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We recommend studying all of the material on the ASK site, first. Then, in one's quest to "grow in grace and knowledge", we recommend studying the material below. While we certainly don't endorse everything on each site, all of these sites offer something of value. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your skills at separating the wheat from the chaff.

3 Things About islam

6 Wrong Ways to Face the End Times - By Tim McHyde.

7SeedsProject.org - The year of release or sabbatical.

Abortion and the Bible - A biblical view of when life begins.

Adam, Eve, the Divine Council & the Garden of Eden - By Dr. Michael Heiser.

All-Creatures.org - Excellent articles on Christianity and health.

Alien Abductions Explained: UFOs & the Bible in History & in Prophecy - Informative and interesting video.

Alien Abductions & Ritual Abuse Similarities - By Dr. Michael Heiser.

Alien Abductions Stopped - In Jesus name.

AlienResistance.org - Orthodox Christian viewpoint of aliens (not necessarily endorsed).

Allopathic Medicine 1

Allopathic Medicine 2

Allopathic Medicine 3

Amazing Bible Discoveries

Ancient of Days - Yearly symposium of orthodox Christian viewpoint of aliens.

AnswersinGenesis.org - Creation answers.

Antichrist Life and Times - In 2 parts, by Dr. Martin.

Antichrist Research - A collection of Dr. Martin's research on the Antichrist.

Antichrist Technology? - Technology for the end-times?

Archives Bookshop - Huge selection of biblical books.

Are God's People Any Healthier? - Why Christians are not healthy.

Atheist and Evolutionist Dilemma

Babylon - Here now?

The Bible and History - Be sure to read the newsletter, too. An ASK publication.

Bible Changed by the Illuminati? - Video.

Bible.com - Free Bible on your phone, tablet and computer.

Holy Bible.jpg (51073 bytes)The Bible In Its Original Order - Buy it here, here or here. Read more about it here.

The Bible In Its Original Order - A review by David Sielaff. 

The Bible In Its Original Order - Video review.

The Bible In Its Original Order - Chart.

Bible as Music - Free streaming download.

Bible Browser - Bible search engine.

Bible Code Myth 1 - Debunks the "Bible Code" theory.

Bible Code Myth 2 

Bible Code Myth 3 

Bible Code Myth 4 - Fingerprints of God? Dr. Martin's reply.

Bible Contains the Mind of God

BibArch - Biblical archeology.

The Bible Fraud - A refutation of this infamous book.

BibleGateway Download - The entire NIV Bible.

Biblical Health, Love and Caring - By Dr. Robert O. Young.

Bibleland Studios - Creation articles.

BibleSearchers.com - Controversial biblical subjects.

Bible Software - A complete list.

Bible Study Fellowship - Exposed.

Bible Study Resources 1

Bible Study Resources 2


BibleSupport.com - Great e-sword software.

Biblical Archaeology Society - The most prestigious publication.

Biblical Economics - Biblical proof of free market capitalism.

Biblical Foods - What the Bible has to say about the foods we should be eating.

Biblical Body Building

Biblical Doctors

Biblical Health

Biblical Homeopathy - Was Moses the first practitioner?

Biblical Proofs - Historical data verifying the authenticity of the Bible.

Biblical Vegetarianism 1 - Why you shouldn't eat meat.

Biblical Vegetarianism 2 - Christian vegetarianism.

Biblical Vegetarianism 3 - Dialogue.

Biblical Vegetarianism 4 - Christian Vegetarian Association. Also here.

Biblical Wealth - Are we supposed to have it? Disregard the references to tithing and heaven. Be sure to read all of the other parts, too:  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

B.I.P.E.D - Creation from a scientific, non-biblical view-point.

Black Regiment - List of constitutionally patriotic churches.

Blood, Meat & the Bible  - By Dr. Robert O. Young.

Bullinger's Appendices

Bullingers's Writings

CenturyOne Bookstore - Large selection of biblical books.

CenturyOne Foundation

Charasmatics - Where they came from.

Child Abuse - In the name of Jesus.


Christ and Messiah - Is Jesus the Messiah? Also read The Gospel of Messiah.

The Christian C.O. - Christian conscientious objection to military service.

Christian Dress Code - How should Christians dress?

Christian Fellowship - What it really means.

Christian Founders of America 1 - Documentation of Christian founders beliefs.

Christian Founders of America 2 - An opposing perspective.

Christian Giving 1 - Why it is so poor.

Christian Giving 2

Christian Giving 3

Christian Giving 4

Christian Guide to Surviving the Depression - Over 100 hyperlinked articles to help those out of work and who have lost money.

Christian Healthcare Ministries - The health insurance experience.

Christian Leadership 1 - In the Ekklesia.

Christian Leadership 2

Christian Leadership 3

Christian Leadership 4

Christianity and the False God of Modern Allopathic Medicine

The Christian and War - And why we should not participate in it.

Christianity and War - Order this book here.

Christianity and War - And why we should not participate in it.

Christianity and War - The movie about why we should not participate in it.

Christian Persecution 1 - Modern day Christian persecution.

Christian Persecution 2 - North Korean Christian persecution.

Christian Prosperity - Free downloads and articles on prosperity.

Christian Universalist Newsletter - Featuring ASK Director, David Sielaff.

Christian View of Armed Warfare - And why we should not participate in it.

Christian Voting - From a biblical point of view.

Christians, Witchcraft and Drugs - Should Christians be taking drugs?

Christmas - Should Christians be keeping Christmas?

Christmas Alternative - Other good reasons to not keep Christmas.

Christmas Articles - ASK articles on Christmas.

Christmas History 1 - It is not what you think.

Christmas History 2 - How to handle relatives.

CenturyOne Foundation - Funds many worthwhile biblical projects.

The Church - Directory of articles about Christians and churches and whether they should attend.

Church Incorporation 1 - Separation of church and state.

Church Incorporation 2 - Non-biblical.

Clean & Unclean Meats - by the UCG.

Concordant Publishing Concern

Conscientious Objection - Written by an ASK supporter.

Conscientious Objection - The Ooze magazine.

Conscientious Objection & the Church of God - Another excellent article on Christian conscientious objection.

Conscientious Objector - Outstanding article written from the Christian perspective with many good links.

Conspiracy of Modern Day Religious Movements

Contending for Truth - Great site.

Cremation - Is it Christian?



Creationism 1 - Excellent commentary and chart.

Creationism 2 - Excellent creation links and articles.

Creationism 3 - How to answer atheists.

Creation of the Earth - How old is the earth?

Creation Online Videos - A Google video search.

Creation Web Sites - A good link site.

Creation Book - The Hidden Face of God book.

Cults - A thorough listing.

Daniel's Prophecies - Are these the 10 kingdoms?

Dead Sea Scrolls - In digital form.


The Diamond Rule - Similar to the Golden Rule, by Dr. Martin.

The Divine Council - By Dr. Mike Heiser.

The Divine Council Introduction

The Divine Council - An Unexpected Word

The Divine Council - Sons of God

Drugs and the Bible - Should Christians be taking drugs?

Drugs - A biblical perspective on drugs.

Easter - Does it commemorate the Resurrection?

Ecclesia.org - Forum for Christians.

Ecclesia.org - Index.

Edom - Modern day Illuminati.


EFT & Christianity 1

EFT & Christianity 2

EFT & Christianity 3

Ekklesia 1 - Christ's ekklesia and the church compared.

Ekklesia 2 - What is the ecclesia?

Elect of God - Gifts of the Spirit Are the identifying Signs - Wayne Hancock

EmailBrigade.com - Excellent biblical news sources.

End-Times Event Chart - By Henry M. Dye.

End-Time Prophecy Update - The latest assessment from ASK. Also here.

Evil & God - How to forgive God.

expelled landing_ben_main.jpg (69677 bytes)Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - The hit "intelligent design" movie. Highly recommended.

False Prophets - How to determine who is a prophet of God.

Fear Tactics in Religion - By David Sielaff.

Feminism, Women and Christianity - A biblical and historical outlook.

Fighting Evil - What does history and the Bible say?

Forbidden Archeology - Interesting controversial archeology.

Function Based Christianity -

Are You Function-based or Fact-based? Download as a PDF.

Garden of Eden 1 - Alkaline foods.

Garden of Eden 2 - Why I wouldn't recommend a 100% raw, vegan diet.

Genesis 1-12 - The Transparent English Bible. Free download.

Genesis 1:26-27 - Single God creation. Also here.

Geneva Bible - Interesting differences from the King James version.

Genocide in the Bible - A new perspective.

Geocentric Bible - New take on biblical astronomy and creation.

God's Bodily Composition - What does God look like?

God and Haiti - Why do people suffer?

GOD and Man - A Holistic View - Science, creation and the Bible.

God of Allopathic Medicine

God's Healing Word Ministry - Check out the extensive blog site here.

God's Illuminati - Who did you think invented evil?

God's Welfare System - Be sure to read all six pages on how welfare used to be administered in the Bible.

The God Within - Excellent video on science and philosophy, by Mike Adams.

The Gospel According to Rothschild - The Illuminati's hand in the Bible translations.

GotQuestions.org - Excellent resource.

Halloween - Celebrates sex and death.

Happiness and the Bible - How to be happy in today's world.

Harmless as Doves Ministry - Good biblical support for conscientious objection.

Haredi Jews

Harry Potter - Should Christian's be reading the books and watching the movies?

Harry Potter Deadly Magic - More biblical reasons not to support it.

Healing Oils of the Bible

Heart, Mind & Soul - Where is it stored? By Dr. Mercola.

Hebrew Date Converter - Check your birth date here.

Hebrew Dates of Interest - From the Bible.

Hidden Chambers - Biblical references to the subconscious and the use of EFT. By Dr. Mercola.

Homosexuality and Judaism - A marriage made in hell.

How To Live A Christian Life 1

How To Live A Christian Life 2

If Christians Were Christians - There would be no...

Illuminati - In biblical history.

Immortality Road - Very interesting blog site. Sign up for the free email subscription.

Islam - Why do we ignore the threat?

Institute for Creation Research - Scientific creation research.

Iran in Prophecy - By Dr. Ernest L. Martin.

Is It All About You - Or God?

Islam - Three things about Islam (video). Full transcript is here.

It's Not About You

Jesus: The Man and His Work - By Wallace D. Wattles. Highly recommended reading, though we don't endorse everything in the book.

Jesus' Message 1

Jesus' Message 2

Jewish Roman World of Jesus - By Dr. Tabor.

Jews or Khazars?

John Darby - Famous eveangelist.

Joseph of Arimathea - Very interesting article.

Josephus - Online text of this important biblical historian.


Judge...Or, Not To Judge?

Kenneth Hancock - Kingdom of God, Sons of God.

Khazars or Jews?

The Kingdom of God and The Kingdom of the Heavens

Kingdom of God - Probably the most import decision you will ever make, only we never talk about it.

Kingdom of God - Biblical researcher, Kenneth Wayne Hancock.

Kingdom of God - From the Bible Research.org 

King James Bible Counterfeit - Exposed.

King James Bible Defended - Vast collection of KJV links.

King James Bible Discrepancies 1 - Google search.

King James Bible Discrepancies 2 - Ages or Eternity?

King James Bible Online

KnowledgeFiles.com - Extensive listings of free e-books on almost every subject.

Last Trumpet Ministries - Interesting analysis of world events, though their biblical interpretation may not be correct.

Law of Attraction - From a biblical perspective.

Laying on of Hands

Life After Death - It occurs only after the resurrection, not before.

Life is Simple, Hard but Simple - Free PDF download.

Life of All Flesh is the Blood

Many Ways to God? - Not really.

Map of Religions of the U.S.

Meditation 1 - Is it Christian?

Meditation 2 - Mystically encountering God?

Mercy Not Sacrifice - Christianity and war.

Metareligion - Religion and the esoteric.

Metareligion - Science and Philosophy.

Methernitha - Christian community in Switzerland with free energy devices.

Dr. Michael Heiser - Bible scholar with many interesting articles.

Dr. Michael Heiser's Biography

Dr. Michael Heiser's DVD

Dr. Michael Heiser's FAQ

Dr. Michael Heiser's Jesus, Christianity & the Da Vinci Code - On Coast to Coast.

Dr. Michael Heiser's Resume

Dr. Michael Heiser's Videos - Watch these online for free.

Mind 1

Mind 2

Mind 3

Mind 4 - All body parts in the Bible.

Mind (soul) Connection to the Body - It's the salt?

Miracles - And why we should not be impressed with them.

Missionaries in Peru - Friends of ours in Peru.

Morality - How we don't have it.

Mysteries of the Bible - Controversial subjects explored, including the Temple Mount.

Mysteries of Egypt - How the Pyramids were built.

Mystical Christianity

The Nachash and His Seed: Some Explanatory Notes on Why the “Serpent” in Genesis 3 Wasn’t a Serpent - By Dr. Michael Heiser.

National Council of Churches

National Prayer Network - How hate laws make criminals out of Christians.

The Nazarzine - Information and a newsletter on world events from a Christian perspective.

Nephilim - Also, here and here.

New Jerusalem - Articles by Dr. Martin and David Sielaff.

Noah - The movie.

Numerology in Creation

Original Bible Project - Decades overdue in their final publication of what will probably be the ultimate translation, they at least offer a free download on the book of Genesis.

Pedophilia - In the Jewish Talmud.

The Pew Forum - Statistics and information on all religions.

Playing the Bible as Music

Power of Prophecy - World events from a biblical perspective.

Praiseandcoffee.com - Excellent free online magazine for women.

Prayer Power 1 - The power of prayer from a medical perspective. By Dr. Mercola.

Prayer Power 2 - More of the same.

Pre/Post Tribulation Rapture - The pre-tribulation rapture theory exposed.

Preterism - Have the end-time prophecies already been fulfilled? Or, are they just the second part of a three-fold prophetic principle discovered by Dr. Ernest L. Martin?

Proper Order of the Books of the Bible - PDF chart that shows the proper order of the books of the Bible.

Public School Alternatives - For the best results in raising Christian children.

Pastor Roger Anghis - Archive of many well biblically researched articles involving wealth and our Founding Fathers' Faith.

Process Theology - What is it?

Rabbi Daniel Lapin - Great wisdom articles. More articles are here.


Real Jew News - Video mentions Dr. Martin's Temple Book.

Red Sea Crossing - PowerPoint presentation on the proof.

Reincarnation - A possible explanation.

Religion and Philosophy - HubPages.com.

Retirement 1 - What does the Bible say?

Retirement 2

Retirement 3 - Biblical.

Righteous Men - Or, lack thereof.

Sacred Names of God and Jesus

Samuel Martin - Dr. Martin's son.

Satan - Do You Understand Who Satan Is? A biblical review of who Satan really is.

The Scientific Death of Jesus - Scientifically described by Dr. Mercola.

Scripture 4 All - Excellent, free translation downloads.

"The Secret" Movie/Book - Is it anti-Christian?

Serpent/Dragon Scriptures - Scriptures that might be in reference to the Illuminati, the New World Order and to the Reptilians.

Sex and the Bible

Sex and the Jews

shocked.jpg (75489 bytes)Shocked by the Bible - An excellent book that endorses most ASK material.

Sigler.org - Practical spiritual lifestyles.

Sons of God - And your future. By Kenneth Hancock.

Soul Connection to the Body - It's the salt.

Spanking Controversy - By Samuel Martin, Dr. Martin's son.

Spirit and DNA - Reprogramable.

Spiritual Issues Are Health Issues

Temple Mount Rebuilding by the Illuminati - Illuminati control over all archeological excavations and the Temple Mount "experts".

Temple Mount Time Bomb - Excellent article on the explosiveness of the Temple Mount and Dr. Martin's discovery of the correct location.

Temple Mount Model - Not necessarily accurate, but an interesting attempt.

Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

Tentmaker - The largest website on Universal Reconciliation.

Texe Marrs - Satanic, Illuminati symbolism and activities exposed.

Thy Rod and Thy Staff... - The spanking controversy, by Samuel Martin.  

Tongues - Where the practice of "speaking in tongues" came from.

Topography of Faith - State by state listing of faiths.

Tower of Babel & European Union - Biblical history.

Tracts on Witchcraft  - Also covers Halloween and Harry potter.

Transparent English Bible - The most accurate to date.

Trinity - Where is it in the Bible? Also, here.

Trinity - Attempts to explain it.

True Freedom - What the Bible says.

Truth - The real meaning of the biblical words. Important for doing any type of Bible study.

Unalienable Rights - From God?

Universe Confirms the Bible - Scientific facts and biblical scripture.

Universal Reconciliation 1 - Part I by Dr. Martin. What our future destiny really is.

Universal Reconciliation 2 - Part II.

Universal Reconciliation 3 - Part III.

Universal Reconciliation 4 - 100 scriptural proofs.

The Unveiling of the Sons of God - Free ebook by Kenneth Wayne Hancock. Highly recommended.

Watch Unto Prayer - Biblical evaluation of current events. Search for topics here.

What-The-Hell-Is-Hell.com - An interesting expose on "hell".

Why Are Christians Such Wimps? - Why don't we speak up?

Why Most Christians (including those visiting this site) Will Not Be In the Kingdom of God

Women's Dress Code - From the Bible.

Women's Role in the Congregation

Open Christian Forums

(That employ no censorship)

The Evangelical Universalist

Fundies & Legalists Not Included

(A Facebook group that you must join to view the posts)


Bible Software and Online Search Sites

1611 King James Bible - Search scriptures online.

BibleGateway.com - Biblical search engine.

Bibles.com - Biblical search engine.

Bibles.net - Biblical search engine.

The Bible Tool - Biblical software downloads.

Concordant Publishing - Excellent biblical search engine.

E-Sword - Biblical software downloads.

Logos Bible Software - This is the most advanced Bible software available.

Online Parallel Bible - Biblical search engine.

Parallel Bible - Many biblical study aids and search engine.

Scripture4all - Free Bible software.

Strong's Concordance - Online search engine.

StudyBible.info - Excellent online source for all versions and translations. Highly recommended.

The Word - Bible Software


The Seven Levels of Spiritual Understanding 

by Ken Nagele

Recently I came across an article by Steven Yates entitled Piercing the Veils. His article was in reference to a much older article by Don Harkins entitled Slavery and the Eight Veils. Both articles were unique in their attempt to explain people's apparent inability to grasp the reality that is staring them in the face in regard to what is generically known today as "the conspiracy." The two articles categorized people's beliefs into eight veils to be pierced. The concept was that most people simply cannot see past a certain level of veil put in front of them (and not that they don't want to see.) This "veil" concept is actually discussed in the Bible, as God Himself says that He is responsible for "blinding their eyes."

After digesting their information and concept, I decided that the same format could also be applied to the subject of spirituality. I have already refined their articles on the subject of the world, personal growth and health elsewhere on this website. Here, I am taking their concept and refining it, utilizing the concepts of established biblical numerology. While their articles claimed eight veils (or levels of understanding), I am going to suggest that there are in fact only seven levels of understanding. Since the number seven is the number of perfection or completion, all lower levels of understanding should emanate from that.

Rather than use Mr. Harkins' terminology of "veils," I prefer to use the term "levels of understanding."  Here is how I see The Seven Levels of Spiritual Understanding (again, borrowing some of Mr. Harkins' edited text):

First Level people may hear of various religions or of the concept of God. But, for whatever reason, they are not motivated to enquire any further about them. Their family background and/or society failed to instill any significant motivation for them to pursue the subject.

Second Level people are taught about religion by their churches and/or parents. They have a basic understanding of religious beliefs. They may have been raised in a particular religious setting; or they simply came to a religious awareness on their own. They may or may not adhere to religion seriously or consistently; and they may or may not even believe in God at all, despite their upbringing. These include Christian and non-Christian groups.

Third Level people consider themselves much more "enlightened". They take their (organized) religion very seriously (with regular or semi-regular religious practices) and obediently listen to their religious leaders instruction. Their preachers' word is as good as from God Himself. People at any other level, above or below, are looked upon as being misinformed or ignorant. Some may do good works, but rarely is unbiased religious or biblical study encouraged or permitted. These include Christian and non-Christian groups.

Forth Level people have discovered that organized religion is highly controlled and often not in accordance with biblical scripture. They gravitate towards "independent" churches, movements and home Bible study groups. These include Christian and non-Christian groups.

Fifth Level people have discovered that even fourth level activities do not provide the truly independent biblical understandings they so desire to attain. They gravitate towards Christian research groups that provide independent biblical research. Missing in this scattered group is any kind of local fellowship. And, the quest for advanced knowledge often leaves this group forgetting the basics of Christian charity.

Sixth Level people have mastered the research of the fifth level research groups and of hidden knowledge in general. They have also maintained their Christian charity. Most importantly, they have come to a proper understanding of their future -- and strive to live a life worthy of that award.

Seventh Level people do not exist yet, because none of us have yet attained perfection or completion. We will all, eventually, attain this level of understanding ... some sooner and some later. Those with the right attitude of learning and doing God's will are more likely to be called first. But all of us will eventually achieve this level of understanding, perfection and completion at some point after the second coming of Christ.

It should be noted that the various organized religions of the world are not necessarily of God. They are mostly the vehicles through which Satan deceives this world. But bare in mind that Satan provides these deceptions with God's express permission. God is the creator of all things ... both good and evil. While Satan is our real enemy, God is firmly in charge of all things. He is there to protect us if we trust in Him. And He will provide the proper spiritual guidance, if we will trust in Him with a proper attitude.

In the end, the subjects of the world, health, personal growth and spirituality all come together at the Seventh Level. Will you be on the Seventh Level to understand them -- and to meet God?

Ken Nagele


Biblical references to the "blinding of the eyes".

List of End-Time Events Yet to Occur

  • Christ's Return

  • The rise and fall of physical Babylon

  • The rise and fall of Mystery Babylon

  • The rise of the Beast, the Antichrist

  • The work of the Two Witnesses

  • The building and destruction of the next Temple in Jerusalem

  • The rise of Damascus to God’s favor

  • The rise to power of the 10 kings

  • The restoration of Egypt to power and wealth

  • The conflicts between the kings of the south and the kings of the north

  • The creation of a Palestinian state along the coast of present-day Israel

  • The peace and prosperity between Israel and her neighbors

  • The decline of the churches

  • Acceptance of Christ in Jerusalem

  • A new Diaspora of the Jews/Israelites

  • The restoration of the Jews/Israelites back to the land by Iran


mike_heiser_picture.jpeg (130369 bytes)Featured Biblical Link

Dr. Michael Heiser's approach to biblical research is in keeping with Dr. Martin's unbiased, academic philosophy of scriptural study. Click below to read some incredible new biblical research:

Dr. Heiser has also been a regular guest on the popular nighttime radio show COAST to COAST AM with GEORGE NOORY. On the show he has commented on some of Dr. Martin's books, which has generated some public interest in ASK. Check out these links below:

New to Dr. Heiser's website are several extremely interesting videos. Utilizing the LOGOS Bible Software, Dr. Heiser takes you through the correct translation of the scriptures of many controversial topics. Be sure to watch them all. Just click here.

Read a draft of Dr. Heiser's 2003 Near East Archaeological Society paper on "The Jesus Ossuary".

Dr. Hesier now has a blog that is very informative.

Read an intervew with Dr. Heiser regarding UFOs here.


This section is for the benefit of those who may have formerly been a member of the Worldwide Church of God (WCG - now called Grace Communion International) - or who may still be a member. While we don't like to dwell on the past and certainly have nothing against the (former) WCG, for many people this experience was the prelude to their graduation to ASK. If nothing else, this section is a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Be sure to read the article, Who Is ELM?

7th Day Sabbath Churches of God

Ambassador College Photos of Today 1

Ambassador College Photos of Today 2

Ambassador College Photos of Today 3

Ambassador Files

Ambassador Reports Blogspots

Ambassador Reports

Ambassador Report Index - All issues.

Ambassador Watch

Armstrongism Library Blog - Current news of who is doing what.

Church of God Links - Also here.

Church of God and Messianic News

Church of God Timeline

COGWriter - Bob Thiel.

Exit and Support

Get Back... On Track - Reproductions of many WCG publications.


HWA Library

The Journal

The Journal Back Issues

The Painful Truth

The Plain Truth - News on many topics.

Post WCG-Life and Theology Archives

WCG & Sir Anthony Buzzard - And the Illuminati.

WCG - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

WCG Charts - Documents the splits of the WCG.

COGs On the Internet

Who is having an impact on the Web, and who isn't? Here is the current list of Alexa ratings. Anything below the million mark has been left off.

1. UCG, 57,077
2. The Good News (UCG), 73,606
3. Flurry's Trumpet (PCG), 74,270
4. Alan Ruth (Indep.), 91,374
5. Bible Tools (CGG), 130,159
6. Pack (RCG), 144,453
7. Tomorrow's World (LCG), 159,161
8. Tkach (WCG/GCI), 173,342
9. Weinland's Sticky End (PKG), 182,537
10. The Real Truth (RCG), 195,250
11. Thiel (Indep./LCG), 199,068
12. LCG, 225,539
13. Ritenbaugh (CGG), 306,774
14. Hulme/Vision, 331,902
15. Ambassador Watch (Indep./critical), 367,941
16. LCG member site, 382,898
17. Born to Win (CEM), 513,005
18. Wally Smith (Indep./LCG), 547,700
19. Beyond Today (UCG), 558,837
20. Albrecht (PTM), 595,826
21. The Journal, 655,874
22. Kubik (Indep./UCG), 710,578
23. PCG, 774,569
24. Coulter (CBCG), 805,521
25. Billingsley (FF), 845,824
26. Sielaff (ASK), 876,322
27. World News & Prophecy (UCG), 853,984
28. CGI, 967,237

Who Is ELM?

A Message for Members and Ex-members of WCG Splinter Groups

and Members and Ex-members of the Worldwide Church of God

 and Grace Communion International

It has been almost four decades since the late Dr. Ernest L. Martin resigned as one of the WCG's highest ranking and most respected ministers. Dr. Martin was one of the first to do the right thing and quietly resigned when it became obvious that change was not part of the WCG paradigm.

What has become increasingly obvious is the fact that most people associated with the above mentioned groups have little or no knowledge of Dr. Martin. If ever God was working with an individual in our time, it was Dr. Martin. No other ex-WCG minister has ever achieved the worldwide respect for his independent research that Dr. Martin was so famous for. 

It is time for all to turn off the 'ongoing ex-WCG soap operas' and find out what the Bible really says about all of the truly important doctrinal issues:

  1. There is no "true Church of God". In fact, the word "church" is not even mentioned in the original Bible translations.

  2. There was no hierarchy (or organization) in the early Christian ekklesia (a gathering of like minded people). 

  3. Yes, the Sabbath is on Saturday. And no, you are not required to keep it (or any of the Holy Days).

  4. The tithing issue was put to bed four decades ago - by Dr. Martin. Christian charity, however, is still waiting to be practiced by most.

  5. You have already been saved. Being a member of any of the above churches means nothing to God. You were saved before the foundation of the world.

  6. You do, however, have one very important decision to make in this life. And that is whether you desire to be in the Kingdom of God.

  7. Jesus was born on September 11, 3 B.C.E. All planetariums agree.

  8. The Temple Mount is located one third of a mile from the Wailing Wall. The Tomb of David is buried underneath.

  9. We are not in the end-times. We are not even close to the end-times. Maybe sometime around 2070?

  10. Your experience in the WCG was for a reason. Wise people will learn from it.

The work of Dr. Martin is well preserved and is still available to the world through the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (ASK). The totality of his research is available on their website and is the equivalent of a college education. And it is all free!

You only have so many years in this life time. Why not take advantage of God's inspired knowledge before it is too late? Now is the time to wake up!

Ken Nagele


Next to the printed book, radio and TV, the Internet and the computer are the greatest communication tools ever invented. While used by almost everyone, most are still not aware of the vast potential of both of these technologies. The websites listed below offer leading edge technology for those willing to master what is literally at our fingertips.

Get Acrobat Reader

1&1 - Get your domain names here.

10 Computer Annoyances and How to Fix Them

10 Useful Web Applications You Don't Know About

123 People - Find anyone.

23 Top Undiscovered Websites  

800 Numbers  - Hard to find listings.


Addresses of Everyone Important

Airline Fares - How to find the lowest fares.

Alexa - Traffic rankings.

Antennas - Free boosters for your WIFI.

AOL Video - Online videos.

ASK.com - Excellent search results.

ASK.com Maps

Backing Up Data

Backgrounds for You Computer

Backup Essentials

Backup Hard Drives

Backup Strategies - Dr. Mercola.

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Most people think the draft is dead and that there is nothing to worry about. No politician would provoke the wrath of his constituents by voting for such a historically unpopular program. Yet, after 9/11, Congress approved the so-called Patriot Act without even reading the words to it, feeling that it was in the "national interest".

All that is needed to instigate a new draft is another major "terrorist attack", like 9/11. The ensuing outrage would provoke even the most strident opponent to volunteer their very own children to "protect the country". This time, there will be no escape clauses for those who object. Women will be drafted just like men. Millions of dollars have already been spent to prepare this new draft for a swift and easy implementation.

If you believe that you are a Conscientious Objector, now is the time to document this fact. Any implementation of the draft will most likely be done under "emergency" circumstances (like another 9/11 type of attack), leaving little time to file the proper papers and document your position. The links below will help you accomplish this important documentation.

Green: No armed services
Blue: No conscription
Orange: Plan for conscription to be abolished within 3 years
Red: Conscription
Grey: No information

13 Day Draft?

Abuse of the Military

Accomplice to Murder

Afghan Slaughter - By U. S. forces.


Allied War Crimes:
The Greatest Mass Rape in History

Alternative Service in the Second World War

Alternatives to Military Service

American Iraq War Deserters

An Army of None


Armed Forces Super Bug

Army Rape and Murder

Army Regulations Regarding CO Status

Army Regulations Regarding Discharge

Before You Enlist

Before You Enlist Video

Benderman Timeline

Biblical Conscientious Objection 1

Biblical Conscientious Objection 2 - Elijah vs. the State.

Bretheren Witness Conscientious Objection

British Troops Habitually Torture and Murder Innocent Civilians

Camilo Mejia

Center on Conscience & War

Central Committee for Conscientious Objection

The Christian and War - Excellent Commentary.

The Christian CO

The Christian's Golden Calf - Why do Christians worship the military?

Christian Military

Christian Torture

A Christian View of Armed Warfare

Christianity and War - The book.

Christianity and War - A collection of articles.

Christianity and War

Christian Responsibility in War

CIA Continues to Hide Evidence on Vietnam Era MIAs - Yes, they may still be alive.

Civilian Expeditionary Workforce - Precursor to new draft?

Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools


C.O. Packet

Conscientious Objection

Conscientious Objection and Alternative Service

Conscientious Objection & the Church of God

The Conscientious Objector - The WWII movie.

Conscientious Objector 1 - Definition & Links

Conscientious Objector 2

Conscientious Objector 3 - Outstanding article written from the Christian perspective with many good links.

Conscientious Objector 4 - History in U.S.

Conscientious Objector Books

Conscientious Objector Information - Brethren Witness.

Conscientious Objector Links 1

Conscientious Objector Links 2

Conscientious Objector Links 3

Conscientious Objector Links 4  

Conscientious Objector Orders - World War II.

Conscientious Objector Statement of the Episcopal Church

Conscientious Objector Status 101 


Conscientious Objector Video - How to establish your status.

Conscientious Objector Writings - 1939 to 1943.

Conscientious Objectors During WWII

Cost of Maintaining a Soldier or Private Contractor

Cost of War



Courage to Resist

Demililtarize Your Church


Dennis Kyne - Decorated veteran speaks out.

Desertion Duty

Disposable Soldiers - Don't think they will take care of you.

Dodge the Draft

Draft 1 - Bring it back?

Draft 2 - Involuntary servitude.

Draft 3 - Slave soldiers.

Draft is Slavery

Draft for Females


Draft Forum

Draft Resistance

Draft Resisters Options



Every Church a Peace Church

Farmer Veteran Coalition

Farms Not Arms

Female Soldier Treatment

Friends (Quaker) United Meeting - Good draft article.

Gangs in the Military

Gang Member Training in the Military

Gays in the Military

Gomer Pyle - What the military is really all about.

Halliburton Water & Other Excesses - Unsafe water for the troops exposed by employees.

Harmless as Doves Ministry - Good biblical support for conscientious objection.

Homeless Vets

Information Clearing House - Iraq CO testifies to Iraq abuses.

Injustice Exposed - Veterans benefits denied.

International Action Center

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Iraq War Casualties

Israeli Conscientious Objector Soldiers

Israeli Soldiers Refuse To Serve In Palestine - Part 1 video.

I Will Not Kill

Job Corps

Joining the Military?

Just Don't Go

Kill Anything That Moves - The truth about U.S. murders in Vietnam.


Mandatory EFT for Veterans

Maps of War - Look up Middle East.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Abuse

Marine Corp Boot Camp Video

Marine Corps Forgot to Mention...

May Day, I Repeat, May Day

Medical Problems with Soldiers

Medical Workers Draft

Memorial Day Alternative  - Films to watch.

Mennonite Conscientious Objection

Mercy Not Sacrifice - Christianity and war.

The Miles Foundation

Militarist Christendom and the Gospel of the Prince of Peace

Military Abuses

Military Benefits & Support Missing


Military Doublespeak

Military Draft

Military Mental Health

Military Recruiting

Military Sexual Assault 1

Military Sexual Assault 2

Military Service Futility

Military Vaccinations Video - The secret shots.

Militia and the Right to Bear Arms - One perspective.

Mixed Signals - Cartoon book on serving in the military.

Morally Bankrupt Military - Soldiers and Family are expendable.

MyDutytoSpeak.com - Military rape victims speak out.

Myth of the Brave Soldier

My War Memorials  - By Linda Schrock Taylor.

The National Peace Museum of Conscientious Objection

Neighbors for Peace

NNOMY - Military alternatives.

No Draft, No Way

Not Your Soldier

Nurses Draft

The Objector - A conscientious objector online magazine.

Objector.org - Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors.

One Earth Peace - Click on Counter Recruitment.

Only Volunteers - Abuse documentation of military personnel.

Orders Not to Obey - For all military people.

Peace Justice Center


PointofClarity.org - National Conscientious Objector Registration.

Poor and Uneducated - The new military.

proud_u_folks1.jpg (34107 bytes)POWs

POWs in Laos - Alive today?

POWs in Southeast Asia - The book.

The Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities

PTSD - Veterans ongoing nightmare.

PTSD for Iraq Vets - Free help.

Quaker Conscientious Objector Book

Rape in the Military

Real Reason for the Draft

Recruiting Misfits

Recruitment Lies

Revolt in the Ranks?

Sexual Assault in the Military 1 - Video.

Sexual Assault in the Military 2

Sexual Assaults in the Military 3

Sex and Murder in the Military

Omer Goldman.jpg (14734 bytes)Shministim - Israeli conscientious objectors.

Shoot People - For no reason.

Should a Christian Fight?

Should Anyone Join the Military?

Sir! No Sir!

Six Lessons for Young Men  - Some sound advice for men considering enlisting.

Soldier Say No

Soldiers and Humans

Soldiers' Rights

Soldiers Waking Up - Even the troops are waking up (video).


Uniform Code of Military Justice


Iraq war Veterans Must watch ! US Soldiers Waking UP !

Vaccinations Forced on Marines - Marines being used for medical experimentation?

VA Class Action Lawsuit


VA Hospital Horrors

Veteran Dumping

Veterans Against Torture

Veterans Denial of Disability Benefits

Veterans PTSD - Healed with EFT.

Veteran Suicides - More veterans kill themselves than are being killed in Iraq.

Veterans Today - Great site for patriots.

Veterans Treatment



War Crimes Watch

War is a Racket 1

War is a Racket 2 - The actual words from Major General Smedley D. Butler, USMC [Retired].

War is a Racket 3 - From a disabled Vietnam Marine veteran.

War Resisters International 1 - Conscientious objection.

War Resisters International 2

War Resisters League

Water Boarding

West Virginia Patriots for Peace

What is a Conscientious Objector?

Why I Am a Conscientious Objector

Why Soldiers Rape

Women's Sexual Abuse

Women Soldiers Private War

World War II - How it really started.

World War II - Atrocities committed after the war was over - by the Allies and the Russians.

World War II Atrocities - Includes U.S.

Youth and Militarism


There is no greater instance of government doublespeak than when it comes to the military. Here are some examples:

  • Serving in the military: getting money for college from the taxpayers.

  • Deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan: occupying a sovereign country.

  • The global war on terrorism: a cash machine for privileged government contractors.

  • Conscription: slavery.

  • Stop-loss policy: backdoor draft.

  • Dress blues: government-issued costume.

  • Troop surge: escalation of a war we are losing.

  • Flying sorties: bombing civilians and their property.

  • Stationed overseas: helping to maintain the U.S. global empire of troops and bases.

  • Enhanced interrogation techniques: torture by the United States.

  • Extraordinary rendition: U.S. sanctioned torture by other countries.

  • Fighting terrorism: making terrorists.

  • Fighting our enemies: making more enemies.

  • Defending our freedoms: destroying our freedoms.

  • Insurgents: foreigners who resent having their country invaded or occupied.

  • Sanctions: killing children without bombs and bullets.

  • Military chaplain: trying to serve two masters.

  • Military appreciation service: idolatry.

  • Praying "God bless our troops": blasphemy.

  • Supporting the troops: supporting foreign invasions and occupations.

  • Precision bombing: civilian killer.

  • Cluster bomb: child civilian killer.

  • Land mine: American IED.

  • Terrorist: someone who plants a bomb that doesn’t wear an Air Force uniform.

  • Enemies of the United States: countries that oppose U.S. hegemony.

  • Enemy combatant: someone turned over to U.S. troops in Afghanistan by someone eager to collect a bounty.

  • Axis of evil: countries with oppressive governments that our oppressive government doesn’t like.

  • Allies: countries with oppressive governments that our oppressive government likes.

  • Anti-Semite: someone who opposes U.S. military intervention in the Middle East.

  • Military recruiter: pimp for duped young men who want to sell their services to the government.

  • Bomber pilot: long-distance killer.

  • Persistent conflict: perpetual warfare.

  • U.S. interests: an excuse to police the world.

  • U.S. foreign policy: imperialism.

  • National security: national police state.

  • Collateral damage: the slaughter of unarmed civilians by American bullets and bombs.

  • Die for our freedoms: die for a lie.

  • War hawk: warmonger.

  • Regime change: meddling in the affairs of other countries.

  • Congressional supporters of large military budgets: pimps to hook up government and defense contractors.

  • Military spokesman: military propagandist.

  • Commander in chief: the chief war criminal.



Probably one of the most misunderstood and ignored chapters in the Bible, the latter part of this scripture clearly addresses the question of "What should I be doing in my life as a Christian?" Taught directly by Jesus, this chapter covers a number of theological issues pertaining to the Kingdom of God. It then goes on to give us a direct, concise answer to what a Christian's life should include. There are four basic sections to this chapter, which Christ taught to His disciples, not to the masses (therefore it was not an allegory or parable).

Dr. Martin has written extensively on the first "Ten Virgins" section in Matthew 25:1-13, involving Jesus' return.

The next section is on the subject of 'talents' and 'positions' within the Kingdom of God and are described in Matthew 25:14-30.

The last section, Matthew 25:41-46, deals with Christ's judgments on nations - and their eventual correction.

But right before that, in Matthew 25:31–40, we find Christ's admonition for us (individually) today. From Dr. Martin's article on tithing:

In summing up this chapter on giving monies to Christ for the spreading of the Gospel to the world (that all of us should be active in doing), I wish to give a final method by which anyone can be assured that what money or contribution is given goes directly to Christ. This is a sure way that no one who loves the New Testament teaching can argue with. The teaching comes from Christ himself. Christ told people this certain way to give things directly to Him,

"When the son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory. And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats ... then shall the King say unto them on the right hand, Come, ye blessed of my father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked and ye clothed me: I was in prison and ye came unto me."

• Matthew 25:31–40

Christ went on to say that the righteous might be puzzled over this, because none of them ever gave Christ these things personally. But Christ went on to say: If you have "done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, YE HAVE DONE IT UNTO ME" (Matthew 25:40).

There we have it! This is the assured manner to give something to Christ. If you help out the unfortunate brother in Christ, you have given something directly to Christ. "Ye have done it unto me."

What is significant about Jesus' description is the fact that none of these categories are ones that the average person would normally come in contact with in his or her daily life. Since these people are out of sight, they are also out of mind. That is why Jesus is reminding us that there are people suffering, even though we don't see or think about them in our daily routine. But they are in need of our help just the same. And it obviously takes some time, effort and expense to find them and do what we can for them. But the rewards will bring us true happiness - and a fulfillment of Jesus' command. And, does Jesus' directive also factor into our acceptance into the Kingdom of God?

Most local communities have many worthwhile organizations that one could volunteer for. One could also help out on a one-to-one basis with those you might happen to come in contact with on a personal basis. It should involve a certain amount of your time and effort, not just writing a check to someone to get your obligation "out of the way".

It should be noted that most of us live in what is termed a "welfare state" and we often think that everyone is already being taken care of; even to the point of those of us who do work being resentful of those who don't. But the fact is that despite the enormous handouts our government provides (justified or not), there are still many people that fall through the cracks in many different areas of need. To say that one doesn't need to be involved with helping others in this day and age is a grave mistake.

Below are some links that we have come across that would appear to be worthwhile causes. Please let us know if you find any others that also might be appropriate. Here are some more "giving" scriptures; James 2:14-19 and 1 Timothy 6:18.

Don't Have the Time - Don't Have the Money?

Why not improve your lot in life - just to help others? It can be done. Just go to our Self-Improvement section and click on the appropriate links. What you earn in a year could be what you earn in a month. How far would that go to fulfilling Matthew 25:31–40?

Be A Light to the World

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Matthew 5:14-16

10 Gulf Humanitarian Aid and Self-help Projects

American Decline - Disturbing realities.

American Friends Service Committee

Amnesty International

Blessed Are The Peacemakers - Charity in Mexico.

Cambodian Children's Fund - Scott Neeson, former Hollywood executive.

Christian Charities

Christian Peacekeepers


Dream Center - Helping thousands of people in Los Angeles.

Frugal Billionaire Plans to Give it All Away

Haitian Missions - Many to choose from.

How to Help People - The Health Ranger way. Part 2 is here.

Hollywood to Cambodia - And what is our excuse?


Kairos Prison Ministry

Matthew 25 Ministries

Mercy Corps

Missionary Flights International - Airlift help to Haiti.

MyCharityWater.org - Start your own charity by bringing clean water to people.

Passion 4 Kids - Run by friends of ours. A very worthwhile cause.


Prison Fellowship International

Red Cross Fraud

Salvation Army

Volunteering Improves Health

Be Sure to Visit Our Injustices Page