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The name "Illuminati" is unfamiliar to most people and is only taught in a few schools of higher education around the world (most notably, Georgetown University). Yet, the people comprising the Illuminati are in reality the most powerful people in the world. They basically rule most of the "free world" from behind the scenes and they do it by God's authority.

The Illuminati is the generic term for a close knit group of bloodline families (an effective plutocracy) who use their power and influence to pursue their ultimate goal of a one-world government (aka, the Deep State, the New World Order or NWO). They have a plan for the world one that denies humanity, rejects God, destroys rights, erodes constitutions, collapses currencies, dumbs down our children, and creates diseases and other horrors to depopulate our planet while getting fat and wealthy off of each of us. And they have been in power almost since the beginning of time. Most people are unaware of their existence. Read this primer on the Illuminati Family Bloodlines and this one on the 10 Dark Secrets of the Rothschilds.

We recommend websites for a quick, condensed overview of the Illuminati:

There are also many other books, videos and  websites that give more substantial documentation of the Illuminati. The online videos, Invisible Empire and End of Liberty, are highly recommended for a complete overview. The History Channel's Secret Societies video also does a good job of documentation. We also recommend watching the Alex Jones other online video, Terror Storm, concerning "false flag" operations worldwide. And, of course, we recommend our own articles, The Bottom Line, along with it's new companion article, God's Illuminati and our newest article, The Seven Levels of Understanding the Conspiracy.

Our objective is to simply provide an education

to people on the Illuminati's existence,

history and tactics... and not to encourage,

initiate or condone any kind of action against them.

It is not biblically condoned.

Congressman Ron Paul

...said the following in one of his speeches before Congress earlier this year:

"Is this a dream or a nightmare? Is it my imagination or have we lost our minds? It is surreal. It is just not believable. A grand absurdity. A great deception. A delusion of momentous proportions based on preposterous notions and ideas whose time should never have come.

Insanity passed off as logic. Evil described as virtue. Ignorance pawned off as wisdom. Slavery sold as liberty. The philosophy that destroys us is not even defined. We have broken from reality, a psychotic nation. Ignorance with a pretense of knowledge replacing wisdom."

Illuminati Confessions

“Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, The Elks Magazine, August 1956.

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. John F. Kennedy, American Newspaper Publishers Association speech,
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, April 27, 1961.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.

"For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." David Rockefeller, "Memoirs", (p.405).

"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli of England, in 1844.

"The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England ... (and) ... believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established." Professor of History Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University, in his book "Tragedy and Hope".

"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." Woodrow Wilson

"[The New World Order] cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change it's perceptions." Henry Kissinger, World Affairs Council Press Conference, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, April 19th 1994

"David Rockefeller is the most conspicuous representative today of the ruling class, a multinational fraternity of men who shape the global economy and manage the flow of its capital. Rockefeller was born to it, and he has made the most of it. But what some critics see as a vast international conspiracy, he considers a circumstance of life and just another day's work... In the world of David Rockefeller it's hard to tell where business ends and politics begins". Bill Moyers

"We know in the not too distant future, a half dozen corporations are going to control the media. We took this step (merger) to ensure we were one of them" - Time Warner spokesperson.

"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent." Statement made before the United States Senate on Feb.7, 1950 by James Paul Warburg "The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power--Political, Monetary, Intellectual, and Ecclesiastical." Senator Barry Goldwater from his 1964 book "No Apologies"

"The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government." Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy

"Once the ruling members of the CFR shadow government have decided that the U.S. Government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of (the) CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically, any opposition." Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy.

John F. Kennedy Speech That Exposes the Illuminati - and That Got Him Killed

Were Our Founding Fathers Christian?

Invisible Empire

End of Liberty

4th of July - Why Celebrate It? - Mike Adams, July 4, 2011.

4th of July Hypocrisy - By Stephen Lendman.

5 Categories of Shriner Corruption

5 Basic Forms of Government Explained  - Video.

6883422-corruption-in-the-government-in-a-corrupt-system.jpg (340434 bytes)5 Most Surprisingly Corrupt Industries in the World

0 Dark Secrets of the Rothchilds

10 FACTS You Must Know About The Jesuits 

10 Signs We Are Living in a False Economy

10 Things Citizen Spies Should Report to DHS

13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati - Here are the Illuminati's top families.

100777.com - Excellent resource material.

the_prayer_at_valley_forge.jpg (43155 bytes)The 1775 Patriot in 2007

20 Things the Illuminati Can Teach  You - From an Illuminati insider.

23 Predictions for the Next 4 Years

30 Signs That the U.S. is Being Turned Into a Giant Prison

33 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to be True

33rd Parallel: Masonic Line of Death

35 Things the Ruling Cabal Does Not Want You to Know

40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don’t Know

40 Techniques of the Illuminati

55 Reasons Why California Is The Worst State In America

60% American Child Sex Slaves Come Out of Foster Care

90% Of Americans Are Poorer Today Than They Were 27 Years Ago

358 billionaires who own half the world

1984 - The movie.

AboveTopSecret.com - Excellent resource.

A Different Perspective - By Adriaen. Insights into false flags and various crimes.

Action Against the Illuminati

Acts of War - 9/11, an act of war, but not by who you think.

Admiralty Court - The real law of the land.

Admiralty Law - You really are not free.

Against the Grain - You may be a domestic terrorist.

Agenda 21 for Dummies

Agenda 21 Google

Agenda 21 Video

AIG - The real story.

Alex Jones - Who is he?

Alex Jones - Will the real Alex Jones please stand up?

Alex Jones, the Knights of Malta, and the Jesuits

America - Freedom to Fascism - Video.

America - Freedom to Fascism  -  Commentary by Dr. Mercola.

America In 2050

American Decline - Disturbing realities.

American Destruction Plan - Yes, it is all planned.

The American Dream - Coming to an end?

American Economy Dangerously Vulnerable - Written in 2006.

American Economy - R.I.P. - Written in 2007.

American Financial Disaster - Written in 2007.

American Freedom Threat - Excellent article on early American (revisionist) history and the ramifications for us today.

American Patriot Friends Network (APFN) - Many interesting links.

American Funded Slave Labor - By buying from China.

Americans Live in a Fascist State - By Gerald Celente, who has a 100% track record of correct predictions.

American Military Bases Around the World - The sun never sets on them (761 to be exact).

Americans Are Domestic Terrorists - Police train to arrest you.

Americans for Legal Immigration

American Ruling Class - A documentary movie exposing the ruling class shown on the Sundance channel.

America the Greatest? - Excellent video.

America's Book of Secrets - Excellent TV series, now on Netflix.

America's Secret Destiny - Video.

America's Secret Wars

The Amero - CNBC video clip.

Amish - Illuminati connections, including Billy Graham.

Anchor Babies 1 - Wrecking America.

Anchor Babies 2 - How to stop them.

antarctic.jpg (28821 bytes)Antarctic Settlement Women - What happened to 10,000 of them?

Antichrist Technology?

Archive 1 - Illuminati news.

Archive 2 - Illuminati resources.

Arizona Wilder - Videos and articles on this Illuminati insider.

Arizona Wilder on Government Mind Controlled Slaves - Part 1.

Atlas Shrugged - Illuminati connections by John Todd.

Atlas Shrugged - Video on Illuminati connections by John Todd.

Atlas Shrugged - Video review of the book and Illuminati connections.

Atlas Shrugged - Illuminati News.

Atomic Bomb Decision - Illuminati.

Atrocities Since WWII - They continue to increase.

Auto Industry and Unions - Why cars cost so much.

Ayn Rand - Exposed.

Babylon - Here now?

Balkans Genocide - Modern day holocausts and atrocities.

Baltic Dry Index - Indicator of economic downturn.

Banks, Drugs and U.S. Sponsored Terrorism

Banker's Manual - Top secret.

Banking Fraud - How they prosper on your home at your expense. Video.

Banking and Paper Money - How the con game works.

Banks Worldwide - Video on the true banking system of the world.

Bankruptcy of the U.S. - Written in 1993.

Bar Associations - All controlled by the Illuminati.

Bar Attorney's Are A Fraud

Barbara Hartwell - Christian whistle blower. Interesting insight into other Illuminati researchers.

Barry Chamish - Wide variety of Israeli issues.

Bavarian Illuminati

Benjamin Franklin - And the early American Satanists.

BeyondTreason.com - Excellent DVD documenting the sins of the U.S.

Biblical Description of the Illuminati - By Dr. Martin.

Biblical Heritage of the U.S. 1

Biblical Heritage of the U.S. 2

Biggest Secret Forum - NWO photo album.

Bilderberg 2007 - Agenda.

Bilderberg Group 1 - History, according to Wilipedia.

Bilderberg Group 2 - Links.

Bilderberg Group 3 - 2010 attendee list, in Greece.

Bildergerg Group 4

Bilderberg Presidential Candidates 1

Bilderberg Presidential Candidates 2

Bilderberg Video - The 2007 Istanbul, Turkey, meeting as reported on Dutch TV.

Bilderberg Website - Yes, it's official.

Bill of Rights - Now dead.

Billy Graham 1

Billy Graham 2

Biological Warfare: Experiments on the American People - Video.

Black Americans - Can one be truly black and patriotic?

Black BoxVoting.com - Problems with electronic voting machines.

Black BoxVoting.org - Problems with electronic voting machines.

Black Budget 1 - The non-accountable money.

Black Budget 2 - The non-accountable money.

Black Budget 3 - The non-accountable money.

Black Eyed Beings - No, this isn't science fiction.

Black Nobility 1 - Inside the Illuminati.

Black Nobility 2 - Google listing of sites.

Black Nobility 3 - Excellent history.

Black Sun - Alternative history of Third Reich and their advanced technology.

Blackwater - U.S. mercenaries at their worst.

afj_peters_map_after.jpg (128411 bytes)Blood Borders - How a better Middle East might look.

Bloodlines 1 - How the Illuminanti families are all related. Princess Diana's death explained.

Bloodlines 2

Bloodlines 3

Bloodlines 4 - Video.

Bob Crane Murder Documentary

Bohemian Grove 1 - Where the Illuminati hang out with the rich and famous.

Bohemian Grove 2 - Pictures and names.

Bohemian Grove 3 - Info Wars videos.

Bohemian Grove 4 - Guest list.

Bohemian Grove 5 - Exposed.

Bohemian Grove 6 - Read all six pages.

Border Fence Project - The answer to illegal immigration.

Branton - Underground joint U.S./alien bases.

Brian Desborough - U.S. mind control articles.

Brighteon - Uncensored news videos.

British Takeover of America - The integration of the US into the British empire.

Brother Nathanael

Brother Nathanael's Videos

Bubble Markets - Where the next bubble will occur... and why.

Buy American - Stop supporting our enemies with your wallet.

Cable TV Spying - Yes, they can see everything going on in your bedroom.

CAFR - The government's hidden accounts.

CAFR1.com - One man's attempt to expose this secret practice.

CAFR Definition

CAFR Network - Documentation on where your tax dollars really go.

CAFRs Government Control - Government takeover of private business.

CAFRs - A great place for broke states to hide their money.

CAFRs - How Stagnant Pools Of Government Money Could Help Save The Economy

CAFR Video - Where your tax money really goes.

CAFR Reality Blog - CAFRs and many related subjects.

CAFRs - LA County Sheriff.

California Drought - Man-made.

California Coalition for Immigration Reform

Campaign for Truth in Europe - British based resources on British issues.

Camp FEMA - U.S. Concentration camp documentation.

Camp FEMA for Youth - Just like in the Third Reich.

Canada Street News - Interesting video exposé of Illuminati.

Canadian Genocide Video

Canadian Illuminati News

Candidate Comparison 2008

Candidates & Issues - MSNBC flash presentation.

Catholic - Occult Satanism.

Celebrities - Controlled by the Illuminati.

CFR - Official website of the American Illuminati.

CFR Board of Directors - No secrets here.

CFR Corporations - Do you do business with these companies?

CFR Membership List - No secrets here, either.

Charities - Fraud.

Child Immigration Scandal - What is really happening.

Child Protection Scandal

Child Sacrifices

Child Sexual Abuse 1 - It's part of the Illuminati.

Child Sexual Abuse 2 - From a former FBI agent.

Child Sex Abuse/Slavery Video - Removed from public TV airing at the last minute. Last known copy to exist. And here.

China Lake Child Abuse - Horrific.

China Threat - We buy their products, but they still want to bury us.

Chinese Conquest of Africa - Controlled by the Illuminati; administered by China.

Chinese Economy - They are broke, too.

Chinese Education - Paid for with your tax dollars.

Chinese Hatred of U.S. - They are not our friend.

Chinese Illuminati 1 - Yes, they too are run by the Illuminati.

Chinese Illuminati 2 - Depopulation?

van-large.jpg (17209 bytes)Chinese Mobile Death Vans - At least they are air conditioned.

Chinese Slave Labor - We finance it.

Chinese Threat to the Illuminati - Even the Illuminati have their problems.

Chinese Threat to the U.S. - Yes, it is real.

Christian Mafia - Yes, it exists.

Churchill's Crimes

CIA Asteroids - Hit men.

CIA Atrocities - A complete timeline.

CIA Control of the Presidency

CIA Embedded in Every State Government - Jesse Ventura tells his experience.

Civil War & The Rothschilds - Yes, they were running things back then, too.

Civil War Today - Why it won't work.

Common Core

Communism - Classic "I Led Three Lives" TV program.

Communism in the U.S. - It's here, right under our noses.

Communism is Alive and Well - And controlled by the Illuminati.

Communist Atrocities - Graphic pictures.

Communist Atrocities - In Russia. YouTube.

Communist Takeover - Of the U.S. (video).

Concentration Camp Plans - For U.S. citizens.

Concentration Camps in Germany - Surprising video tours and commentary.

Concentration Camps in Poland - Auschwitz, a different version.

Concentration Camps in Germany vs the Soviet Gulag - Interesting statistics.

Concentration Camp Instruction Manual - For U.S. concentration camps. PDF download.

Concentration Camps in U.S. 1 - Listed state by state.

Concentration Camps in U.S. 2 - Complete documentation.

Concentration Camps in U.S. 3

Concentration Camps in U.S. 4

Concentration Camps in U.S. 5

Concentration Camps in U.S. 6

Concentration Camps in U.S. 8

Concentration Camps in U.S. 9

Concentration Camps in U.S. 10 - APFN.

Concentration Camps in U.S. 11

Concentration Camps in U.S. 12 - Fox News video.

Concentration Camps in U.S. 14 - Google map locations.

Concentration Camps in U.S. 16 - Complete listing and documentation.

Concentration Camps in U.S. 17 - Secret U.S. prisons around the world.

Concentration Camps in U.S. 18 - Google map of where they are located.

Concentration Camp Video 1 - Shocking video of potential U.S. concentration camp preparedness.

Concentration Camp Video 2 - USA

Concentration Camp Video 3 - USA

Confessions of An Economic Hit Man - Assassins for hire.

Congress - Our representatives - or arch enemies?

Conservative Woman - Selena Willams.

Conspiracy - Extensive link site.

Conspiracy Archives - Excellent news updates.

Conspiracy.com - Extensive listing of conspiracy articles

Conspiracy Convention - Highly recommended.

Conspiracy Deception - What is the percentage of people who see what is going on?

Consiracy in Scripture

Conspiracy in Scripture Newsletter

Conspiracy Introduction - Everything you need to know.

Conspiracy Theory

ConspiracyKing.com - Extensive  articles, videos and books.

ConspiracyPlanet.com - Extensive resources.

Conspiracy Theorist - How to respond to a anti-conspiracy theorist.

ConspiracyWorld.com - Extensive resources.

Constitutionalist  - Are you one?

Constitutional Subversion - By founding father Hamilton.

Cooking the Books  - List of problem U.S. Banks, written in 2004.

The Corporation - Documentary on the evils of corporations. Part 2 is here.

Corporation That Is Responsible and Profitable - And no one is interested.

Council on Foreign Relations 1 - CFR exposed.

Council on Foreign Relations 2 - The official site.

Council on Foreign Relations 3 - Latest membership list.

Crown Temple - Who really owns the U.S.?

Cuba - Life was good in the pre-Castro days.

Czar Family Murder  - Ordered by Jacob  Schiff (Illuminati).

Daniel's Prophecies - Are these the 10 kingdoms?

Dead Man Musings - Illuminati history and research.

Dead Microbiologists 1  - Listing by Steve Quail.

Dead Microbiologists 2 - Listing by Jeff Rense.

Dead Scientists - Listing by Steve Quail.

Dead Scientists

David Dees Illustrations - Extremely good.

DEBKAfile - Joint Israeli/Mossad disinformation?

Debtors' Prisons - They are back.

Debt Repudiation - Easy way to solve the governments financial problems.

Defector 1 - Illuminati insider exposé.

Defector 2

Defector 3

Defector 4

Defector 5 - By Henry Makow.

Defector 6 - By Henry Makow.

Democracy's Death  - Who the enemy really is.

Democracy-Republic-Oligarchy - How governments really work. America, the Republic video.

Denial - the 51st State

Denmark, The Model Matrix
For A Brave New World

Denver Airport 2

Denver Airport 3

Denver Airport 4

Denver Airport 5

Denver Airport 6

Depopulation 1

Depopulation 2 - Illuminati plans for genocide.

Depopulation 3 - More documentation, including Google owners, damaged sperm, radiation and vaccinations, etc.

Depopulation 4 - The Gulf disaster, planned genocide.

Depopulation Program Video 

Check the Economic Collapse articles below, too.

Depression Forecast  

Depression Forecast Videos 1

Depression Forecast Videos 2

Depression 1 - How bad is it? 

Depression 2 - Immediate forecast.

Depression 3 - Worse than the first?

Depression 4 - Beyond broke.

Depression 5 - How bad?

Depression 6 - What really happened the last time.

Depression 7 - CA hard hit.

Depression 8 - What has worked in the past (video).

Depression 9 - How to end it, by Ron Paul (videos).

Depression 10 - China to own the U.S.? Snopes rebuttal here.

Depression 11 - The "Greatest Depression" according to Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute.

Depression 12 - Worst crisis ever (videos).

Depression 13 - What is now dead.

Depression 14 - Planned well in advance, as are all wars.

Depression 15 - 15 year depression, according to Ron Paul.

Depression 16 - The real estate bust is far from over.

Depression 17 - No end in sight.

Depression 18 - A comparison of this depression with the last one.

Depression 19 - Video collection of photos of last depression.

Depression 20 - Six Counterintuitive Ways for Smart Entrepreneurs to Handle the Recession.

Depression 22 - Housing values to drop even more.

Depression 23 - Sociopaths in charge (video).

Depression 24 - Americans largely silent as their nation is systematically destroyed.

Depression 25 - Stock Market manipulations.

Depression 26 - When the jobs will come back.

Depression 27 - How long have we known this is coming?

Depression 28 - Gerald Celente predicts complete economic meltdown by 2012.

Depression 29 - Greatest Depression in History.

Depression 30 - Are you worth more dead than alive?

Depression 31 - The second wave of real estate defaults.

Depression 32 - A collection of videos on the U.S. inability to pay its bills.

Depression 33 - CBS video on trillions missing from Pentagon.

Depression 34 - Subprime meltdown due soon, by Tom Flanaghan.

Depression 35 - New market collapse.

Depression 36 - Three government reports point to fiscal doomsday.

Depression 37  - Sustainable unemployment.

Depression 38 - The critical unraveling of U.S. society.

Depression 39 - Middle class about to vanish.

Depression 40 - 2010 predictions by Gerald Celente.

Depression 41 - More 2010 predictions by Gerald Celente.

Depression 42 - U.S. like Lou Gehrig's disease. Good list of our ills.

Depression 43 - The Great Depression of 2011-2012.

Depression 44 - 41bizarre statistics about the collapse of the U.S. economy.

Depression 45 - 50 statistics about the U.S. economy that are hard to believe.

Depression 46 - Wall street fraud, an inside job on the value of your stocks.

Depression 47  - The best way to rob a bank is to own one.

Depression 47 - End of Freedom - Mercola.

Depression 48 - History of the collapse by Al Duncan.

Depression 49 - How bad is the depression?

Depression 50 - Technology replacing your job.

Depression 51 - Is it as bad as we think?

Depression Survival - From a Christian perspective.

Devvy.com - Noted writer.

Dick Eastman - Gold standard fallacy.

Diebold Leaks Results of '08 Election

Directed History 1 - A conspiracy?

Directed History 2

Disability - Rises with unemployment.

Disneyland - Yes, they are part of the bloodline.

District of Columbia - Totally Illuminati in design.

Divide and Conquer - How the Illuminati creates dissension to further their cause.

DOJ Terrorism and Criminal Extremism - Free PDF book listing many patriotic organizations and ideals.

Dollar Devaluation 1

Dollar Devaluation 2 - Excellent video.

Don't Talk to the Police - Amazing information video.

Don't Vote1 - Why voting under the present circumstances is not unpatriotic.

votingillegal.jpg (51749 bytes)Don't Vote 2

Don't Vote 3

Don't Vote 4

Don't Vote 5 - Even Gerald Celente says that now.

Don't Vote 6 - From a Christian point of view.

Don't Vote 7 - Five reasons.

Don't Vote 8 - Vote independent or stay home.

Downsize DC - Great site on pending legislation that directly affects you and online support for notifying congress.

Draconians  - Continued on many pages.

Dresden - Allied genocide.

Drug Importation Videos - How it's done.

Drug Laws Injustice - One woman's courageous stand against her husband, a judge.

Drug Trade - All Illuminati.

Drug Wars  - Why they don't work.

Dumbing Down of Schools 1 - Free book download.

Dumbing Down of Schools 2

Dumbing Down of Schools 3

Dumbing Down of Schools 4 - The Bradley Report, an exposé of the failing American educational system.

Dumbing Down of Schools 5 - Outcome Based Education exposed.

Dumbing Down of Schools 6 - Brainwashing at many different levels.

Dumbing Down of Schools 7 - OBE used by the Nazis.

Dumbing Down of Schools 8 - Stupid in America video.

Dumbing Down of Schools 9 - Illuminati control of all courses.

Dumbing Down of Schools 10 - The more educated you are, the less you understand.

Dumbing Down of Schools 11 - What makes people stupid?

Dumbing Down of Schools 12 - How to survive.

Drug Running - Why they don't close the borders.

Economic Statistical Falsification

Economic Collapse 1 - Doomsday for the greenback. Written in 2007.

Economic Collapse 2 - Starts halfway through the article.

Economic Collapse 3 - A compendium of previous articles predicting the present economic collapse.

Economic Collapse 4 - Dick Eastman.

Economic Collapse 5 - A solution?

Economic Collapse 6 - Various currencies and economic theories explored.

Economic Collapse 7 - We live in a false economy.

Economic Collapse 8 - Why there will be no recovery.

Economic Collapse 9 - The nationalist solution (video).

Economic Future - Can a service economy sustain society?

Economic Hitman - How to subvert any country.

Eisenhower's Death Camps -  Yes, he murdered millions - after the war.

Election Defense Alliance - Keeping tabs on voter fraud.

Election Fraud 1

Election Fraud 2

Election Fraud 3

Election Fraud 4

Election Fraud 5

Election Fraud 6 - Russian vs U.S. Elections

Election Fraud 7 - 2012 election fraud.

Election Fraud Video 1 - How to steal an election with a Diebold voting machine.

Election Fraud Video 2 - Testimony by a computer programmer before Congress.

Election Platform - This is the platform Americans should have voted for.

Elementals Conspiracies Directories - Excellent link page.

Emergency Preparations - Short term survival advice.

The Emperor's New Clothes - News on Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia and other countries. Free newsletter.

EMP Weapon

End the Fed - Did you know it's not part of the government?

Energy Shortage?

The Enigma Channel - Online subscription videos on the Illuminati.

Entertainers 1 - Under Illuminati control.

Entertainers 2 - Updated.


Esoteric Agenda - Video of who controls the U.S.

Ethnic Cleansing of Germans - After the war.

Eugenics Exposed

Eugenics in the U.S.

Eustace Mullins - One of the greatest Illuminati researchers of our time.

European Union - The end of nation states in Europe.

European Union & Tower of Babel - Biblical history.

European Union Truth - The demise of Great Britain.

EU Takeover

Exopolitics.com - UFO/Illuminati connection.

Exporting America - List of U.S. companies who use foreign labor instead of American labor.

Faked World Events - By Miles W. Mathis.

Fake Employment Numbers – And 5 More Massive Economic Lies The Government Is Telling You

10-Signs-We-Live-in-a-False-Economy.jpg (117098 bytes)False Economy - How to define it.

False Flag Attack 2 - How your own country becomes the attacker.

False Flag Attack 3

False Flag Attack 4

False Flag Attack 5

False Flag Attack 6 - Numerological dates of the occult.

The Fed - Did you know it's not part of the government?

Federal Reserve Bank - Video.

Federal Reserve Exposé  

Federal Reserve Ownership

Federal Reserve Scam

FEMA Exposé

FEMA's Evil Plan

FEMA Prison

Feminism Can Be Cured

Feminism, Women and Christianity

Feminism - Henry Makow. If you were raised in most western countries, you probably believe in it. It is part of the Satanic/Illuminati agenda.

Fight Back - God's Way - By Selena Owens.

Fighting Evil - What does history and the Bible say?

Fighting for Planet Earth - Wes Penre, Illuminati News.

Financial Advice - Written in 2005, predicting the recession.

Financial Meltdown - What is really happening, which is not normal.

Financial Terrorism

Fifth Amendment - When not to talk to police. Click here for a policeman's point of view.

Flat Earth? 1 - Psyop, by Henry Makow.

Flat Earth? 2 - 10 absurd claims.

Flat Earth? 3 - Flat earth deception.

Flat Earth? 4 - Psyop.

Flight 370 - Here is what really happened.

Flight 370 - Government cover-up.

Flight 370 - Why it disappeared.

Flight 370 - The phone call that proves it landed safely.

Flight 370 - Did it really disappear?

Food Crisis 1 - Global graphics, including water issues.

Food Crisis 2 - Coming in 2010?

Food Crisis 3 - Food crisis for dummies.

Forums - On every subject talked about here.

Founding Fathers 1 - Mostly Masonic.

Founding Fathers 2 - Masonic and occult influence.

Founding Fathers 3 - Christian Faith and how that developed the U.S. government by Pastor Roger Anghis.

Fourth Reich of the Rich - Well researched book by Des Griffin.

Freedom Files - Wide variety of subjects.

Freedom Fighters - A list of true patriots.

FreedomTaker.com - Electric meters and many other topics.

FreedomToFascism.com  - Excellent videos, books and DVDs.


Free Speech and Sedition - The Philadelphia Aurora in U.S. history.

French Against Islam Immigration - Large movement with their own video.

French Revolution - Orchestrated by the Illuminati.

Friends of the Border Patrol

FromtheWilderness.com - Wide variety.

Fraudonomics - 10 fun fraud facts.

FunnyMoneyReport.com - Exposes the money fraud.

Gangs - MS13, the world's most dangerous.

Gas Chamber Illusions - Could they have ever worked?

Gaza Life - Videos of the Palestinian genocide.

Gerald Celente - 100% track record of predictions. Heads Trends Research.

Gerald Celente - Rise and fall of the U.S.S.A.

Gerald Celente - How to fix the world.

Guantanamo Prisoner Video - Murder at Gitmo.

Genocide 1 - Ukrainian genocide by the Soviets.

Genocide 2 - Illuminati population control plans.

Genocide 3  - Illuminati plans for genocide.

Genocide 4 - The Canadian Holocaust.

German Pre-war Decadence - Sex.

German Hysteria - A history of Germany during the war.

German Surrender - It never happened.

German Resistance In The Third Reich - A survivors story.

Germany - Under Illuminati control.

Globalization And Democracy: Some Basics

God's Illuminati - Who did you think invented evil?

Gold Confiscation - Why it's not the best investment.

Goldman Sachs Trillionaire Puppet Masters at Work

Gold of the Rothschilds - Where they keep it.

Gold and Value - How it's value is determined.

Gold Standard & Investing - Articles on why it is all wrong, by Dick Eastman.

General George S. Patton Murdered - He knew too much.

Global Information Network - Illuminati memberships, by Kevin Trudeau.

GM's Chinese Sellout - At the U.S. taxpayer's expense.

Government Gone Wild - Great videos.

Government Raids - On co-ops, health food stores, etc. - all of which are illegal..

Government Theft - Your assets plundered.

Government Waste - It's worse than you could imagine.

TheGrandAwakening.com - Wide range of topics.

Great Britain Crimes - Winston Churchill. Also, here.

The Green Agenda - Of the Illuminati.

Gulf Oil Gusher Conspiracy Cover-up

Gulf Oil Conspiracy Cover - Google list of sites.

Gullibility Factor Test - How do you score?

Gun Confistication Video - After Katrina - and illegal.

Gun Control History - Listing of all countries with gun control.

Gun Control - A constitutional right.

Haiti - What is going on?

Hand Gestures - By Illuminati people.

Hard Times on the Way? Written on 2006.

HAARP - No angels are found here.

HAARP, Haiti, Brezezinski and the NWO

Hanging by Doork Knobs - Illuminati "suicide."

Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse - Illuminati activities are exposed (video).

Heart Attacks by Remote Control - Yes, it is now old technology.

Hegelian Dialectic

Heinrich Himmler and the SS - Extremely interesting.

Heinrich Mueller - Former Gestapo chief spills the beans on everything.

Health Care - 100 years of medical fascism.

Health Care Program - What they didn't tell you. Video.

Heterosexual Persecution - By the Illuminati.

Hidden Knowledge Course

Hitler - An agent of the Illuminati.

HitlerBormann01.jpg (86322 bytes)Hitler and Bormann Were Traitors 1 - This is why Germany lost WWII - they were controlled by the Illuminati.

Hitler and Bormann Were Traitors 2

Hitler 1 - An Illuminati agent?

Hitler 2

Hitler 3

Hitler 4

Hitler 5

Hitler 6 - Did he escape.

Hitler 7 - Escaped and provided Germany's current leader - his daughter.

Hitler's Bankers

Hitler Financed by Federal Reserve and Bank of England

Hitler's Rise to Power - How it really happened.

Hollywood Actors

Hollywood, Entertainment and the News Media - Who controls it.

Hollywood MK Ultra

Holodomor - Video of the Ukrainian Holocaust by the Soviets.

Home Schooling Benefits

Homeland Security - East German Style - Stasi documentary video.

Housing Bubble Crash 1 - Written in 2005.

Housing Bubble Crash 2 - Part 2.

Holocaust - Six reasons why not.

Holocaust - Excellent summary by a Jew.

Human Medical Experiments - 1833-1965, in the U.S.

Human Rights Abuses - Compiled by China.

Human Rights - Political prisoners and jury nullification.

Human Sacrifice

Hunger - In Haiti and the rest of the world.

Hurricane Andrew - Worse than Katrina - and with no aid.

Iceland Banking Problems

If Americans Knew - Israeli-Palestinian statistics, videos and documentation.

Illegal Aliens - America's 21st Century Slave Class - America's slave class.

Illegal Immigration Action

Illegal Immigration Amnesty

Illegal Immigration Balkanization

Illegal Immigration Bankrupting America

Illegal Immigration Costs

Illegal immigration Crime

Illegal Immigration - The Dark Side

Illegal Immigration Diseases

Illegal Immigration & Homeland Security

Illegal Immigration Hospital Costs

Illegal Immigration in Two Cities

Illegal Immigration Invasion

Illegal Immigration Links

Illegal Immigration Murders

Illegal Immigration Myths

Illegal Immigration Online Petition

Illegal Immigration Sanctuary Cities

Illegal Immigration - The Trojan Horse

Illegal Immigration Video 1

Illegal Immigration Video 2

Illuminati - In biblical history.

Illuminati / Alien Treaties / Mind Control - Project Mannequin.

Illuminati Archives

Illuminati Architecture

Illuminati Basics

Illuminati Chronicles - History of the Illuminati.

Illuminati Confessions 1 - By an Illuminati insider.

Illuminati Confessions 2

Illuminati Confessions 3 - Zbig, Rockefeller.

Illuminati Conspiracy Archives - Excellent news updates.

Illuminati Control Over All Parties and Causes

Illuminati Cults - Handshakes and gestures.

Illuminati Denial - "As long as the masses refuse to acknowledge the Illuminati conspiracy, they will continue to be complicit in their own destruction."

Illuminati Email Addresses - Latest Council on Foreign Relations membership list.

Illuminati Enslavement Techniques

Illuminati Exposure - By the late William Cooper.

Illuminati on Facebook - Yes, many are there.

Illuminati Family Bloodlines 1

Illuminati Family Bloodlines 2 - Best primer on the subject.

Illuminati Family Bloodlines 3 - Perhaps the most revealing exposé of all.

Illuminati Family Bloodlines 5 - PDF download, by Fritz Springmeier.

Illuminati Family Values - The record of family values displayed by U.S. Presidential candidates.

Illuminati Financial Control - First the military, then Wall Street.

Illuminati in the Bible

Illuminati Primer - A good place to start.

Illuminati Goals - The Committee of 300.

Illuminati Groups and Players

Illuminati Hatred of Jews - It's not what you think.

Illuminati Hierarchy

Illuminati History 1

Illuminati History 3

Illuminati History 4 - Empire of "The City" video.

Illuminati History 5

Illuminati History 6 - Outstanding Illuminati links and history.

Illuminati in America - Every level of the Illuminati is listed here, down to the local level in your town.

Illuminati in Israel - Yes, even there.

Illuminati Letter to the Sheeple - To the people of the world, from the Illuminati.

Illuminati Medicine 1

Illuminati Medicine 2

Illuminati Medicine 3 - The history of the drug companies.

Illuminati Mindset

Illuminati Music 1 - How they influence the world of music.

Illuminati Music 2 - Hydrosonics - synthesizer retuning to the perfect circle of sound.

Illuminati, Nazi and Israel - How it all went down.

Illuminati, Nazis & the Illegal State of Israel

Illuminati News - Well researched and insightful articles. Click here and here for some interesting blogs.

Illuminati Numerology 1

Illuminati Numerology 2

Illuminati Numerology 3

Illuminati Online Video 1

Illuminati Online Video 2

Illuminati Operations & Projects

Illuminati Pictures

Illuminati Plans

Illuminati Primer

Illuminati Resistance - Why you shouldn't do it.

Illuminati Royalty

Illuminati Scoreboard

Illuminati Slush Fund - About $65 trillion.

Illuminati Symbolism 1

Illuminati Symbolism 2

Illuminati Symbolism 3

Illuminati Symbolism 4

Illuminati Symbolism 5

Illuminati Symbolism 6

Illuminati / UFO Connection

Illuminati Wars - 15 part series.

Income Tax 1

Income Tax 2

Income Tax 3 - Why we (really) have it.

Income Tax 4 - Freedom to Fascism video.

Index - Illuminati related subjects.

Indian Genocide

In Lies We Trust Videos

IMF World Bank

Immigration by the Numbers - Off the charts.

ImmigrationCounters.com - Real time illegal immigration costs.

Income Tax Unnecessary

Infectious Lies - The Swine Flu is only one of many.

InfoWars.com - By Alex Jones. Good information, though he may be controlled. See Barbara Hartwell.

Infowars Ireland

InfraGuard - Civilians authorized to shoot to kill.

Institute for Historical Review - Revisionist history.

Intelligent Scientists "Expelled" by Illuminati

Inside Job - Documentary video on the Wall Street crash of 2008.

Invisible Empire - NWO video.

INWO Concordance - Illuminati concordance of various groups.

Involuntary Servitude - The new plan of forced (draft) "service".

Iranian Illuminati 1

Iranian Illuminati 2  

Iran - U.S. History - It's not what you think.

Islam - Why do we ignore the threat?

Israeli History - 1973 to 2008.

Israeli Occupation 1 - One man's story.

Israeli Occupation 2 - Forty four years of occupation.

Israel's "Colonies" - Anna Baltzer video.

Israel - How long will the state survive?

Israel Experiences - By a Christian former special ops commander.

Israel's Borders - Excellent 5 minute video.

Israel's Greatest Achievements - It's nothing to be proud of.

James Bond Spectre Movie - War between old intelligence and new?

Japanese History - As it really happened.

Japanese Illuminati

Jeff Rense - The main site. Excellent daily Illuminati articles.

Jesuit Pope 1 - Secrecy oaths.

Jesuit Pope 2 - Lists of all the living, white and black popes.

Jesuits - How they operate.

Jews or Khazars?

JFK Jr. Assassination - Explores the entire Kennedy family and their assassinations. No, his plane didn't just fall out of the sky.

JFK Jr. Videos - Google videos.

jfk01.gif (43398 bytes)JFK Assassination 1 - Complete archive.

JFK Assassination 2

JFK Assassination 3 - Video. Evidence linking all of the Kennedy deaths.

JFK Assassination 4 - Video showing original plot in Chicago.

JFK Assassination 5 - Secret Service failures.

JFK Assassination 6 - Zapruder film analysis shows modifications.

JFK Assassination 7

JFK Assassination 8

JFK Assassination 9 - Oswald history.

JFK Assassination 10 - Stand-Down Video shows Secret Service bodyguards ordered to stand down moments before he is assassinated.

JFK Assassination 11  - Shows driver shooting JFK.

JFK Assassination 12 - Conference, with new books.

JFK Assassination 13 - The Israeli connection.

JFK Assassination 14 - The JFK & RFK plots.

JFK Assassination 15 - Jacqueline Kennedy The Murderer of JFK - The Murder Of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy by Dr. Neville Thomas Jones, Ph.D.

JFK Assassination 16 - Jackie did it?

JFK Assassination 17 - Witness death list.

JFK Assassination 18 - Dr. Neville Thomas Jones. Interesting video.

JFK Assassination 19 - Who really killed JFK?

JFK Assassination 20 - Why did they kill him?

JFK Assassination 21 - CIA did it.

JFK Assassination 22 - Stealing JFK's body.

JFK Assassination 23 - More proof of JFK film fakery.

JFK Assassination 24 - Maybe he wasn't killed? Read about Ruby here.

JFK Assassination 25 - A movie plot.

JFK to 911 - Extremely good primer on the Illumiati.

JFK Family History - All part of the Illuminati.

JFK and the Nazis

JFK Warning About Secret Societies - Video.

Jim Marrs - One of the top conspiracy authors.

Joan Veon - Good economic insight.

Job Loss 1 - Written in 2006.

Job Loss 2 - 2006.

Job Loss 3  - Worse than being reported. 2008.

Jones Report - Excellent news source.

John Connor - Illuminati news.

Jordan Maxwell - Illuminati researcher.

JonBenet Ramsey Murder - Illuminati/satanic mind control.

Judge Dale - How the country was really founded and why the courts are corrupt.

Jury Nullification 1 - Yes, you can say the law is wrong.

Jury Nullification 2 - Great jury information.

Jury Instruction - You have the right to disregard the judge's instructions.

Jury Power - It's more powerful than you think.

KAL Flight 007 - Rescue 007 Home.

KAL Flight 007 - Are they still alive?

KAL Flight 007 - List of books.

KAL Flight 007 Crash Analysis

KAL Flight 007 Survivors - Where they are being imprisoned in Russia.

katyn2.jpg (37229 bytes)Katyn: The Story Hollywood Won't Tell - Official movie website is here.

Kay Griggs - Marine Corp exposé.

Kevin Trudeau Exposed - Sells Illuminati memberships.

Knights of Malta - Another arm of the Illuminati.

KnowledgeFiles.com - Extensive listings of free e-books on almost every subject.

Khazars or Jews? 

Legal System Corruption - From a retired judge.

Len Horowitz - Excellent Illuminati research and videos.

Levels of Understanding - Which veil have you pierced?

LewRockwell.com - Excellent articles on world affairs issues.

LibertyDollar.org - Excellent way to buy silver.

Libya - Highest standard of living in Africa. Video.

Licensing, Education and Mind Control

The Light Bringers Video - History of Freemasonry.

Lincoln Assassination 1 - Who really killed Abe.

Lincoln Assassination 2 - Mary pulled the trigger?

Lines of Credit: Ropes of Bondage

Little Manchurian Candidates - How to create them.

londonbombing.jpg (43075 bytes)Lost Wars and a Lost Economy - 2006.

Made in USA - Where to buy items made in the U.S.A.

Maps of War - Interesting maps from around the world.

MAJESTYTWELVE - The ultimate Top Secret branch of the government.

Marijuana Conspiracy 1 - Why you can't get it.

Marijuana Conspiracy 2 - The real reason hemp is illegal.

Mark Dice - Excellent Illuminati researcher with good books, articles and videos.

Marriage Destruction - Key to our civilization.

Martial Law in Florida - Google images of UN vehicles.

Martial Law Here Now? 1

Martial Law Here Now? 2

Martial Law Here Now? 3

Martial Law in a Nutshell

Martial Law Plans Revealed?

Martial Law Preparation

Martial Law Scenarios

Martial Law Survival 1

Martial Law Survival 2

Martial Law Video

Martin Bormann - Illuminati organizer of the Third Reich?

Masonic Terms - Their Egyptian/Hebrew origin.

Masters of Seduction - Communist game plan for America and the world.

Medical Kidnapping - It is happening.

Meltdown - The award winning movie that documents the secret history of the financial collapse.

MemoryHoleBlog.com - Latest conspiracy information.

Mercenary Companies - The other armed forces.

Merovee - Leading edge Illuminati news.

The Merovian Ancestory of the 2008 Presedential Candidates - The blood line of the Presidents.

The Merovingian Bloodline

MichaelMoore.com - Controversial films.

Microsoft - It's Illuminati ties.

Microwave Mind Control Symptoms & Published Evidence

Middle East Conflict 1 - What is it really all about?

Middle East Conflict 2 - Lebanon.

Miles Mathis - May well be right on his various theories and with his unique take on conspiracy matters. Read his Faked World Events. Also read Cutting Through the Fog. His link page is here and his archive page is here. His paper on Q-Anon starts on page 9 here. Examples of how one person can be heard above all others is here and here. Recent information on Miles here and here.

Military Bases Worldwide - The complete U.S. list, including the secret ones.

Military Experimentation 1 - Children of atomic veterans.

Military Experimentation 2 - Biological experimentation by the U.S.

Military Service Futility

Mind Control 1 - From Educate Yourself.

Mind Control 2

Mind Control 3

Mind Control 4

Mind Control 5

Mind Control 7

Mind Control 8

Mind Control 9

Mind Control 10 - The official Trance-Formation website.

Mind Control 12

Mind Control 13 - Torture Techniques of the 21st Century.

Mind Control 14

Mind Control 15 - Tiger Woods.

Mind Control 16 - Children sacrificed by the Illuminati.

Mind Control 17 - Sacrifice schedule.

Mind Control 18 - Illuminati defector tells all.

Mind Control 19 - The New Phoenix Program.

Mind Control 20 - How we are all controlled by the Illuminati.

Mind Control 21 - Illuminati children at China Lake.

Mind Control 22 - Matrix Deciphered.

Mind Control Index 1

Mind Control Index 2

Mind Control Video - Cathy O'Brien video. Part 2 is here.

Mind Games

Minuteman Project - An attempt to thwart the illegal immigration problem.

Money (Fiat) - Created out of nothing, but ordained by the government.

Montalk.net - Great source.

Montauk Programming Victim

Monsanto - Illuminati company of the year?

Music & Art - How the Illuminati controls both.

Muslim Demographics - Video.

Myron Fagan 1 - Illuminati history and videos.

Myron Fagan 2 NAFTA Super Highway 1 - Effectively eliminates the border.

My Favorite Mason - Illuminati news.

Musical Scale - A=440 is Illuminati inspired.

NAFTA Super Highway 2

NAFTA Super Highway 3 - China wins.

Nancy Banks, MD

Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

NASCO - Effectively eliminates the border with their illegal corridor.

National Debt - Government gone wild.

National Debt Road Trip - Excellent video.

National ID - It's coming.

National Inflation Association - Highly recommended.

The National Security Archive

Naturopathic Rights - Guaranteed under English Common law.

Nazi Germany/U.S. Similarities 1

Nazi Germany/U.S. Similarities 2

Nazi Postwar Activities - Dr. Joseph P. Farrell.

Nazi Support by American Companies - Over 300 of them.

Nazi Concentration Camps 1 - Another perspective.

Nazi Concentration Camps 2 - Another perspective.

Nervous System Attack - Yes, the Air Force can hack your brain.

Network News: Seeing through Illuminati Eyes  

The New Enlightenment - Interesting articles.

New Order of the Barbarians  - The Illuminati's blueprint.

CautionNewWorldOrderAhead.jpg (118263 bytes)New World Order 1

New World Order 2

New World Order 3

New World Order 4

New World Order 5 - Cannon fodder for the NWO. Excellent article for first time readers.

New World Order 6 - Great organizational chart.

New World Order Map

New World Order Research Organization

New World Order Video 1

New World Order Video 2

New World Order Video 3

Nikola Tesla/Wilhelm Reich

Non Dare Call It Conspiracy - Free PDF download.

North American Freedom Foundation - Excellent articles.

North American Army

north_american_community.gif (16311 bytes)North American Union 1 - Future of the U.S., like the European Union?

North American Union 2

North American Union 3

North American Union 4 - Lou Dobbs video exposé.

North American Union 5

North American Union & VChip Truth Video

North Dakota Bank - Why is it doing so well?

NRA - Why they don't close the borders.

NSA - Complete exposé.

Nuclear Arsenal of the U.S. - How many do we need?

Nuclear Blast of U.S. City? 2

Nuclear Blast of U.S. City? 3 - How it would affect Washington, D.C.

Nuclear Blast of U.S. City? 4

Nuclear Blast of U.S. City? 5

Numbers USA - Illegal immigration.

Obama Care 1

Obama Care 2

Obama Care 3 - Approved alternative to Obama Care.

Obama Inauguration - Incredible panoramic view.

Occupying the Chessboard of the Dialectic - Why "Occupy" demonstrations don't work and what we need to do to effect change.

Oklahoma City Bombing - BBC video.

OKC Coverup - By the U.S.

Oil Price Manipulations

One Nation Under Siege - The movie.

One Third of the Holocaust - Interesting video series.

Operation Gladio - CIA murder of innocents.

Operations Manual - For the Third World War.

Overlords of Chaos - Illuminati plans revealed. Highly recommended.

Overview Chart - Covert genocide.

Overview - Illuminati insider exposes all.

Pain Weapons - To be used on us.

Palestinian Ethnic Cleansing

Palestinian Genocide - In slow motion.

Palestinian Massacre Video - Of women and children.

Palestinian Oil Reserves - Yes, they have a lot.

Palestinians for Peace and Democracy

Papers Please - Prisoners in our own country.

Patton Murdered - He knew too much.

Patton's Plan for U.S. Control by the Military

Pearl Harbor Foreknowledge - Yes, we knew.

Pearl Harbor Video - Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor. BBC.

Pedogate and the Illuminati. Also, here.

Pedophilia - An Illuminati tool.

Pedophilia - Reptilian roots.

Pedophilia - Illuminati control.

Pedophilia - Child sacrifice.

Pedophilia - Flow chart.

Pedophilia - Masonic child abuse. And here.

Pedophilia Video

Pedophilia Video 2 

Pension Funds Vaporized - How is yours doing?

Pentagon Waste - Video showing 25% is unaccountable.

Perceptions - Why Americans will believe almost anything.

Peter Beter - Famous for his inside information.

Phil Schneider Testimony 1 - Insider whistle blower.

Phil Schneider Testimony 2 - Underground joint alien facilities.

Phil Schneider Video

Piercing the Veil - What is the percentage of people who see what is going on?

Police Brutality

Police - Don't Talk to Them - Amazing information video.

Police State 

Police State - Here now in Harding, Montana.

Police State is Here

Police State Roadmap - PDF download.

Police State USA

Polish Air Crash 1 - Henry Makow.

Polish Air Crash 4 - Katyn 2? Be sure to read the all of the links on the right hand side of the article.

Polish Air Crash 5 - Survivor video with digital enhancements.

Polish Air Crash 6 - The cover-up continues.

Population Control - There are too many of us.

Population Reduction 1 - Yes, they want you dead.

Population Reduction 2 - AKA, "culling".

Populists of Old - A history of the populist movement.

Poverty 1 - Ordained by the Illuminati.

Poverty 2 - Explained with gumballs.

Poverty in America - And the world.

POWs - The ultimate treason.

Presidential Assassinations 1 - Two other Presidents were also murdered.

Presidential Assassinations 2 - All of them.

Presidential Assassinations 3 - Henry Makow.

Presidential Candidates Bloodlines 1

Presidential Candidates Bloodlines 2

Presidential Candidates Bloodlines 3 - Has the Presidency finally been compromised?

Princess Diana 1 - The Illuminati murder.

Princess Diana 2 - How the Illuminanti families are all related. Princess Diana's death explained.

Priory of Scion - Illuminati history.

Prison America

Prison Industrial Complex

PrisonPlanet.tv - Alex Jones website.

Programmer - Illuminati, not computer

Project Avalon

Project Camelot - Illuminati researchers and whistleblowers.

Project Mannequin - Mind control and genetic manipulation program run by the National Security Agency (NSA).

The Project for the New American Century - Documentary video on the fraud of all wars and 9/11.

Protocols for the Elders of Zion - Their true origin. And yes, they are real.

Protocols of Zion - Read the book online.

Protocols of Zion - Commentary.

Protocols of Zion - Damage Control.

Public School Alternatives - Online and home schooling really works.

Psycho-Electronic Weapon Effects

Q-Anon - An Intel diversion, as are many other contolled opposition sources. Starts on page 9 through 10. By Miles Mathis.

Q-Anon - David Icke.

Racism and Crime

Ramsey Case

Raw Milk Raid - The police state at work - video.

Reading Crisis - Why kids can't read.

Reality Blog - CAFRs and many related subjects.

Real Jew News - Video mentions Dr. Martin's Temple Book.


Recovery - For mind control victims.

Red Cross Haiti Relief  - It doesn't exist.

Reptilian Agenda 1 - Excellent books and articles.

Reptilian Agenda 2 - The encyclopedia.

Reptilian Biblical & Extra-Biblical Research

The Reptilian Connection

Reptilian Index - Links to many informative articles.

Reptilian Shapeshifting 1 - Sounds weird, but apparently it is true.

Reptilian Shapeshifting 2

Reptilian Shapeshifting 3

Reptilian Shapeshifting 4 - Videos and reverse speech.

Republic vs Democracy 1 - There is an important difference.

Republic vs Democracy 2 - Graphic presentation.

Republic vs Democracy 3  - The difference.

Republic of Lakotah - Withdraws from U.S.

Repudiate the Debt - By Dick Eastman.

Resistance - To the Illuminati.

Restoring America to Constitutional Principles - Devvy Kidd. Excellent articles.

Reuters Illuminati Connection

Reformation.org - Large selection of articles.

RFK Assassination 1 - CIA Involvement according to BBC documentary.

RFK Assassination 2 - CIA plot?

Rich-Poor Gap

Right v Left - Yes, even the Bible takes sides.

Ritual Abuse 1 - In Utah.

Ritual Abuse 2 - In Utah.

Ritual Calendar Dates

Ritual Murder in High Places

Ritual Sacrifice

Rockefeller Bloodline - Also here.

Rockefeller Plan - Read all three parts.

Roman Empire

Ron Paul 1 - Exposed.

Ron Paul 2 - More evidence.

Rothschild's Black Gold Empire - Who owns all the oil?

Rothschild Control of U.S.

Rothschild Family - Video history.

Rothschild Film - 1934 film 'The House of Rothschild'.

Rothschild History

Rothschild History - And also Israel's.

Rothschilds & Rockefellers – Trillionaires Of The World - History of the Illuminati.

Rothschild Video - Their history.

Rulers of the World

Rush Limbaugh Saves the Pilgrims

Russian Missile - Iran has these.

Russia Saved America - Believe it or not.

Russian Threat - With joint Chinese support.

Russia Today (RT) - Illuminati controlled?

San Bernardino Hoax - Dummies, not humans.

San Bernardino Shooters - 3 white men.

Sandy Hook FBI Report - No one died.

Sandy Hook Hoax 1/08 - What really happened there? Why the news blackout?

Sandy Hoax - What Really Happened? 1/08 - Video.

Sandy Hook - Nobody died.

Sandy Hook 1 - Miles Mathis.

Sandy Hook 2 - Miles Mathis.

Sandy Hook Hoax 2/23 - Anderson Cooper cover-up?

Sandy Hook's New  Psy-Op 3/18 - Parents partying that evening?

Sandy Hook Gun Control

Sandy Hook Links

Sandy Hook Shooting Research

Sandy Hook Truth

Sandy Hook Video - What really happened.

Satanic Control of the Illuminati - By Henry Makow. Part II is here.

Satanism - An index of articles.

Satellite Surveillance  - Big Brother is watching you from above.

Save the Males - Excellent Illuminati articles.

Schools 1 - How public education cripples our kids, and why.

Schools 2 - Excellent Links.

Schools 3 - Public school educators - a sorry lot.

Schools 4  - What really matters.

Schools 5 - One example of an alternative.

School of the Americas Watch - Americas school for torture and death squads.

Scientists Deaths - What are the chances?

Scoreboard Canada - Canadian Illuminati.

Secret History of the Jesuits

The Secret Cabal - How the news is controlled. Also, Dr. Carroll Quigley 's Tragedy and Hope. Read the continuing parts, too.

Secret Order of the Illuminati 1 - Another good introduction to the subject.

Secret Order of the Illuminati 2

Secret Pictures Online

Secret Prisons - All over the world.

Secret Prisons - Inside other prisons (Communication Management Unit - CMU).

Secret Projects - Mind control to UFOs.

The Secret Shadow Government

Secret Societies Video - History Channel documentary.

Secrets in Plain Sight  

Secrets of the CIA Video  

Secret Societies

Seed Conspiracy  - Monsanto police.

Seeds of Destruction - GM foods forced on the world.

Selena Williams - ConservativeWoman.net

Serial Killers - Part of the Illuminati/satanic paradigm.

Sex - Promoted by the Illuminati.

Sex Slaves of the Illuminati

Sex Trade 1 - By the Illuminati.

Sex Trade 2 - By the Illuminati.

Sex Trade 3 - The video.

Shadow Forces Behind Government

Shadow Government Statistics - Real economic analysis.

The Shadow Government 1

The Shadow Government 2

Shadows of the Future - Video of what is coming in food control.

Sheriff Power - Greater than the U.S. President's?

Skull & Bones Links

Skull & Bones Society 1

Skull & Bones Society 2

Slave Survivors - Of the Illuminati.

Slave Trafficking - It still goes on today.

Soccer - Sport for "helpless males" endorsed by the Illuminati.

Sovereign Citizens - Spin history, reject government.

Sovereignty and Globalization - From the President of the CFR.

Sanpaku Eyes ... The Ill(uminati) Eye

Speech Hypnosis Techniques - Being used today.

SpyChips.com - How they plan to track you.

Starbucks - Illuminati coffee?

Steve Wynn  - Takes on Washington.


Stock Market Manipulation 1 - How the stock market is manipulated by the Illuminati.

Stock Market Manipulation 2 - And why one shouldn't participate in it.

Stock Market Manipulation 3 - The market is fixed - by the Illuminati.

Story Behind the Story - A. True Ott, Phd,. Interesting videos.

Structural Analysis - Of the U.S. Illuminati.

Survival Guides - For short term unrest.

Survival Kits - For short term unrest.

Survival Relocation - Mike Adams.

Surviving the New World Order

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The Seven Levels of World Understanding

by Ken Nagele

Recently I came across an article by Steven Yates entitled Piercing the Veils. His article was in reference to a much older article by Don Harkins entitled Slavery and the Eight Veils. Both articles were unique in their attempt to explain people's apparent inability to grasp the reality that is staring them in the face in regard to what is generically known today as "the conspiracy." The two articles categorized people's beliefs into eight veils to be pierced. The concept was that most people simply cannot see past a certain level of veil put in front of them (and not that they don't want to see.) This "veil" concept is actually discussed in the Bible, as God Himself says that He is responsible for "blinding their eyes."

After digesting their information and concept, I decided that a little refinement might be in order. Here, I am taking their concept and refining it, utilizing the concepts of established biblical numerology. While their articles claimed eight veils (or levels of understanding), I am going to suggest that there are in fact only seven levels of understanding. Since the number seven is the number of perfection or completion, all lower levels of understanding should emanate from that.

Let me start by quoting some passages from Mr. Harkins' original article;

Over the last several years I have evolved and discarded several theories in an attempt to explain why it is that most people cannot see truth -- even when it smacks them in the face. Those of us who can see “the conspiracy” have participated in countless conversations amongst ourselves that address the frustration of most peoples' inability to comprehend the extremely well-documented arguments which we use to describe the process of our collective enslavement and exploitation. The most common explanation to be arrived at is that most people just “don't want to see” what is really going on.

Extremely evil men and women who make up the world's power-elite have cleverly cultivated a virtual pasture so grass- green that few people seldom, if ever, bother to look up from where they are grazing long enough to notice the brightly colored tags stapled to their ears.

The same people who cannot see their enslavement for the pasture grass have a tendency to view as insane “conspiracy theorists” those of us who can see the past the farm and into the parlor of his feudal lordship's castle.

Finally, I understand why.

It's not that those who don't see that their freedom is vanishing under the leadership of the power-elite “don't want to see it” -- they simply can't see what is happening to them because of the unpierced veils that block their view.

All human endeavors are a filtration process. Sports is one of the best examples. We play specific sports until we get kicked off the playground. The pro athletes we pay big bucks to watch just never got kicked off the playground. Where millions of kids play little league each spring, they are filtered out until there are about 50 guys who go to the World Series in October.

Rather than use Mr. Harkins' terminology of "veils," I prefer to use the term "levels of understanding."  Here is how I see The Seven Levels of World Understanding (again, borrowing some of Mr. Harkins' edited text):

First Level people live and die without having seriously contemplated anything other than what it takes to keep their lives together. They may hear of or witness corruption, but the idea of a massive worldwide conspiracy is at best an entertainment concept from Hollywood. They are not very political and blindly do what they are told to do. They have a tendency to accept that government officials, network media personalities and other “experts” as voices of authority. This is ingrained into them from their earliest years by the schools, churches and parents. Rarely is it questioned. 

Second Level people are taught to question concepts...but only certain concepts. Like the concepts of right, left, conservative, liberal, Republican and Democrat. These concepts are deeply ingrained and reinforced to keep them from attaining any higher level of understanding. They will spend their lives supporting and defending whichever "side" of the political spectrum they happen to resonate with, or their parents have resonated with.

Third Level people are much more enlightened. They will explore the world of history, the relationship between man and government and the meaning of self-government through constitutional and common law. They tend to be Libertarians, Tea Party and Ron Paul (third party) supporters. They believe in minimal government intrusion into people's lives, upholding the Constitution and accepting responsibility for their actions and life. While these concepts are certainly laudable, few are able to see that even at his level there exists a hidden hand of sinister influence and control.

Forth Level people find that the resources of the world, including people, are controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful bloodline families whose incorporated old world assets have, with modern extortion strategies, become the foundation upon which the world's economy and political system is currently imbedded. They have identified the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and a host of other similar organizations as New World Order (NWO) proponents. Most are able to see the truth of 9/11 without any problem. They often earn the derogatory label of "conspiracy nuts." 

Fifth Level people have discovered the Illuminati and the other secret and semi-secret fraternal and satanic societies it controls. These societies use symbols and perform ritual ceremonies that perpetuate the generational transfers of arcane knowledge, power and energy that is used to keep the ordinary citizens in political, economic and spiritual bondage to the oldest family bloodlines on earth, dating back to almost the beginning of time. Students of scripture can trace their influence to the biblical Satan the Devil.

Sixth Level people have discovered that demons, lizard people and aliens that we thought were the fictional characters of Hollywood are in fact real (this may come as a shock to some of you). They have also found that the Illuminati forces behind the secret societies are so technologically advanced that time travel and interstellar travel are in fact a reality. Their government controlled arsenal of advanced technology is 50-100 years ahead of the rest of the world. 

Seventh Level people do not exist yet, because none of us have yet attained perfection or completion. We will all, eventually, attain this level of understanding...some sooner and some later. Those with the right attitude of learning and doing God's will are more likely to be called first. But all of us will eventually achieve this level of understanding, perfection and completion at some point after the second coming of Christ.

Again, let me quote some more of Mr. Harkin's (edited) article:

The irony here is too incredible: Those who are stuck behind levels one and two have little choice but to view the people who have progressed to the levels beyond them as insane. With each level attained, exponentially shrinking numbers of increasingly enlightened people are deemed insane by exponentially increasing masses of decreasingly enlightened people.

Adding to the irony, the harder a “sixth leveler” tries to explain what he is able to see to those below him, the more insane he appears to them.

Our Enemy, the State

In the first two levels we find the great majority of people on our planet. They are tools of the state. Second levelers are the gullible voters whose ignorance justify the actions of politicians who send first levelers off to die in foreign lands as cannon fodder -- their combined stations in life are to believe that the self-serving machinations of the power-elite are matters of national security worth dying for.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth levelers are of increasing liability to the state because of their decreasing ability to be used as tools to consolidate power and wealth of the many into the hands of the power-elite. It is common for these people to sacrifice more of their relationships with friends and family, their professional careers and their personal freedom with each level they attain.


And so now we know that it's not that our countrymen are so committed to their lives that “they don't want to see” the mechanisms of their enslavement and exploitation. They simply “can't see” it as surely as I cannot see what's on the other side of a closed curtain.

The Purpose of this Essay is Threefold

  1. To help the handful of people in the latter levels to understand why the masses have little choice but to interpret their clarity as insanity.

  2. To help people behind the first two levels understand that living, breathing and thinking are just the beginning.

  3. To show people that the greatest adventure of our life is behind the next level because that is just one less veil between ourselves and God.

It should be noted that our real enemy is not the state. The state is just the vehicle through which Satan rules the world. But bare in mind that Satan does that with God's express permission. God is the creator of all things...both good and evil. There is also no "war between the forces of good and evil." While Satan is our real enemy, God is firmly in charge of all things. He is there to protect us -- if we trust in Him.

This article provides a good format for other subjects as well; subjects like health, personal growth and spirituality can be similarly conceptualized. In the end, the subjects of the world, health, personal growth and spirituality all come together at the Seventh Level. Will you be on the Seventh Level to understand them -- and to meet God?

Ken Nagele


Biblical references to the "blinding their eyes".

  Important Announcement

enemy.gif (76559 bytes)Those who have been keeping abreast of world events (as we are encouraged to do in the Bible) know that the recent passage of the U.S. Military Commissions Act of 2006 now gives the government the legal right to abduction, imprisonment and torture of anyone, including U.S. citizens (a later report indicated that the final version of the act signed by the President does not include U.S. citizens, but this is still being debated). While the government has been practicing this for a number of years without supporting legislation (and in fact has detained at least one U.S. citizen for the last three years as an "enemy combatant"), this act now makes it completely legal - and retroactive. The act basically does away with our guarantees of freedom that we enjoy under the Constitution and lowers the moral level of America to that of a third world dictatorship. It is very similar to the Enabling Act of 1933 that brought Hitler to power. Ostensibly designed to deal with (alleged) terrorists, it is conveniently worded to apply to anyone that the government just happens to dislike (like people who expose the truth on websites). Welcome to the New World Order!

In light of this development, it is advised that the links offered here and on the 9/11 page be reviewed while they are still listed. It may be necessary to remove them from this site at some point in the future. Please click on the links directly below for more information on this new state of affairs.

Are You an Unlawful Combatant? | Two Acts of Tyranny on the Same Day!

Carry a Toothbrush | U.S. Citizens | Military Commissions Act of 2006

Military Commissions Act and U.S. Citizens | The "F" Word is ... Fear

John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007

Amnesty International | Grab & Imprison | Fatal Vision

National Security Presidential Directive 51

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20

The above directives, passed on May 9, 2007, guarantee virtual dictatorial powers to the President in the event of any perceived national emergency. Similar legislation was passed right before Hitler came to power. The controlled news media has failed to publicize this event. Worse yet, martial law may already be here. As of July 17, 2007, it is now illegal to protest the war in Iraq.

20 Things The Illuminati Can Teach You

By Stefan Fobes

Today I again, write here about a vast, sprawling movement which comprises a dedicated part of the population who work day in, day out to bring great changes to this world.

In this arena, the majority does not see intelligence, courage, honor, decency, skill, as great things. They speak of these in glowing terms, yes, but the reality is just the opposite. Your worth is decided strictly, by most people comprising this "underground", by the resources you have at your beck and call, and how many worshippers, clones and mindless thralls you have sloshing saliva in your path at the moment. The naive neophytes are fed upon by hungrier, slicker fish who lie, and think of nothing other of their own self-aggrandizement, no matter what the cost to anyone else. Who will take them for everything they are worth and go home and eat fabulous dinners and sleep quite well.

Independently creative thought is generally at a minimum. Raw recruits sit back, read their prepared daily briefs, and follow the included orders from the bigger fish. The reptilian brain by and large, runs the show here.

I'm talking about the malevolent, cutthroat world of Illuminati rituals and their secret society network?

No. I write of the conspiracy research arena.

I see this grotesque attitude permeating what should be the nexus point for the kindest, the wisest, the toughest. What really should be a gathering place for the best of the best. But instead I see constant desperate struggles, by the so-called awakened just as in the world of so-called sheeple, to try to grab power over others and see themselves as better than everyone else around them. The reptilian brain rules.

I see instead of dynamic individual minds who are so in speech and in deed, joining ideas instead of easily infiltratable groups, just innocent lambs waiting to be eaten by the next Illuminati agent with a fancy, cleverly worked out website and a loud enough voice booming with fake intensity.

I see penis measuring contests on who has the biggest hits on Alexa instead of brainstorming on what actually works and then simply going out and doing it.

And so, from a guy who comes from an Illuminati family himself, here are 20 things the Illuminati can teach you. This is not an endorsement of them.

1. They are voracious in their infoseeking. If it takes all night long, or weeks, or years, they will look and look till they get what they have been looking for.

2. Whenever one of their associates or slaves needs something for a mission, Illuminati members make sure this person or persons get the material resources they need to get the job done, whether it be by contributions or whatever. Even if the person is disliked, all that is necessary is that the person has the skills for the job and the plan be workable. No whining on forums, no silly speeches, just gets done.

3. They know how to conserve their resources. They do not throw out all their chips all in on one go.

4. They trust their instincts.

5. If they see an opening, they do not hesitate to take advantage and exploit it.

6. They do not go into deep dark depressions just because they had one minor setback. They use everything they have to find out exactly what went wrong, and correct the problem.

7. They know how to organize themselves.

8. Among them, concepts of color, sexual orientation, and fame are meaningless. The goal goes first.

9. They know what TV is and does - they introduced it, you know! The goal comes before the TV or any of their other mind control devices, such as video games. Watching all those hours every day and being "awake" are like matter and anti-matter. They cannot be in the same place at the same time.

10. They know to not let anyone take what they have. If someone tried to CPS their kids there'd be hell on all involved in trying, even the person who made the call. Literally.

11. You can insult them all you want, call them anything, and they do not take it like Joe and Jane Public would. This is because they have absolutely no pride or morals, but anyone who does with intelligence can easily integrate this into their minds.

12. They would NEVER, under any circumstances, sell out themselves out by giving their family secrets out to the public for peanuts, like so many of the commoners do by selling out their countries and spying on and black opping their fellow humans.

13. In the public eye, wanting a lot of material resources is seen as something to be ashamed of. It is a damn good thing! Everyone should have all the material items they need to do everything they need to do, and should feel pride in having the self-love for holding that perspective and moving with it. This is the mindset the leadership of the Illuminati hold.

14. When information is placed before them that is obviously a threat to their well-being, they immediately take action about it and do not go rushing to drown life circumstances in a TV or bag of takeout, even if they do not know precisely what to do at the moment.

15. Even if all hope seems lost, and the odds are against them, they still keep on working at it 110%.

16. They know the value of building up networks.

17. They feel no guilt about defending themselves from legal, physical, or other attacks. At times I read about people I see acting nice to their agents, saying sorry to them, when it was the agent who had infringed upon their rights. Never be sorry and apologetic to them. It's a clear cut sign of victim mentality and is asking for trouble.

18. They are flexible, to an extent, and do not work with the controlled by them mainstream science and know the reality and value of homeopathy, energy and herbal healing, and do not hesitate to take full advantage of these using all the resources they have at their disposal.

19. They have always understood that they have their livelihood to defend, which is their pyramidal control system and all the luxury that comes with it. Humanity will learn from this, whether it be gently through information like this article, or the hard way. Everyone must understand that their livelihoods are also being threatened, and act upon this via exposure of the agenda.

20. They know to set aside their petty differences when business needs to be taken care of.

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