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"Why repentance? What did I do wrong?" you might ask.

Maybe nothing.

But since this pandemic is worldwide and affects everyone in the world, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, there has to be something that we as human beings have collectively done wrong. God sees what is going on and could stop this satanic insanity in a celestial heartbeat. But so far, it seems to be proceeding ahead as planned by what is known as the Deep State/Illuminati, the government behind the government, inspired by Satan the Devil. And it is destined to get much worse, despite a taunting break in certain geographic locations. This break may only be temporary and a ploy to justify closing those areas down again when their totally manipulated statistics will conveniently indicate an unexpected rise in coronavirus cases from "opening up too soon."

Mandatory worldwide vaccination is the Deep State's presently stated immediate game plan. However, the vaccinations will not eradicate the virus. This is what happened during the infamous worldwide "Spanish Flu" pandemic, where the vaccines actually caused the pandemic. Vaccinations have historically never stopped any disease. The side effects for all vaccines are severe and often deadly, as they are basically poisons, as verified by the Poison Control Center. The authorities will then do what they do now with the ineffective flu vaccine and claim that the virus has unexpectedly changed its "strain," rendering the new, but still mandatory, coronavirus vaccine ineffective.

This will be the beginning of their real goal global depopulation. For those not quite grasping the meaning of that, it means the satanically led Deep State wants you and your loved ones dead. As in 6 feet under instead of just 6 feet apart.

Has anything of this magnitude ever happened before?

Only once, when God decided to destroy the entire population of the earth, save for Noah and his family. And He did accomplish that.

So, is this apparent genocide a second wrath from God?

It does not appear so. It appears this one is on Satan through Satan's inspired Deep State/Illuminati. They have been running the world behind the scenes of legitimate governments since the biblical days of Edom and Babylon and with God's permission. Contrary to popular belief, there is no Star Wars-like battle between the "forces of good and evil." God created Satan evil from the very beginning and has put him in charge of this earth. This is a hard pill for most Christians to swallow, but it is well documented in the Bible. God is ultimately in complete charge of everything and He makes no mistakes.

Satan has taken advantage of mankind's long-term misunderstanding of the nature of "viruses." Based on Louis Pasteur's fraudulent research, the world believes that there are disease-causing viruses that attach themselves to people and objects and travel long distances to create all kinds of medical havoc around the world, including death. But it is in fact just one of Satan's many lies. Such disease-causing viruses simply don't exist. But the fear of the phantom virus does exist, causing people to cower behind their oxygen depriving facemasks and do whatever the authorities say to do.

If people knew the truth, we would all be laughing at the phantom coronavirus instead of breathing in our own carbon dioxide in public places. Satan is the one having the last laugh here, knowing that his inspired social distancing and silly looking, useless masking programming is dehumanizing to all of mankind.

Many believe this is the beginning of end-time events. But it is not. Even if this present depopulation genocide were to refer to the prophesied "pale horseman" of Revelation 6:8, predicted to result in a 25% depopulation by pestilence and other causes, there are no other coinciding end-time events happening now or that are even on the horizon. Not even the prophesied but rarely mentioned end-time "golden age" is foreseen at this time.

By best chronological estimates, the end-times will not occur for another 50 years. Even more significant, it is specific end-time events that define the final end-time period, none of which are even on the horizon (see the link below for End-time Prophetic Events.)  Additionally, many think the present talk of microchip implants for vaccine identification refers to the dreaded end-time "mark of the beast" or "666." It does not. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes (etc.) and all of the other accompanying "signs" of the end-times have been going on for centuries (see Why We Are NOT In the End-times, below.) And few understand that all major prophecies happen in threes (see The Great Generation and Modern Prophecy, below.)

Masquerading as the coronavirus/COVID-19, the real angels of death are the 5G cell phone installations around the world. In Latin, "corona" means crown (where the radiation is emitted,) and "virus" means poison. Together we get "radiation poisoning," as in 5G. The most deadly effect of the radiation is the reverse polarity of one's oxygen, resulting in not being able to assimilate oxygen into the bloodstream properly. In the weaponized mode, the effects are even more severe and deadly.

And as if that is not bad enough, the plan also includes putting thousands of 5G satellites into orbit to beam the microwave radiation directly down to us. There will be no place for humans to hide.

This assault is of epic proportions. Not only can this genocide be easily achieved, but there is a real danger that all animals and insects could also be eliminated. If the bees were to be eliminated, there would only be four years worth of food left. The satanic elites would be destroying themselves, in addition to us.

The 5G system can also be weaponized to target individual people wherever they may be in the world. This type of weaponry has already been used in recent wars. And it is being used against selected individuals right now.

There is no specific mention of another worldwide depopulation taking place in the Bible, with the exception of the previously mentioned "pale horseman." Nor is there any other specific calamity of this magnitude prophesied to occur before the end-times, especially one involving worldwide high-tech genocide. This pandemic clearly does not fall under any of the words used in the Bible to describe the end-times, especially the misapplied word "pestilence." There are no "pests" involved here, just poisons and harmful radiation.

Could it be that Satan, whose time is relatively short (about 50 years,) is attempting to thwart God's plans for the future end-times, where Satan is prophesied to be the loser and will no longer influence the world (a fulfillment of Revelation 12:12?) And are we the collateral damage for his present end-run play? It is a possiblity.

In any event, we are not without sin. Sins that needs to be repented of.

So, what are mankind's sins? The list would appear to be endless and too long to discuss in this short article. Mankind has not changed much over the last 6,000 years, as documented in biblical scripture. Our sins are all listed in the Bible.

But what are the most grievous sins? If I had to take a guess, I would start with our replacement of God Almighty with other gods, just as our ancestors have done since the beginning of time. After leading Israel out of Egyptian bondage by parting the Red Sea, God took 40 years to lead them to the Promised Land because of their ungodly and ungrateful behavior. But Google maps shows it was mere 6 day walk away. Is our behavior any different today? I think not.

Like when we are sick, who do we turn to? Why, we go see our local health insurance-approved allopathic doctor. The one with the satanic snake and rod symbol on his office door and on his stationary.

And what does he do for us? He prescribes an acidic drug, almost always with severe side effects, or worse, he recommends a poisonous vaccine. And we willingly accept it. But then we pay the price, as rarely does one really get better. Is God now giving us a real taste of our preferred medicine through the soon-to-be-released poisonous coronavirus/COVID-19 vaccine?

The whole concept of eating proper wholesome God-given foods and using natural healing methods rarely crosses our minds. After all, we foolishly pay a fortune for our health insurance (or more properly, sickness insurance) and want to get our monies worth out of it. Notice how both we and the medical staff reverently refer to the allopathic doctor. "DOCTOR will be right in...," they say in reverent tones. We essentially treat him like God Almighty.

Satan loves to mock us with both our lack of discerment and our foolish acceptance of silly looking, useless masking, and dehumanizing "social distancing." Even now with this alleged pandemic that statistically doesn't even qualify as a pandemic, who do we turn to for relief and help that obviously cannot be achieved on a human level?

Not God.

Many look to President Trump, who may or may not be actually in charge anymore. FEMA may well be quietly running the show behind the scenes since a state of emergency was legally declared (through unconstituitional legislation down through the years that gives them dictatorial powers unknown to most Americans.) So far, his often cryptic messages have failed to bring this flu-like pandemic to an end. Even with his longtime proclivity for firing people, he can't seem to get rid of the two evil ones that have flanked him during his early pandemic briefings and who still remain in power. His anticipated re-election will not bring any more relief than what has been provided during his present term. And now the power to mandate our lives has been conveniently shifted away from the President to the state governors, and to our county and city officials, many of whom are blatantly communist in their philosphical and dictatorial approach to the phantom virus. A new term has now emerged, "contact tracing." Ostensibly created to track those who may have come in contact with others that have been (mis)diagnosed to carry the phantom coronavirus, it is in fact just the beginning of a paid citizens spy network. It has been used in all dictatorial governments down through the ages as a means of keeping citizens in line and living in fear of their neighbors. And tracking us has now been stealthily installed as a smart phone application on all of our phones.

Then we have the mysterious Q-Anon, now idolized by thousands of educated middle class conservatives as the clandestine spokesman for the imagined government embedded good-guy "white hats." They are supposed to save the day by arresting all of the evil people, both inside and outside of government. Many claims of arrests are made, but proof is never presented. Do you know what a CIA psyops is?

For those looking for a religious answer, we have a plethora of religious prophet-types who there to accomodate us. You can spot them instantly when they say, "...the Lord showed me..." (usually in a dream.) Notice how God apparently chose to reveal monumental secrets to only them and not anyone else. Their general understanding of end-time events is just as lacking as those of most churches and Bible preachers.

Should one not buy into the biblical prophet scenario, there is a whole array of other non-biblical mystical gurus who claim to have special "channeled" information about what is really going on behind the scenes. They will encourage people to meditate, think positive thoughts and imaginations, hoping that we will collectively raise our vibrational level so that the universe will somehow realign itself, override Satan, eliminate all fear, and the evil pandemic will simply disappear. But their theories, knowledge, and track record are also equally lacking.

Next are the conservative Fox News-type of people who keep you entertained 24 hours a day with their version of what is happening. They ask a lot of good questions, but never demand credible answers from their guests. They amazingly still haven't figured out what really happened on 9/11, indicating that they too are controlled.

Then we have the ultra-conservative people who watch the Alex Jones Show (InfoWars) and other similar broadcasts and websites. They are, of course, the closest to the real truth. But what they lack is a good biblical understanding of history and prophecy. And like the all of the rest, they offer no viable solutions. Some may even be what is known as the "controlled opposition."

Then we have the activist demonstrators who are convinced that now is the time to demonstrate and take action against the government. Forget that this has historically never worked and that the Bible warns against taking matters into one's hands. They are still convinced that we still live in a constitutional democracy where it is your civic duty to make your voice heard by lobbying our representatives, and protesting to government offices (which are usually vacant whenever they are there protesting.) They are certain that centuries of evil governmental behavior will be corrected by simply writing a three-word grievance on a piece of cardboard with a stick glued to it. Or by signing an online petition to stop the evil. Or if all else fails, they imagine that their public demonstrations will at least inspire the masses to rise up in rebellion and take some kind of undefined action against the government.

Last but not least, we have your "locked and loaded" quiet next-door neighbors. They don't say much and generally are not activists. But they are armed and ready for that last shoot-out with either criminals, rioters, or your local not-so-friendly SWAT team. No mention is ever made of what happens when one runs out of ammunition. Or when the SWAT team lobs a tear gas canister through the window. But fending off the bad guys, and/or going down in a blaze of glory seems to be their general mindset and their answer to the impending disaster. No thought is given to the biblical admonition of, "...those who use the sword will die by the sword." Their only concern is whether to buy the lightweight Glock or the heavier Smith & Wesson handgun.

Conspicuously absent from the world stage are the world's leaders of the major religions and churches. Why have none of them spoken out about the obvious evil of this pandemic? And why aren't they calling for worldwide repentance? It's as if they, too, are controlled by the same satanic influences.

Historically we have never collectively repented of our sins. We as human beings have seemingly learned little in the 6,000 years of our existence.

The words of the inspired Bible are how God has chosen to communicate with us down through the ages. When was the last time we actually read the Bible, cover to cover, to learn the lessons of history, and to absorb the inspired words and thoughts of God?

Probably, never.

Many people are complaining about their "rights" being violated. God-given rights and Constituitional rights. Well, the Constitution seems to be on hold at the moment. That is why we have been stuck at home for no good reason. And the so-called God-given rights simply do not exist. Everything in life is a "gift" from God, not a right. "Everything" includes the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and our very own lives.

So, in closing, let us individually and collectively repent of our transgressions and ask God, through prayer, for divine protection from the horrors that await us. Only He can stop Satan and his minions at this point.


The 5G radiation now permeating the entire world could be considered a "plague." God can protect us from the harmful affects of this radiation (plague) if we trust in Him.

No evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home. Psalm 91:10 NLT

Mandatory vaccinations could be considered a type of poisoning. God provided a poison healing to the Israelites, once they repented. Numbers 21:4-9 NLT


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Thank you for reading.

Ken N.

April 18, 2020


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