scurvy is caused by dehydration and a diet of dead and animal-based foods causing over-acidification of the blood and tissues leading to cellular breakdown into bacteria, yeast, and mold and the destruction of microvilli in the small intestine much like a rotting banana or piece of fruit getting mushy with dark spots.

The Dutch writer, Johann Bachstrom, in 1734, gave the firm opinion that ‘scurvy is solely owing to a total abstinence from fresh vegetable food, and greens which is alone the primary cause of the disease.’

While the earliest documented case of scurvy was described by Hippocrates around the year 400 BC, the first attempt to give scientific basis for the cause of this disease was by a ship’s surgeon in the British Royal Navy, James Lind. Again, it was well known that Scurvy was common among those with little access to fresh fruit and vegetables such as remote and isolated sailors and soldiers.

While at sea in May 1747, Lind provided some crew members with two oranges and one lemon per day, in addition to normal rations, while others continued on cider, vinegar, sulfuric acid or seawater, along with their normal rations. In the history of science this is considered to be the first occurrence of a controlled experiment comparing results on two populations of a factor applied to one group only with all other factors the same.

Lind published his work in 1753 in his Treatise on Scurvy which conclusively showed that citrus fruits prevented the disease. NOTE: These were whole natural and unprocessed fruits and lemons that are alkalizing and mineral rich as are limes which we will come to in a minute.

It wasn’t the vitamin C but rather the alkalinity, minerals, and combination of natural electrons which were operating. Citrus fruits were one of the first sources of vitamin C available to ship’s surgeons. Lind’s work was slow to be noticed, partly because he gave conflicting evidence within the book, and partly because the British admiralty saw care for the well-being of crews as a sign of weakness.

Further, fresh fruit was very expensive to keep on board, whereas boiling it down to juice allowed easy storage yet destroyed the vitamins and the electrons (especially if boiled in copper kettles). Ship captains assumed wrongly that Lind’s suggestions didn’t work because those juices failed to cure scurvy while not realizing that they were cooked and processed down and not in their natural energetic electron rich form!

The source of sickness and disease is the build up of acidity and blockages, starting in the small intestine, which is kind of lack clogging the drain to the point of overflow (cold, flu, etc).

Vitamin C produces positive results because it breaks down undigested matter (like chicken and pork) in the digestive tract which improves digestion and promotes elimination.

Human beings are poisoning themselves with Vitamin C by taking it in excess for everything.
It is totally unnecessary.

Again, it is like taking an excess of enzymes (acids) and tenderizing onesself. In my many years of viewing people’s blood and understanding their nutritional histories, I have never recommended that a person needs to take Vitamin C.

The only time I would recommend it is for supporting the bowel in severe congestive situations. If you are using Liquid Vitamin C, you are ingesting plenty and in a form that your body can use without harm. Plus, you get everything you need in terms of vitamin C by eating the pH Miracle diet of mostly vegetables, fats and low sugar fruits wherein Vitamin C naturally occurs.

Not part of our alkaline community? Join us at: www.phmiracleliving.com

The Top 21 Biggest Health,

Nutritional and Medical Lies

by Dr. Robert O. Young

The following list includes the biggest health, nutritional, and medical lies, deceit, deceptions and inventions that we have been told by a doctor, a nurse, a scientist, a teacher, a nutritionist, a health guru, a Pharmaceutical Company, the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, the Center of Disease Control and/or the World Health Organization, just to name a few.

1) The Mexican Swine Flu Virus is a potential pandemic and can kill you.
This is a scientific illusion. Viruses do not kill, acids kill. All viruses are nothing more than dietary and/or metabolic acid. The word virus in Latin means poison or acid. All flu's or acids by definition effect only the gastrointestinal tract due to acidic foods and drinks ingested - not viruses. So the Mexican Swine Flu Virus that has been reported by the CDC to have killed over 1000 Mexicans is the result of an excess of gastrointestinal acid from the ingestion of acidic foods and drinks that have not been properly buffered by the stomach with alkaline salts or eliminated through the four channels of elimination - lungs, bowels, bladder and/or skin. For these unfortunate Mexicans or others in the US or around the world that have died, the cause of death was due to an excess of acidic foods and drinks, including Tequila, beer, beans, rice, corn, peanuts, yeast, soy sauce, high sugar fruit, processed sugar, artificial sugar, dairy products, chicken, turkey, beef and of course the biggest acid of all - SWINE. That's right, the acids from PORK can kill. So 1000 Mexicans did not die from a pHantom Mexican Swine Flu Virus but they died from a dis-ease I call, "I Ate and Drank TOO Much Acidic Crap Disease" or "I Received An Acidic Flu Vaccine." The simple solution for protecting you from an excess of gastrointestinal acid from an acidic diet and lifestyle that can and does kill is to increase your alkaline buffering mineral salts. All flu's or acid outbreaks can be prevented and reversed with sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate. YES, it is that simple! You can prevent gastrointestinal acidosis that can lead to stomach flu, vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, constipation, and even death. No need to fear a pandemic, just the acidic foods and drinks you are ingesting and more specifically an acidic toxic swine flu vaccine. You can protect yourself and your family with the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet I call, "Young Living." That is why I created the products pHour Salts, puripHy salts, pHlavor salts and pHlush salts. To learn more about these Young pHorever acid protecting products go to:


2) Pandemics are caused by air-born viruses that infect the human or animal body causing sickness, disease and death. This line of logic is responsible for more pain, suffering and death than any other theory.   It is based upon the Pasteurian germ theory that germs or pathogens cause disease.  Germs DO NOT CAUSE DISEASE - ACIDIC LIFESTYLES, DIETS, DRUGS AND VACCINES CAUSE DISEASE.   Dis-ease and so-called disease is NOT something you get it is something you do.  HIV, HPV, EBOLA, HUNTA, SARS, AVIAN FLU, AND THE SWINE FLU ARE ALL PHANTOM VIRUSES.  THEY DO NOT EXIST.  What exists is acidic lifestyles, acidic diets, acidic drugs and acidic vaccines.  If you put alcohol into your body you can get drunk and sick.  If you put tobacco smoke into your lungs you can get sick and cancerous.  If you elect to have an acidic vaccine you can get sick and die!  Not from some so-called virus but from the acidic elements of the alcohol, tea, coffee, meat, cheese, eggs, tobacco, anti-biotic or anti-life vaccines, etc.  The key to health, energy and vitality is to maintain the alkaline design of your body.  To poison your body with a vaccine will not increase your health, energy or vitality but only prove that you can poison yourself and hopefully live through it.  True immunity comes from protecting the alkaline design of the body.  ALL pandemics are caused by MAN and their acidic choices not some phantom virus!

The following is an historic precedent - The year was 1921.

America was entering a decade of robust prosperity. Later called "The Roaring Twenties", it was a time of unparalleled economic expansion. Debt money from Wall Street banks was plentiful and easy to obtain. The "Great War" was over.

America was flexing her industrial muscles. Factories were being built and expanded in every major city. Automobiles began rolling off Detroit assembly lines in record numbers. The stock market began making millionaires. People were HEALTHY and HAPPY  largely because the dreaded "world mystery disease" (which decades later became known as the "1918 Flu Pandemic") had disappeared. Two entire years had passed with no dreaded "mystery deaths" being reported. America had cause to celebrate, and celebrate they did!

As a matter of fact, the American Public in general was so optimistic and HAPPY in 1921, that relatively few people were unhealthy as well. For the first time in decades, hospital beds were empty. The fledgling American Medical Association, formed by John D. Rockefeller just a few years earlier, was worried.  Business was sagging.

Profits from vaccines and drugs were spiraling. Something had to be done, and done immediately.  False, faux epidemics of smallpox were created to solve the problem, and keep the Medical Mafia's cash registers ringing.

We know this dastardly plan actually happened, thanks to a citizen's WATCHDOG GROUP in Kansas City, Missouri named "The Advertiser's Protective Bureau", who filed, and successfully prosecuted criminal charges against the Missouri state chapter of the AMA  the Jackson Medical Society. The 'Protective Bureau's" official report of this cold-blooded plot reads as follows:

"In the Fall of 1921, the health of the city was unusually good, but slow for the doctors. So the Jackson Medical Society met and resolved to make an epidemic in the city. According to the minutes of this meeting: 'MOTION WAS MADE AND SECONDED, THAT A RECOMMENDATION BE MADE BY THE COMMITTEE, TO THE BOARD OF HEALTH, THAT AN EPIDEMIC OF SMALLPOX BE DECLARED IN THE CITY. (Investigation later revealed that there was NO SIGN OF AN EPIDEMIC at the time, in the city, or anywhere in the state or region!)

'It was moved and seconded that a day be set aside, termed VACCINATION DAY, on which physicians would be stationed at ALL SCHOOLS, clinics, public buildings and hospitals to vaccinate "free of charge". (Vaccinations are never "free". The taxpayers are always forced to pay for every one of the "free" vaccines.)


The Protective Bureau proved in court that there WAS NO EPIDEMIC before the vaccinations!! The court records show that the Medical Society manufactured vast amounts of posters, fliers, newspaper stories and ads featuring horrific and lurid pictures of diseased children covered with massive smallpox sores and open wounds. Some pictures actually showed children's corpses covered with the same ugly sores. The PANIC-DRIVEN message was clear --- VACCINATE EVERYONE, or face a deadly public disease. There was a "sweeping epidemic" in the city; the disease was "highly contagious" and would "strike anyone who was not vaccinated" was the bill of goods sold! (Does this sound at all familiar today  88 years later??)

The Medical Mafia's propaganda blitz was successful, and over a million previously healthy and happy American citizens were hypnotized and terrorized into placing the vaccine toxins into their bloodstreams. All public school children in the region were vaccinated while at school! Parents who dared question the vaccination of their children were ostracized and publicly vilified.

THE COURT RECORD ON THIS CASE IS VERY CLEAR. In the weeks and months following the "mass vaccinations"  the area's hospital beds were filled to over-flowing with VACCINE-INDUCED SMALLPOX CASES!

Tens of thousands of people became ill, and many hundreds of innocents died, and many more were permanently crippled! Of course, THE NEWSPAPERS THEN TRUMPETED HOW WISE THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT WAS TO PROMOTE THE VACCINES  stating how much worse the death toll would have been without the vaccination campaign!! Untold MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of profit was generated by this massive "medical" fraud.

Thanks to the ADVERTISER'S PROTECTIVE BUREAU, however; the massive fraud was exposed and criminally prosecuted to a successful conviction. During the trial, three amazing facts were proven beyond any "reasonable doubt".

Fact 1: The poster and advertising pictures showing the diseased and dying children used so successfully by the "doctors", WERE NOT EVEN CASES OF LOCAL SMALLPOX CASES AS THEY WERE BILLED TO BE! The Protective Bureau documented that they were pictures of ENGLISH CHILDREN who were victims of "court-proven" cases of SMALLPOX VACCINE POISONING!! One of the pictures was of a 5-week-old baby named Mona Stevenson, of Humphrey Street, Burnley, England. A previously healthy and happy baby, Little Mona had been vaccinated for smallpox at 5 weeks of age. Four weeks later, her pox-ridden little body was placed in a tiny coffin and buried. The horrific photos of Little Mona and others in England had previously been published in British newspapers where details of the resulting CRIMINAL TRIALS were also given. The full details of the trials, as well as the pictures, were also included in a comprehensively large medical boot titled "THE HISTORY AND PATHOLOGY OF VACCINATION" by Edgar M Crook
shank, MD  professor of Bacteriology at the ultra-elite Kings College, London England.

Fact 2: Vaccines containing LIVE ACIDIC (so-called) VIRUSES/TOXINS, weakened (i.e. attenuated) or otherwise universally causes more diseases than the vaccine ever could prevent.

Fact 3: Vaccine-Induced-Disease (VID) is an extremely effective socio-economic tool. It has the potential to generate BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF WINDFALL PROFITS, while permanently changing the social structures of large groups of people.

While the Protective Bureau won the criminal court case the American people lost. The case should have made front-page headlines around the nation, showing the Modus Operandi of certain corrupt "medical practitioners". How, by means of fraud, treachery, and trickery, they made millions of dollars in windfall profits while thousands of innocent, trusting, and naive Americans suffered and died. The entire sordid affair, with all its damning details, was kept out of the American Press. John D. Rockefeller's AMA, with its millions of dollars of influence made sure of that!

Amazingly, even though thousands of people had died or become crippled by this managed manslaughter, the doctors involved were only given a light penalty in the form of a token fine. The medical establishment as a whole was not upset in the least by the exposure  and has continued on unabated perpetuating the same crimes against humanity creating acidic vaccine-induced-dis-eases while fleecing the people continually until this present day.

It is a proven (albeit little-known) fact, EPIDEMIC/PANDEMIC MANUFACTURING IS STANDARD PRACTICE with the world-wide "Medical Mafia" circles. In order to maximize profits and re-shape geographical regions, they often manufacture a false-flag "emergency". If there is an outbreak of mild seasonal dis-esase from over-acidic choices, they call it an influenza pandemic, give it a fancy new name, and then actually CREATE THE PANDEMIC by means of mass vaccinations using ATTENUATED, or PURE ACID!! Remember the shocking words of the AMA's Dr. Simon Louis Katzoff who said: " DOCTORS LIVE BY DISEASE, SO THE PUBLIC CAN EXPECT THE SUPPLY OF DISEASE TO MEET THE DEMANDS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION."

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana

Those who are ignorant of the past, cannot be expected to remember it.
True Ott, PhD, ND

3) The Flu vaccine will protect you from the flu virus.

This is a falsehood. There is no such thing as a flu virus and therefore there is no need for a poisonous acidic flu vaccine made with chicken embryos, formaldehyde, mercury, detergent, and alcohol. The flu is the body in preservation mode increasing body temperature to activate the lymphatic system to remove excess dietary and/or metabolic acids in the tissues via respiration, perspiration, defecation and urination. The key to reversing the symptoms of the Flu is hydration with alkaline fluids and sweating with infrared sauna or exercise.


4) The 1976 "Swine Flu" Fiasco and Fraud is Being Perpetrated Today. A solitary soldier at Ft. Dix collapses and dies following a reaction to an "experimental" acidic vaccine while completing an intense physical "forced march" exercise at Ft. Dix. Immediately, the CDC swings into action, declaring a nationwide SWINE FLU PANDEMIC is pending. Providentially, of course, the CDC just happens to have 200+MILLION DOSES of Swine Flu vaccine already stockpiled, prepared with ATTENUATED (live, yet weakened) so-called viruses and experimental acidic ADJUVANTS.

President Gerald Ford, (with proven ties to Big Pharma and Nixon's covert viral or acid weapons labs  also a key member of the "Warren Commission's" obfuscation of the JFK murder) rolls up his sleeves on national TV and dutifully takes the vaccine. 40 million acidic vaccines are given to naive American human guinea pigs. A rash of auto-immune disorders (Guillan-Barre Syndrome GBS, and lupus) as well as a large number of deaths is immediately attributed to the acidic vaccine, and the mass vaccination campaign is halted. (What happened to the other 140 million vaccines, one may ask?) In 1979, the television news magazine 60 Minutes did a documentary investigation on this travesty-for-money scandal. Against all odds and the threats of Big Pharma, the OBJECTIVELY FAIR 60 Minutes program aired ONE TIME. There was no follow-up story, No criminal indictments were ever issued. There was no MASS-MURDER-FOR-HIRE trial. As a result, America has largely forgotten the 1976 SWINE FLU SCANDAL! Click here for "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lcJt4jX1Vo" Part I of the 60 Minutes story; and "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4c9Is1T3z4"
Part II.

The definition for insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  All acids kill and vaccines are all made from acid.

5) Taking antibiotics will kill bacteria.

This is medical subterfuge and distortion as even the medical community realizes that antibiotics don't do what they are supposed to do. We say with alarm that disease is becoming resistant to antibiotics. They are not "resistant" because they have never been operative or effective. Antibiotics are the acidic waste products of fermentation. To make an antibiotic, you need a yeast or mold and some sugar for the yeast or mold to ferment. The bi-product of the yeast or mold fermenting the sugar is the acidic antibiotic. The acids from antibiotics DO NOT KILL BACTERIA. They only force the bacteria to change. Into what does bacteria change? Into yeast and mold. That is why when you take antibiotics you end up with a yeast infection! That's the antibiotic causing the bacteria to change from one form to another. I call this process of change "biological transformation" and the reason why you should NEVER take antibiotics. Try the COWS Plan. It is safer and more effective.


6) The stomach should be acidic and contains hydrochloric acid or HCL to digest food.

This is one of the biggest scientific misconceptions ever. First, the stomach is NOT and organ of digestion. Most so-called digestion starts in the mouth. That's why your mom said to chew your food. The stomach is an organ that alkalizes the food and liquids that you eat. The stomach cells, called the cover cells, secrete sodium bicarbonate onto the ingested food and drink to alkalize the food, not to digest the food. For every molecule of sodium bicarbonate produced by the stomach for alkalizing, a molecule of hydrochloric acid is produced as a waste product. Hydrochloric acid or HCL never touches the food or drink but falls into the gastric pits of the stomach away from the food and drink as the sodium bicarbonate rises to the top to alkalize the food and/or liquids ingested. This is necessary in order to prepare the food in an alkaline state for the duodenum and the small intestine where the liquid food is then biologically transformed into stem cells. There is NO part of the alimentary canal that does not secret sodium bicarbonate for alkalizing. In conclusion, the stomach is an organ of contribution and alkalizing, not a digestive organ as medical savants would have us believe. So now you know it is a whopper of a lie.

7) A cold is caused by a virus.

This is another whopper--a century long distortion. A cold is the body removing excess dietary and/or metabolic acids through the orifices of the body to maintain its delicate alkaline pH. Colds are NOT caused by viruses but are caused by eating too much acidic GARBAGE. I won't get YOUR cold if MY body is properly alkaline. Excess acids can also be caused by your thoughts or negative emotions which can also give rise to the elimination of these acids through various orifices, such as your eyes, ears, mouth or nose.

8) Pharmaceutical drugs may have side-effects.

What an intentional obfuscation this is! Pharmaceutical drugs do not have side-effects; they have EFFECTS! And lots of them! If you take the drugs, plan on them affecting your health in many negative and acidic ways.

9) The brain and body runs on sugar.

This is closer to gross ignorance than a lie. Sugar is a metabolic acid and has no value in the body. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. The brain and body does NOT run on sugar; it runs on electrons - just like every other cell in the human body. Increase your healthy brain function with more electrons with electron-rich food and water.


10) Cancer is a disease of the tissues.

NO! Cancer is not a disease of the tissues but a disease of the fluids of the body. After a trillion dollars spent since President Nixon declared war on cancer, we still pretend not to know what it is. But it has become a several hundred billion dollar industry.....larger than the automobile industry. Cancer is an acidic, environmental, dietary and/or metabolic liquid; it is NOT a cell and we ALL have some of it in our body to greater or lesser degree. The more acid we have in our body, the greater the risk for cancerous tissues. Cancer therefore is a four letter word: ACID! And cancer's fumbling, bumbling proponents have put forth another four letter word: MYTH.

11) HIV is a virus and causes AIDS.

This is an incredible whopper! And because the real and UNEXAMINED TRUTH has been explained by several scientists for many years, it is MORE than a whopper. It is now a fraud. There is NO HIV virus. You heard me right; there is NO HIV virus! There never has been. AIDS or immune deficiency is caused by an acidic way of living, eating and thinking. There is no need for drugs, but just the need to change to an alkaline lifestyle and diet and PRESTO.... NO MORE AIDS. It works 100 percent of the time if you get going before the drugs and wrong diet have taken you right up to death's door.

12) HPV is a virus and causes cervical cancer.

This is also an incredible whopper! HPV does not cause cervical cancer. Metabolic and/or dietary acid causes cancer.  HPV is another pHantom virus. It does not exist. The cause of reproductive cancers are from the acids you produce from what you eat, what you think, and how you live. You don't get cancer you do cancer. So stop doing cancer with an acidic lifestyle and diet and start doing "Young Living" and the pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle and diet.

13) Lyme's Disease is caused by a spirochete bacteria or a Tick bite.

Once again this is medical science at its best trying to keep the germ and infection theory alive.  There is NO bacteria or spirochete bacteria that causes Lyme's Dis-ease.  Lyme's dis-ease is nothing more than the blood trying to purify itself from excess metabolic and/or dietary acid by removing these acids out into the colloidal connective tissues.  Simply put Lyme's dis-ease is nothing more than a person who is adsorbing and absorbing their own urine into the colloidal connective tissues.  The irritation and inflammation and then degeneration one feels is all caused by dietary and/or metabolic acid that has NOT been properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination - urination, perspiration, defecation and respiration.  My recommendation for so-called Lyme's Dis-ease is an alkaline lifestyle and diet with at least 2 hours of exercise daily.  In other words "get off you fat or skinny ac-id! and Go To Health!"

14) Taking digestive enzymes will help digestion.

This is a major fable and fabrication to which many holistic doctors prescribe. And it's a dangerous one....especially for people who take digestive enzymes all the time. Enzymes are acids from fermentation and are poisonous. Just like Drano, taking enzymes will eventually destroy your alkalizing alimentary canal. One will kill you fast and one will kill you slow! Digestive enzymes may break down meat, but nutritional science clearly tells us that you shouldn't be eating meat. They will break you down too because guess what? Your alimentary canal is meat!!

15) Blood is made in the marrow of the bones.

This inaccuracy and science fiction began with the distortions of four scientists in 1952 when they conducted starvation studies on rabbits and pigeons and decided after autopsy that blood was created in the bones. This is NOT correct. The primary site of blood production is in the crypts of the intestinal villi in the small intestine. When acids (antibiotics, acid food and drink, enzymes, probiotics) damage or destroy the intestinal villi, then the body makes blood out of various body cells such as the bones. The studies on blood in 1952 may likely have been the correct conclusion if the autopsies had been done on humans--assuming the bodies had starved to death like the rabbits and pigeons. Logically, autopsies are done on people who have been very sick and finally died. The body is so sick that blood has not been made in the the intestinal villi perhaps for some time. Now medical savants have amazingly discovered that blood can also be made in the liver. The truth is that
it can also be made from all the organs and all the cells once the body is sickly enough. Hopefully, we won't be doing autopsies on healthy bodies because they rarely die. But if we did, we'd find out where blood is really made in a healthy body....in the crypts of the intestinal villi in the twenty-seven feet of the small intestine.

16) Germs cause disease via an infection.

This is another invention based on faulty scientific premises. Germs are nothing more than the biological transformation of organized matter disorganizing. Germs therefore are the RESULT of fermenting matter and not the CAUSE of fermenting matter, just as the smoke of a fired gun is not the cause but the evidence that the gun has been fired. When you see bacteria, yeast or mold on food, this is a result of food deterioration, not a result of an infection. When I see bacteria or yeast in the blood, I know this is a result of blood or body cells biologically transforming and not a result of an infection. In other words, germs are born in us and from us. The infection can only contribute to a state of imbalance but CANNOT cause ANY specific disease. So stay away from all treatment plans, traditional or alternative that focuses on the killing germs. If the drug or supplement will kill germs it will also kill you.

17) High Cholesterol in the form of low density lipoproteins or LDL's can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Cholesterol does NOT cause heart attacks or stokes. Not a single one. This is a distortion and an inaccuracy based on faulty observation and inquiry. Environmental, dietary and metabolic acid cause heart attacks and strokes. The body releases cholesterol or LDL's to buffer or chelate the toxic lethal affects of acid to protect the body, not harm the body. It is your thoughts, your words and your deeds that create waste products or acids. If these acids are not eliminated through urination. perspiration, defection or respiration, the body will release cholesterol or LDL's to buffer these acids for protection and not for destruction. A recent landmark study showed that you are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke with normal or low cholesterol then a person with a total cholesterol over 300. Your risk for a heart attack or stroke increases significantly as your acid levels increase or if you lower your cholesterol with drugs without lowering your production of acid from
  the environment, lifestyle, diet and/or metabolism.

18) Eating protein builds muscles.

Wrong again. This is another fictitious distortion based on faulty observation based on a) preconceived notions about how the body works and b) the failure of science to sufficiently isolate variables when making so-called scientific observations. Tell the strongest animals in the world--vegetarian animals--that eating protein builds muscle. Eating protein actually makes you weak and eventually sick and tired from the debilitating acids of sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric and uric acid. The body builds muscle from blood and not from plant or animal protein. At the Ranch we grow avocados. We give our avocados minerals, water and sunshine - no protein. Yet, our avocados are 80% healthy fat and 15% protein. If you want to build muscle you have to build blood. And to build blood you have to eat green foods and lots of them.



19) Obesity is a fat problem.

I would call this a big fat lie. A big Whopper with cheese and bacon. No, I'm sorry fat doctors, fat farms and fat clinics of the world. Obesity is an acid problem, not a fat problem. The body protects itself against acidic lifestyles and diets by making and using fat. Think of fat as your parking places for environmental, dietary, and metabolic acids that are not properly eliminated via urination, perspiration, defecation and/or respiration. You can now say that fat is saving your life. Thank you fat! Be glad that fat was not accumulating inside your veins and arteries. At least collecting on your hips and belly you could see the fat and decide if you want to do something about it. All you need to do is get off your fat acid and go to health with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. The average weight loss on the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet is 1 pound a day - 30 pounds in 30 days. As you alkalize the fat melts away with all of its acidic contents.


20) Hormone replacement therapy can help balance your hormones.

This greedy fiction and pharmaceutical deception is actually hurting ever so many unknowing innocent women. The first thing to understand is that hormones are acidic waste products of endocrine gland function. Balancing your hormones would be like balancing your car's carbon monoxide exhaust. You would never give you car more acidic carbon monoxide to help it run better. You would change the oil, the filter or use a more energy efficient fuel. This is what you need to do when you have endocrine or energy imbalance. You need to change your lifestyle and diet to an alkaline lifestyle and diet with liberal amounts of electron rich green foods, lots of alkaline water and plenty of exercise. You can easily try our Deluxe Pack to start the process of endocrine balance and energy. You'll see a difference in a very short period of time.


21) Salt will cause high blood pressure and water retention.

This medical lie is a whopper.  Acid causes water retention and elevates blood pressure and pulse rate.  All of your body fluids are salted with sodium chloride.  Salt is the catalyst for the transportation of energy.  You cannot have a thought without salt.  Salt is required to keep the body alkaline and preserves it from dietary and metabolic acid.  If you are sick or tired you are deficient in salt.  If you have sugar cravings you are deficient in salt.  If you have low energy you are deficient in salt. If you have hormonal imbalance you are deficient in salt.  If you have high blood pressure or if you are fluid retentive then give up your acidic lifestyle and diet not the salt.  I recommend at least 12 to 14 grams of unprocessed salt every day based upon a man or woman weighing 70 kilos or 154 pounds.  Salt is life.  You cannot live without oxygen and you cannot live without salt!


In Love and Healing Light,

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Founder of 'THE NEW BIOLOGY' ®
LIVING'™ for Health.

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How I Helped My 9 Year Old Daughter Safely

Move Through the Flu Symptoms in 3 Days in

August, 2009

by Corrine Brandi

My daughter, Caroline was very sick for 3 days this August – headache, sore throat, high fever, dizziness, chills, sweats and throwing up. She certainly had the flu. The specific label is unimportant as I never take kids to a doctor to be labeled. Instead I help them get well. These are the things that we did – exactly. Three days later she was perfectly fine and 100% back to her routine and lifestyle. You can do it too….

Before getting into the specifics I’d like to talk about a broader paradigm. The body eliminates dietary, envirnomental, microbial toxins (from bacteria, yeast,and mold) and metabolic wastes (the byproducts of energy production) in four basic ways: respiration, perspiration, defecation and urination.

Also known as breathing, sweating, moving the bowels and urinating. Throwing up also works but is less pleasant…

Notice that acidic or sick people run a fever and sweat, have rapid and shallow breath, urinate frequently as long as they are hydrated and sometimes develop diarrhea. Please do not try and suppress these natural elimination processes with acidic drugs! All of these things are ways of getting better. DO NOT administer Tamiflu, aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, or Alieve, etc. as these drugs stop the natural elimination process and are being investigated as causing more severe illness and even death in the case of the flu.  Why?  Because they all acidify the blood and tissues which the body is trying to reverse.  Taking these acidic prescription and/or nonprescription drugs prevent the body's natural process to return it back to an alkaline natural alkaline state.

In my case, neither of my daughters, now 9 and almost 12 have ever had the need for any toxic acidic drug, over the counter or prescription; nor have they ever received an acidic poisonous vaccination.

Here are sixteen things I did with Caroline when she was sick or over-acid to help alkalize and detoxify her body from excess acidity, thereby allowing her body to heal and return to an alkaline balance:

1. Most important of all is super hydration with high pH alkaline water - 9.5 or better. You can buy water in a bottle, the best is pH Miracle Water, Essentia or Evamore. You can add alkalizers found at a healthfood store or from The pH Miracle Center. You can also simply add aluminum free baking soda, Redmills Bob’s Baking Soda found at any health food store or section or Dr. Young's pHour Salts which is even better because it contains in addition to sodium bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium and calcium bicarbonate. Best of all, invest in an alkaline water machine that does it for you, and again check the pH Miracle Center for the best water machines, such as the pH Miracle Mark I Ionizer. Drink as much as possible as often as possible. Dr. Young recommends to drink at least 1 ounce of alkaline water per 1 pound of weight.


2. Move the diet to liquid and/or pureed alkaline foods. Do not use the body’s energy to digest low water content dry acidic foods. Use it instead to heal. Be stingy with the energy. Saute some anti-microbial onion, ginger and garlic in coconut oil. Get a box of organic veggie broth and add any mostly green veggies you like (NOT corn or mushrooms). We love broccoli, kale, chard, and celery. Heat until the veggies just give to preserve their energy. Preferably puree with sea salt or pH Miracle pHlavor salt and olive oil or pH Miracle Avocado oil for super nutrition. Or just eat whole.

3. As a matter of fact add sea salt or Dr. Young's pH Miracle pHlavor salt and avocado oils to everything you eat. Sea salt sets up the electrical charge in the body so cells can communicate properly and provides much needed minerals. Oils and fats like avocado, olive, hemp, flax, blends like Udos and coconut oil both buffer acids, provide materials to build cell walls and in the case of saturated coconut oil, energy to burn. Coconut oil is also wonderful for the liver as it struggles to clean the blood. My favorite is Wilderness Family Naturals but you can purchase any cold-pressed organic oil. Adding fresh sliced raw avocado or pH Miracle Avocado oil to the top of the soup is a bonus and again adds energy! Olive oil and avocado oil are amazing medicine. Use it first thing in the AM to detoxify the head. Upon waking take a tablespoon of extra virgin organic olive or pH Miracle avocado oil and squish vigorously in the mouth for 3 minutes. Set a timer. Really squish it! This will pull toxins and microforms (bacteria and yeast) out of the head while you spit them down the drain. Rinse mouth with the pH Miracle pHour salts when done. Amazing gross stuff comes out, sometimes white and foamy with yeast.

4. Add super-foods to your water like Doc Broc Power Plant greens and moringa powder. In addition juice green veggies and grasses and drink up!
5. Eliminate – just for now at least – all acidic and stressful foods. At the top of the list is anything you might drink except water, veggie broth, herbal tea and juiced greens. This includes all fruit juices, sodas, sports drinks, milk, coffee and alcohol. Next most important is all dairy, including the fermented kind called yogurt. Following this is sugar, meat, peanuts, vinegar, and of course any and all processed foods.

6. Start taking Vitamin D3 – all over the press as the single most important thing to do to help with the flu symptoms. Dr. Robert O. Young also has a super potent form of D3 at 50,000 IU's per capsule.  This high potent D3 can be purchased on line at: www.phmiracleliving.com. Due in part to the overuse of chemical sunscreens, acidic diets and lifestyles most of us are deficient in vitamin D3.

7. Open blood flow and deliver nutrition to the cells.
8. Take super antioxidants like glutathione, N-acetyl-cystein, and R-pHactor.

9. Use colloidal silver to improve circulation to acidic areas of the body. It can be used anywhere in the body including up the nose and in the eyes, and even on cuts to disinfect them. You can also gargle with it. We always keep colloidal silver in the house. Other tried and true excellent supplements are Echinacea and Zinc, all available at any healthfood store or at the pH Miracle Living Center.

10. Use a blend of salt and bicarbonates to mix in alkaline water to irrigate the sinus passages.  You can use a neti pot or Dr. Hana's Nasal Wash System.

11. Move the lymphatic system, the body’s sewer system of excess acidic waste. Jump on a mini-tramp, get in a far-infrared sauna (I have one in my cellar) or just gently move, even if it’s walking around the house. vibrate on a whole body vibrational machine. In addition detox foot pads while sleeping, such as are excellent for pulling toxins out of the lymph through the bottom of the feet. You’ll be amazed at the black, gooey, stinky junk that gets pulled out! Another favorite for lymphatic release I use all the time is a warm bath with 1 or 2 cups baking soda or pHour salts and 1 or 2 cups Epsom Salts. Have the child sit in the bath for 20 minutes drinking one of the alkaline fluids I’ve talked about. In that short time your child can dump up to a quart of toxins into that bath water. You can also use more expensive bath salts that include essential oils and are found at any healthfood store. Again, this is excellent to promote healing sleep.

12. Detoxify the bowel from acidic proteins and sugars. Many kids are constipated because we feed them ‘kid food’. Ever look at the crap on a ‘kid’s menu?’ Many households are also child-centered and the children train the parents to feed them only junk by refusing to eat anything healthy. When sick I will move to baking soda or pHour salts in water to clear the bowel. If your child refuses to drink it, or can’t because of vomiting, then I would suggest you head for an enema. Fleet Enemas are safe and effective. It’s amazing how much better they feel after eliminating the garbage. I’ll only do this with permission on an older child and would never force or put fear into a sick child unless it is absolutely the last resort.

13. Do not fear fever. My Naturopathic Doctor always told me “watch the child, not the fever”. Fever is a natural defense and should not be suppressed. A medical emergency is only if the child is lethargic and uncommunicative and cannot be revived. This generally can be resolved very quickly by spraying the pH Miracle pHlavor salts into the childs mouth every 5 minutes. Other than that here are some strategies to help your child feel more comfortable:- cold cloths to the head, nape of the neck and wrists - light blankets or just a sheet - tepid baths being careful not to chill the child - and my favorite, wet socks. Take a pair of white cotton socks and wet under cool water. Put them on the child’s feet and then immediately put pure wool socks over the wet socks. The body will pull the heat out of the head and use it to dry the socks. The child will usually sleep. If socks don’t provide enough relief then the ultimate strategy is sheets. This is usually best for younger children but will work with anyone. Strip the child naked. Wet a white cotton sheet with cool water. Place the child on the sheet and roll the child up in it. Immediately roll the child up in a wool blanket. Hold your child and reassure him or her until the child falls asleep. The child won’t like it at the beginning but it has always cut the fever enough to allow the child to sleep, which is the goal, when everything else has failed and your child is miserable. In 11 years this strategy has never failed me.

14. Homeopathic remedies are often extremely useful. They work on the theory of like cures like and are merely the vibration of the ingredient, not the ingredient itself so there is zero chance of toxicity. Caroline tends to respond to Aconite often but there are others for fever including Belladonna and Bryronia. Consult a homeopath or just Google it and get one at the health food store that matches the child’s symptoms. Make sure that the homeopathic remedies are free from alcohol. Simple strategies, many of which our grandmothers have told us – clean water, soup, move the bowels – because they work.

15. Lead by example. If you are fearful your child will be fearful. Be the rock. Stay close; leave only when the child is comfortable or asleep and even then only for short trips to the kitchen or bathroom. Reassure your child that the body is SO SMART that it knows exactly what to do. That he or she will be fine and that you are there for him or her.

16. Turn off the acidic TV and read or tell a story. Touch your child if he or she will allow. Let him or her sleep in your bed, turn down the lights and play a favorite music if he or she is up to it. Create a safe space of healing with perhaps essential oils that are calming like lavender, etc. Go with whatever the child wants as long as it fits within the healing guidelines. Extremely acidic sick kids change their minds quickly. First they want the covers off, then on. They might be angry or fearful one minute and clingy the next. It’s all ok because the emotions are part of the healing process, they are also being released.

I am not a doctor; I’m just a Mom who loves her kids so much, just like all Moms. These are the strategies I’ve learned from people much smarter than I am that have lightened my load and lifted my heart because I no longer fear sickness. It breaks my heart to see other kids suffer because their parents lack the knowledge to help them and are driven to fear by the media and Big Pharma.

In reality, our bodies are always trying to be well! So rather than fight it we have learned to help the body do what it is trying to do anyway… Life Wants to Live, it is Universal Law...

In Love and Healing Light,

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Founder of 'THE NEW BIOLOGY' ®
LIVING'™ for Health.

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