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What Everyone Thinks He Looks Like

Closer to What He Probably Looks Like

While actual pictures or paintings of Satan do not exist, scripture makes it very clear that Satan, unlike his angelical servants (aka, demons, who can be identified by their "long hair",) has "short hair" and comes as a "light bearer." See the links below for more biblical descriptions.

Probably the most misunderstood of all the angelic beings, Satan rules the earth by God's decree. This is a hard pill to swallow for most Christians. 

While the articles below by Dr. Martin give an excellent description of Satan, what is not mentioned is that Satan understands his final destiny. Yet, he proceeds on with his constant subversion as if he will eventually outsmart God. Could it be that Satan, whose time is relatively short (about 50 years,) is attempting to thwart God's plans for the future end-times, where Satan is prophesied to be the loser and will no longer influence the world (a fulfillment of Revelation 12:12)?

Be assured that there is no Star Wars-like battle between Satan and God, often portrayed in books and movies as the war between the "forces of good and evil." God is always in control and simply allows Satan to do his job that God assigned him to do, within certain boundaries. 

However, continuing to do the same thing over and over again (as Satan has been doing since the Garden of Eden,) and expecting different results, is in fact the definition of "insanity." Yes, Satan is insane. He thinks he can outsmart God and eventually rewrite end-time events.

Now consider this. If Satan is insane and is constantly manipulating world affairs and politics (through the present Illuminati "mystery" system of control,) then why do we as humans continue to watch, study and become addicted to world events and politics? Are these events not just as "insane" as Satan himself? While the Bible does say to watch for end-time events, we clearly are not in the end-times. So, why are we so fascinated with insane events (wars, corruption in politics, economic manipulation, subversion of freedom, phantom pandemics, etc.)?

Perhaps what we should be doing with our time is learning to lead a Godly life? We need to stop being "fact gatherers" and start becoming "functional Christians." We need to start doing what God wants us to do, to qualify for the Kingdom of God and stop worrying about Satan and his activities.


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