Original Christianity Before Organized Religion


We recommend studying all of the material on the ASK site, first. Then, in one's quest to "grow in grace and knowledge", we recommend studying the material below. While we certainly don't endorse everything on each site, all of these sites offer something of value. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your skills at separating the wheat from the chaff.

3 Things About Islam

6 Wrong Ways to Face the End Times - By Tim McHyde.

7SeedsProject.org - The year of release or sabbatical.

Abortion and the Bible - A biblical view of when life begins.

Adam, Eve, the Divine Council & the Garden of Eden - By Dr. Michael Heiser.

All-Creatures.org - Excellent articles on Christianity and health.

Alcoholic Beverages - Should Christians drink them?

Alien Abductions & Ritual Abuse Similarities - By Dr. Michael Heiser.

Alien Abductions Stopped - In Jesus name.

AlienResistance.org - Orthodox Christian viewpoint of aliens (not necessarily endorsed).

Allopathic Medicine 1

Allopathic Medicine 2

Allopathic Medicine 3

Amazing Bible Discoveries

Ancient of Days - Yearly symposium of orthodox Christian viewpoint of aliens.

AnswersinGenesis.org - Creation answers.

Antichrist Life and Times - In 2 parts, by Dr. Martin.

Antichrist Research - A collection of Dr. Martin's research on the Antichrist.

Archives Bookshop - Huge selection of biblical books.

Atheist and Evolutionist Dilemma

Babylon - Here now?

Bible 2017 - American Bible Society.

The Bible and History - Be sure to read the newsletter, too. An ASK publication.

Bible Changed by the Illuminati? - Video.

Bible.com - Free Bible on your phone, tablet and computer.

Holy Bible.jpg (51073 bytes)The Bible In Its Original Order - Buy it here, here or here. Read more about it here.

The Bible In Its Original Order - A review by David Sielaff. 

The Bible In Its Original Order - Video review.

The Bible In Its Original Order - Chart.

Bible as Music - Free streaming download.

Bible Browser - Bible search engine.

Bible Code Myth 1 - Debunks the "Bible Code" theory.

Bible Code Myth 2 

Bible Code Myth 3 

Bible Code Myth 4 - Fingerprints of God? Dr. Martin's reply.

Bible Contains the Mind of God

BibArch - Biblical archeology.

The Bible Fraud - A refutation of this infamous book.

BibleGateway Download - The entire NIV Bible.

Biblical Health, Love and Caring - By Dr. Robert O. Young.

Bibleland Studios - Creation articles.

BibleSearchers.com - Controversial biblical subjects.

Bible Software - A complete list.

Bible Study Fellowship - Exposed.

Bible Study Resources 1

Bible Study Resources 2


BibleSupport.com - Great e-sword software.

Biblical Archaeology Society - The most prestigious publication.

Biblical Divine Order of Books Chart

Biblical Economics - Biblical proof of free market capitalism.

Biblical Foods - What the Bible has to say about the foods we should be eating.

Biblical Body Building

Biblical Doctors

Biblical Health

Biblical Homeopathy - Was Moses the first practitioner?

Biblical Proofs - Historical data verifying the authenticity of the Bible.

Biblical Vegetarianism 1 - Why you shouldn't eat meat.

Biblical Vegetarianism 2 - Christian vegetarianism.

Biblical Vegetarianism 3 - Dialogue.

Biblical Vegetarianism 4 - Christian Vegetarian Association. Also here.

Biblical Wealth - Are we supposed to have it? Disregard the references to tithing and heaven. Be sure to read all of the other parts, too:  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

The Biggest Lie - By Brian Butler, former student of Dr. Martin. The Biggest Lie


B.I.P.E.D - Creation from a scientific, non-biblical view-point.

Black Regiment - List of constitutionally patriotic churches.

Blood, Meat & the Bible  - By Dr. Robert O. Young.

Brian H. Butler - Three excellent books by a former student of Dr. Martin's and a biblical researcher.

Bullinger's Appendices

Bullingers's Writings

CenturyOne Bookstore - Large selection of biblical books.

CenturyOne Foundation

Charasmatics - Where they came from.

Child Abuse - In the name of Jesus.


Christ and Messiah - Is Jesus the Messiah? Also read The Gospel of Messiah.

The Christian C.O. - Christian conscientious objection to military service.

Christian Dress Code - How should Christians dress?

Christian Fellowship - What it really means.

Christian Founders of America 1 - Documentation of Christian founders beliefs.

Christian Founders of America 2 - An opposing perspective.

Christian Giving 1 - Why it is so poor.

Christian Giving 2

Christian Giving 3

Christian Giving 4

Christian Guide to Surviving the Depression - Over 100 hyperlinked articles to help those out of work and who have lost money.

Christian Health Fellowship

Christian Healthcare Ministries - The health insurance experience.

Christian Leadership 1 - In the Ekklesia.

Christian Leadership 2

Christian Leadership 3

Christian Leadership 4

Christianity and the False God of Modern Allopathic Medicine

The Christian and War - And why we should not participate in it.

Christianity and War - Order this book here.

Christianity and War - And why we should not participate in it.

Christianity and War - The movie about why we should not participate in it.

Christian Persecution 1 - Modern day Christian persecution.

Christian Persecution 2 - North Korean Christian persecution.

Christian Prosperity - Free downloads and articles on prosperity.

Christian Universalist Newsletter - Featuring ASK Director, David Sielaff.

Christian View of Armed Warfare - And why we should not participate in it.

Christian Voting - From a biblical point of view.

Christians, Witchcraft and Drugs - Should Christians be taking drugs?

Christmas - Should Christians be keeping Christmas?

Christmas Alternative - Other good reasons to not keep Christmas.

Christmas Articles - ASK articles on Christmas.

Christmas History 1 - It is not what you think.

Christmas History 2 - How to handle relatives.

CenturyOne Foundation - Funds many worthwhile biblical projects.

The Church - Directory of articles about Christians and churches and whether they should attend.

Church Incorporation 1 - Separation of church and state.

Church Incorporation 2 - Non-biblical.

Clean & Unclean Meats - by the UCG.

Concordant Publishing Concern

Conscientious Objection - Written by an ASK supporter.

Conscientious Objection - The Ooze magazine.

Conscientious Objection & the Church of God - Another excellent article on Christian conscientious objection.

Conscientious Objector - Outstanding article written from the Christian perspective with many good links.

Conspiracy of Modern Day Religious Movements

Contending for Truth - Great site.

Cremation - Is it Christian?



Creationism 1 - Excellent commentary and chart.

Creationism 2 - Excellent creation links and articles.

Creationism 3 - How to answer atheists.

Creation of the Earth - How old is the earth?

Creation Online Videos - A Google video search.

Creation Web Sites - A good link site.

Creation Book - The Hidden Face of God book.

Cults - A thorough listing.

Daniel's Prophecies - Are these the 10 kingdoms?

Dead Sea Scrolls - In digital form.


The Diamond Rule - Similar to the Golden Rule, by Dr. Martin.

The Divine Council - By Dr. Mike Heiser.

The Divine Council and Biblical Theology

The Divine Council - Sons of God

Drugs and the Bible - Should Christians be taking drugs?

Drugs - A biblical perspective on drugs.

Easter - Does it commemorate the Resurrection?

Ecclesia.org - Forum for Christians.

Ecclesia.org - Index.

Edom - Modern day Illuminati.


EFT & Christianity 1

EFT & Christianity 2

EFT & Christianity 3

Ekklesia 1 - Christ's ekklesia and the church compared.

Ekklesia 2 - What is the ecclesia?

Elect of God - Gifts of the Spirit Are the identifying Signs - Wayne Hancock

EmailBrigade.com - Excellent biblical news sources.

End-Times Event Chart - By Henry M. Dye.

End-Time Prophecy Update - The latest assessment from ASK. Also here.

Evil & God - How to forgive God.

expelled landing_ben_main.jpg (69677 bytes)Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - The hit "intelligent design" movie. Highly recommended.

False Prophets - How to determine who is a prophet of God.

Fear Tactics in Religion - By David Sielaff.

Femininity 1 - A biblical principle.

Femininity 2

Feminism, Women and Christianity - A biblical and historical outlook.

Fighting Evil - What does history and the Bible say?

Flat Earth 1 - Psyop, by Henry Makow.

Flat Earth 2 - 10 absurd claims.

Flat Earth 3 - Flat earth deception.

Flat Earth 4 - Dr. Michael Heiser's biblical research on the flat earth.

Forbidden Archeology - Interesting controversial archeology.

Function Based Christianity -

Are You Function-based or Fact-based? Download as a PDF.

Garden of Eden 1 - Alkaline foods.

Garden of Eden 2 - Alkaline foods.

Genesis 1-12 - The Transparent English Bible. Free download.

Genesis 1:26-27 - Single God creation. Also here.

Geneva Bible - Interesting differences from the King James version.

Genocide in the Bible - A new perspective.

Geocentric Bible - New take on biblical astronomy and creation.

God's Bodily Composition - What does God look like?

God and Haiti - Why do people suffer?

GOD and Man - A Holistic View - Science, creation and the Bible.

God of Allopathic Medicine

God's Healing Word Ministry - Check out the extensive blog site here.

God's Illuminati - Who did you think invented evil?

God's Welfare System - Be sure to read all six pages on how welfare used to be administered in the Bible.

The God Within - Excellent video on science and philosophy, by Mike Adams.

The Gospel According to Rothschild - The Illuminati's hand in the Bible translations.

GotQuestions.org - Excellent resource.

Halloween - Celebrates sex and death.

Happiness and the Bible - How to be happy in today's world.

Harmless as Doves Ministry - Good biblical support for conscientious objection.

Haredi Jews

Harry Potter - Should Christian's be reading the books and watching the movies?

Harry Potter Deadly Magic - More biblical reasons not to support it.

Healing Oils of the Bible

Heart, Mind & Soul - Where is it stored? By Dr. Mercola.

Hebrew Date Converter - Check your birth date here.

Hebrew Dates of Interest - From the Bible.

Hidden Chambers - Biblical references to the subconscious and the use of EFT. By Dr. Mercola.

Hitting & Spanking Children - Samuel Martin.

Homosexuality and Judaism - A marriage made in hell.

How To Live A Christian Life 1

How To Live A Christian Life 2

If Christians Were Christians - There would be no...

Illuminati - In biblical history.

Immortality Road - Very interesting blog site. Sign up for the free email subscription.

Islam - Why do we ignore the threat?

Institute for Creation Research - Scientific creation research.

Iran in Prophecy - By Dr. Ernest L. Martin.

Is It All About You - Or God?

Islam - Three things about Islam (video). Full transcript is here.

It's Not About You

Jesus, James, Joseph and the Past and Future Temple, Version N36 - Written by former students of Dr. Martin.

Jesus: The Man and His Work - By Wallace D. Wattles. Highly recommended reading, though we don't endorse everything in the book.

Jesus' Message 1

Jesus' Message 2

Jewish Roman World of Jesus - By Dr. Tabor.

Jews or Khazars?

John Darby - Famous eveangelist.

Joseph of Arimathea - Very interesting article.

Josephus - Online text of this important biblical historian.


Judge...Or, Not To Judge?

Kenneth Hancock - Kingdom of God, Sons of God.

Khazars or Jews?

The Kingdom of God and The Kingdom of the Heavens

Kingdom of God - Probably the most import decision you will ever make, only we never talk about it.

Kingdom of God - Biblical researcher, Kenneth Wayne Hancock.

Kingdom of God - From the Bible Research.org 

King James Bible Counterfeit - Exposed.

King James Bible Defended - Vast collection of KJV links.

King James Bible Discrepancies 1 - Google search.

King James Bible Discrepancies 2 - Ages or Eternity?

King James Bible Online

KnowledgeFiles.com - Extensive listings of free e-books on almost every subject.

Last Trumpet Ministries - Interesting analysis of world events, though their biblical interpretation may not be correct.

Law of Attraction - From a biblical perspective.

Laying on of Hands

Life After Death - It occurs only after the resurrection, not before.

Life is Simple, Hard but Simple - Free PDF download.

Life of All Flesh is the Blood

Many Ways to God? - Not really.

Map of Religions of the U.S.

Meditation 1 - Is it Christian?

Meditation 2 - Mystically encountering God?

Mercy Not Sacrifice - Christianity and war.

Metareligion - Religion and the esoteric.

Metareligion - Science and Philosophy.

Methernitha - Christian community in Switzerland with free energy devices.

Dr. Michael Heiser - Bible scholar with many interesting articles.

Dr. Michael Heiser's Biography

Dr. Michael Heiser's DVD

Dr. Michael Heiser's FAQ

Dr. Michael Heiser's Jesus, Christianity & the Da Vinci Code - On Coast to Coast.

Dr. Michael Heiser's Resume

Dr. Michael Heiser's Videos - Watch these online for free.

Mind 1

Mind 2

Mind 3

Miracles - And why we should not be impressed with them.

Morality - How we don't have it.

Mysteries of the Bible - Controversial subjects explored, including the Temple Mount.

Mysteries of Egypt - How the Pyramids were built.

Mystical Christianity

The Nachash and His Seed: Some Explanatory Notes on Why the “Serpent” in Genesis 3 Wasn’t a Serpent - By Dr. Michael Heiser.

National Council of Churches

National Prayer Network - How hate laws make criminals out of Christians.

Nazareneproject.com - Free PDF download on Jesus and the Temple.

Nazarene Project - Facebook.

The Nazarzine - Information and a newsletter on world events from a Christian perspective.

Nephilim - Also, here and here.

New Jerusalem - Articles by Dr. Martin and David Sielaff.

Noah - The movie.

Numerology in Creation

Original Bible Project - Decades overdue in their final publication of what will probably be the ultimate translation, they at least offer a free download on the book of Genesis.

Pedophilia - In the Jewish Talmud.

The Pew Forum - Statistics and information on all religions.

Playing the Bible as Music

Power of Prophecy - World events from a biblical perspective.

Praiseandcoffee.com - Excellent free online magazine for women.

Prayer Power 1 - The power of prayer from a medical perspective. By Dr. Mercola.

Prayer Power 2 - More of the same.

Pre/Post Tribulation Rapture - The pre-tribulation rapture theory exposed.

Preterism - Have the end-time prophecies already been fulfilled? Or, are they just the second part of a three-fold prophetic principle discovered by Dr. Ernest L. Martin?

Proper Order of the Books of the Bible - PDF chart that shows the proper order of the books of the Bible.

Public School Alternatives - For the best results in raising Christian children.

Pastor Roger Anghis - Archive of many well biblically researched articles involving wealth and our Founding Fathers' Faith.

Process Theology - What is it?

Rabbi Daniel Lapin - Great wisdom articles. More articles are here.


Real Jew News - Video mentions Dr. Martin's Temple Book.

Red Sea Crossing - PowerPoint presentation on the proof.

Reincarnation - A possible explanation.

Religion and Philosophy - HubPages.com.

Religion or Theology? - By Mr. Brian H. Butler.

Retirement 1 - What does the Bible say?

Retirement 2

Retirement 3 - Biblical.

Righteous Men - Or, lack thereof.

Sacred Names of God and Jesus

Salt - Dr. Robert O. Young says, "Sodium is the foundational element of life that connects the physical to the spiritual giving rise to the soul. Without salt there is no life."

Samuel Martin - Dr. Martin's son.

Satan - Do You Understand Who Satan Is? A biblical review of who Satan really is.

Satan the Devil

The Scientific Death of Jesus - Scientifically described by Dr. Mercola.

Scripture 4 All - Excellent, free translation downloads.

"The Secret" Movie/Book - Is it anti-Christian?

Serpent/Dragon Scriptures - Scriptures that might be in reference to the Illuminati, the New World Order and to the Reptilians.

Sex and the Bible

Sex and the Jews

shocked.jpg (75489 bytes)Shocked by the Bible - An excellent book that endorses most ASK material.

Sigler.org - Practical spiritual lifestyles.

Sons of God - Mark Schuebel.

Sons of God - And your future. By Kenneth Hancock.

Soul Connection to the Body - It's the salt.

Spanking Controversy - By Samuel Martin, Dr. Martin's son.

Spirit and DNA - Reprogramable.

Spiritual Issues Are Health Issues

Temple Mount Rebuilding by the Illuminati - Illuminati control over all archeological excavations and the Temple Mount "experts".

Temple Mount Time Bomb - Excellent article on the explosiveness of the Temple Mount and Dr. Martin's discovery of the correct location.

Temple Mount Model - Not necessarily accurate, but an interesting attempt.

Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

Tentmaker - The largest website on Universal Reconciliation.

Texe Marrs - Satanic, Illuminati symbolism and activities exposed.

The Biggest Lie - By Brian Butler, former student of Dr. Martin. The Biggest Lie

Thy Rod and Thy Staff... - The spanking controversy, by Samuel Martin.  

Tongues - Where the practice of "speaking in tongues" came from.

Topography of Faith - State by state listing of faiths.

Tower of Babel & European Union - Biblical history.

Tracts on Witchcraft  - Also covers Halloween and Harry potter.

Transparent English Bible - The most accurate to date.

Trinity - Where is it in the Bible? Also, here.

Trinity - Attempts to explain it.

True Freedom - What the Bible says.

Truth - The real meaning of the biblical words. Important for doing any type of Bible study.

Unalienable Rights - From God?

Universe Confirms the Bible - Scientific facts and biblical scripture.

Universal Reconciliation 1 - Part I by Dr. Martin. What our future destiny really is.

Universal Reconciliation 2 - Part II.

Universal Reconciliation 3 - Part III.

Universal Reconciliation 4 - 100 scriptural proofs.

Universal Reconciliation 5 - Believed by the early ekklesia up to 500 AD. Video by Prof. Dr. Illaria Ramelli.

The Unveiling of the Sons of God - Free ebook by Kenneth Wayne Hancock. Highly recommended.

Watch Unto Prayer - Biblical evaluation of current events. Search for topics here.

What-The-Hell-Is-Hell.com - An interesting expose on "hell".

Wisdom - The Seven Pillars

Whore of Babylon - Illuminati, pedophilia, banking, etc.

Why Are Christians Such Wimps? - Why don't we speak up?

Why Are We Here? By Brian H. Butler, former student of Dr. Martin.

Why Most Christians (including those visiting this site) Will Not Be In the Kingdom of God

Women's Dress Code - From the Bible.

Women's Role in the Congregation

Dr. Martin's Early Articles from the 

Foundation for Biblical Research (FBR)

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Bible Software and Online Search Sites

1611 King James Bible - Search scriptures online.

BibleGateway.com - Biblical search engine.

Bibles.com - Biblical search engine.

Bibles.net - Biblical search engine.

The Bible Tool - Biblical software downloads.

Concordant Publishing - Excellent biblical search engine.

E-Sword - Biblical software downloads.


Logos Bible Software - This is the most advanced Bible software available.

Online Parallel Bible - Biblical search engine.

Parallel Bible - Many biblical study aids and search engine.

Scripture4all - Free Bible software.

Strong's Concordance - Online search engine.

StudyBible.info - Excellent online source for all versions and translations. Highly recommended.

The Word - Bible Software