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This article is written for the benefit of all people - and especially for Christians who have an understanding and appreciation for the Bible and look to it for instruction on Christian behavior and life in general. Be sure to click on the 100+ hyperlinked words.


"Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain."

Isaiah 26:2

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What to Do If You Have Lost Your Job

  1. Do not feel despondent. Thousands of others have lost their jobs. And thousands more will yet lose theirs. 92 million are unemployed in the U.S. alone. It is not your fault. This is all planned. Click here to see how long ago it was known that this would happen. And it's not going to end anytime soon. Click here for job predictions. Click here for the latest recession/depression news. Click here for one top forecaster's predictions. Click here and here to see how automation is replacing middle class jobs. Click here if you are forced to live in your car. Click here for more unemployment articles. Click here for an alternative view that things are not as bad as we think.

  2. Education is the key to survival. Now is the time to study this website - and others - to understand that depressions, like wars, are all planned well in advance. And they are planned by the "government behind the government". Your "s-elected" leaders simply do what they are told to do. Bailouts and stimulus packages will not work. Just consider them to be a government sponsored "theft" of your money (and your children's). Click here for some good news. Read the Professional Performance Magazine. Read everything on this page and this one, too.

  3. Exhaust all resources for finding work - headhunters, online employment websites and most importantly, friends, relatives, acquaintances and former colleagues who might know of openings. Knocking on doors can sometimes make a big difference. Check out online sources. Be prepared for job interviews. Learn how to answer key questions. Learn how to put together an excellent resume. Read about some of the rules that even the experts aren't sure on. Try putting an online video resume on YouTube. Read Hire Me! Hire Me! Understand the company from the employers point of view. Create a profile on LinkedIn. Create a professional page on Facebook. Crerate a personal profile on Facebook and "Like" or "Join" other professional groups or pages that are related to your industry. Make "Friends" with as many people as possible who might in turn know of an opening. Click on the following: jobs, interviews, resumes, employment, and job market. Also check out Business Insider every day. This company is trying to revolutionize the hiring process. Build your own website.

  4. Now would also be a good time to improve your computer skills and/or learn a new trade. Multi-talented people are always in high demand. Upgrade and post your resume online.

  5. Remember when you used to say, "I don't have the time to..."? Well, now you do. So start studying the tons of self-improvement material available online (much of which is free). And start reading the Bible - and websites that help guide you through the Bible, like the ASSOCIATES for SCRIPTURAL KNOWLEDGE (ASK). If ever there was a time to understand who you are and where you are going, now is that time. Learn what true Christianity really is and who Jesus really was. Try to live a balanced and happy life. Click here to avoid burnout. Keep yourself mentally strong.

  6. No matter how bad off you are, there is always someone else who is worse off than you. Maybe this is a good time to try and help others? Be sure to thank God for the things you do have.

  7. fight_2.jpg (398092 bytes)Now is also a great time to get into shape, emotionally and physically. Lose some weight and educate yourself on proper, good health. If you have no health insurance, there are numerous walk-in clinics. Better yet, try an alternative healing practitioner. Or treat yourself, by eating the right foods and taking the right supplements. As no drug has ever healed anyone, maybe this would be a good time to eliminate your reliance on them. 

  8. Open your mind to the possibility that your personal setback could actually be the beginning of something even greater. Consider other lines of work - or start your own business. There is help online. What have you always wanted to do? Where are the needs in this new society? Learn from those who lived through the last Great Depression. Learn how to be resourceful, focus on what you want and don't be fearful. Energy flows where attention goes. Watch what the masses do - and do the opposite. Consider attending CEO Space, a group to join for business and self-improvement. Watch there free videos here. Have you considered Direct Selling? Have you seen how much one can make with Direct Selling? Email us if you are interested.

  9. Understand the universal and biblical Laws of Attraction. And the many other similar laws that govern the universe. They continue to work, even in a depression. Learn more about them here and here. Be sure to ask God for His guidance - and a job.

  10. Remember that even though you are unemployed, there will always be a majority that will be employed. And they represent the market for a continuing business opportunity and flow of income.

If You Have Lost Your Savings and Home Value

  1. Do not feel despondent. Millions of others (worldwide) have also lost much of their equity and savings. And, your investments may go down even more. It is not your fault. This is all planned. Ending the privately owned "Fed" would be a step in the right direction. All bailout and stimulus programs are basically fraudulent.

  2. The fact of the matter is that all investments of every kind are now at risk. The new lower-priced real estate could go even lower. Even money in the bank is at risk as the bank could close and the FDIC could renege on its obligation to insure your assets. Or worse, the dollar could be replaced by a new Amero, or even by an international currency. No one knows what the exchange rate would be, but you can expect to get less than a dollar's worth for the new currency.

  3. Precious metals, gold and coins might be a temporary solution. But they are subject to theft and/or government confiscation. The government can simply outlaw them. And, the value of gold can be easily manipulated, just like any other commodity.

  4. Consider supplementing your income with other recession-proof sources of residual income. Click here for some good news.

  5. Are we supposed to have Biblical Wealth? Be sure to read all of the other parts, too: 2, 3, 45, 6, 7, 8, 9. 1011, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

Ken N.

March 9, 2009




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