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Advances in science are being made almost daily. But, like almost all other subjects, we are only told in the news media about the ones that are "politically acceptable."

That is because the government has a vested interest in keeping their hidden technology (50-100 years ahead of the public sector) a secret. Some of the sites listed below will present alternative science news - much of which you will find quite startling and revealing.

3D Printing - It actually works.

9 How-To Videos

10 Evil Human Experiments

10 Modern Life Survival Skills

10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

13 Mysteries of Science

13 Things That Do Not Make Sense

15 Top Skylines of the World

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

50 Strange Buildings of the World

100 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2012

2005 Most Innovative

Abductions - A to Z.

Abductions by the Military 1 - The book.

Abductions by the Military 2 - Very revealing PDF download.

Abduction Mutilations  - Of humans (caution advised).

Abduction Research - Interesting article on hybrids.

About Inventors


The Academy for Future Science

Access Research Network

AerosCraft - Transportation of the future. 

Africa - Its true size.

Agriculture Defense Coalition  

Air Car 1 - A guide to compressed air cars.

Air Car 2

Air Car 4 - Also here.

Air Car 5 - Video.

Al Bielek - 12 part Art Bell interview.

Alcohol Fuel for Automobiles Videos - Alternative to gas.

Alien Bases - Joint.

Alien Races - VOICES OF THE COSMOS Traits of various life in the cosmos. by C.B. Scott Jones & Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.

Alien Race Book

Alternative Science

American Antigravity


Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient America

Animal Videos - Incredible!

An Inconvenient Truth - 25 inconvenient truths about the movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

Antarctic: A Nazi Base?

Antarctic Base for Third Reich? Excellent Russian video.

Antarctic Expedition - Incredible pictures.

Antarctic Expedition Video - English subtitles.

Antarctic Scenes - Fabulous photography.

Antigravity B-2 - Dual propulsion systems?

Antigravity Craft - How to build them. This is based on U.S. patents. Click here for the free e-book in PDF.

Antigravity Device - By a Russian scientist.

Antigravity in Florida - Coral Castle.

Antigravity Library

Antigravity Lifters

Antigravity Overunity

Antigravity Motor

Antigravity Planes in Production

Antigravity Research

Antigravity Technology

Antigravity Videos

Applied Biophysics Research Laboratory

Apollo 11 Videos  - Official and alternative online videos.

Area 51 Planes

Arial Air Bases Photos

Arial View of Earth

Artificial Telepathy

Astrobiology Magazine

Astronaut Sightings - Discs on the moon.

Astronomy - Biblical - Does the sun revolve around the earth? 

Astronomy Pictures

Atlantean Gardens

Atlantis Power Grid and the Indians 5/13

Auto Safety - The Center for Auto Safety.

Auto Steel Alternative

B2.jpg (9889 bytes)B-2 Antigravity - Dual propulsion systems?

B-52 Bomber Problems

BariumBlues.com - Chemtrail information.

Bats Dying 1 - More serious than the bees dying.

Bats Dying 2

organicbee.jpg (33053 bytes)Bees 1

Bees 2

Bees 3

Bees 4

Bees 5 - No organic bee losses.

Bees 6 - The solution.

Bees 7

Bees 8

BeforeUs.com - Archeology answers.

Bermuda Triangle BBC Video


Bird Nests - World's largets.

Black Eyed Beings

Brain Interface Machine

Brain Mysteries

Brain Research 1 - Amazing information.

Brain Research 2

Butterfly Wings - Incredible beauty.

California Drought - Man-made.

Carnicom Institute - Leaders in chemtrail and Morgellons research.

Cascadia - Yellowstone is NOT the big one (volcanic eruptions.) Video


Census Data - Graphically displayed.

Chemtrail Buster - Build your own.

Chemtrail Lightning Storms

Chemtrail Photos

Chemtrail Remedies 1

Chemtrail Remedies 2

Chemtrails: What's Going On?

chemtrail poster.jpg (362662 bytes)Chemtrail Video 1

Chemtrail Video 2

Chemtrail Video 3

Chemtrail Video 6


Chemtrails 1

Chemtrails 3

Chemtrails 5

Chemtrails 7 - Strange Days, Strange Skies. An excellent overview of the health hazards of chemtrails.

Chemtrails 8 - Aerosol operation crimes & cover-up.

Chemtrails 10

Chemtrails 11 - Morgellons disease.

Chemtrails 12 - More morgellons.

Chemtrails 13 - Act of war?

Chemtrails 14 - What in the world are they spraying?

Chemtrails 15 - Cancer connection and great videos.

Chemtrails 16 - California Skywatch

Chemtrails 17 - Government Depopulation Program?

Chemtrails 18 - Aircrap.org, monitoring the planned poisoning of humanity.

Chemtrails 19 - More Morgellons evidence.

Chemtrails 20 - Latest video footage indicates possible change in formula. and spraying in commercial flight paths.

Chemtrails 21- Great videos and explanations.

Chemtrails 22 - GeoEngineering Watch.

Chemtrails 23 - Geoengineering & Chemtrails: What In The World Are They Spraying? And Why?

Chemtrails 24 - Next generation.

Chemtrails 25 - Geo Engineering Watch.

Chemtrails 26 - Bill Gates.

Chemtrails 27

Chemtrails 28

Chemtrails 29 - Swedish official admits they are real.

Chemtrails 30 - Miles Mathis.

Chemtrails Data Page - Impressive collection by Jeff Rense.

Chemtrails of Death - The Video.

Chemtrails of the World - Excellent primer.

Chemtrail Timeline

Chemtrail Wine Peroxcide Test

Chemtrail Video 2

Climate Viewer

Cloud Formations

Coil Construction - For alternative energy research.

Cold Fusion 1 - U.S. Navy confirms.

Cold Fusion 2 - 60 Minutes confirms.

Cold Fusion Video

Coler Converter 1

Coler Converter 2

Common Sense Science

Conception to Birth - Incredible video.

Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge - CPAK

Conspiracy Planet

Coral Castle 1 - Watch the second video.

Coral Castle 2

Coral Castle 3 - Official site.

Cosmic Log

Crater Origins

Cryptomundo - Bigfoot and other anomalies.

CureZone.com - Huge forum covering many topics.



Data4Science - Scientific exploration of phenomona.

David Wilcox - Esoteric sciences video.

David Wilcox - Updated video.

Dean Kamen - Incredible engineer for mankind.

Deep-Ocean Vents - 5 times the power of nuclear plants. Video.

Debris Field - Interesting blogs on many subjects.

Dent Removal - Quick, easy and free.

Directed Energy Beams - Responsible for Santa Rosa fires.

Disclosure Project - UFO knowledge by U.S. personnel.

Disclosure Project Videos - Google Video.

Disclosure Project - YouTube Videos.

Draught Map of U.S.

DREAD Weapons System

Drones - What you need to know.

Dulce - Alien breeding program.

Dulce Base - Revealing video.

The Dulce Book

Dulce Matrix

Dulce Base Pictures 1

Dulce Base Pictures 2

Dulce Security Officer

Dulce Video - Expose.

Dulce Video - Free download at end of page.

Earth Changes Media


Earth Homes

Earth-like Planet

Earth Photos from Space - Incredible PowerPoint presentation.

Earthquake Safety Guide - Excellent guide for preparedness.

Earthquake Targetting - Use of HAARP to create earthquakes?

Earth Setting over Moon Video

Earth's Surface Formation Cartoon

E Bombs

Electric Car Facts

Electric Cars 1 - Tesla's free-energy car.

Electric Cars 2 - Ultra capacitor cars.

Electric Cars 3 - Zenn and the angst of motoring.

Electric Cars 4 - Zenn electric car videos.

aptera.jpg (91485 bytes)Electric Cars 5 - Aptera for California.

Electric Cars 6 - Another reason why we don't have them.

Electric Cars 7 - Battery suppression.

Electric Car Destruction - Video.

Electric Car Video

Electroculture - Make plants grow bigger without fertilizer. And here for video.

Elephant That Paints

EMF Protection - PDF download.

EMP Protection - Protect your electronics in the case of a nuclear explosion.

EMP Weapon

Energy Grid Alternative Media

Energy Non-Crisis

Energy Non-Crisis Book - Read it online for free.

Energy Non-Crisis Video - Lindsey Williams.

Energy - Pure Energy Systems - Incredible alternative energy systems.

Enterprise Mission - Richard C. Hoagland.

European Space Agency

European Space Agency - Space Science


Extraterrestrials Are Working With US Government Claims Air Force Veteran

Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

Fate Magazine

Federation of American Scientists

Fingerprint of God - Fibonacci numbers.

Flat Earth - Link to the sites below.

Flat Earth 1 - Psyop, by Henry Makow.

Flat Earth 2 - 10 absurd claims.

Flat Earth 3 - Flat earth deception.

Flat Earth 4 - Debunking videos. Also 3 more here.

Flat Earth 5 - Jesuit connection.

Flat Earth 6 - Debunking sites.

Flat Earth 7 - History.

Flat Earth 8 - Carl Sagan.

Flat Earth 9 - Dr. Michael Heiser's biblical research on the flat earth.

Flat Earth 10 - A perspective from Miles Mathis, one of the most brilliant people on the face of the (round) earth.

Flat Earth 11 - Simple math destroys flat earth theory.

Flight 370 - Here is what really happened.

Flying Amoebas 1

Flying Amoebas 2

Flying Disc Invention

Flying Disc Video

Food Crisis 1

Food Crisis 2 - Worldwide shortage.

Food of the Future Video

Forbidden Archeology

Ford Plant in Brazil - Most advanced in the world.

Forest on Mars

Fortean Times

Fourth Dimension

Fractal Photos 1

Fractal Photos 2

Fractal Photos 3

Fractal Photos 4

Free Energy Machine - Swiss Methernitha Testatik.

Free Energy News

Free Energy

Free Energy Devices 1 - Excellent links and forum.

Free Energy Devices 2

Free Energy Devices 3

Free Energy Devices 4 - Tom Bearden and free energy.

Free Energy Devices 5 - PDF download of various designs.

Free Energy Devices 6

Free Energy Devices 7 - Overunity.com forum.

Free Energy Devices 8 - Steven Mark solid state generator video.

Free Energy Devices 9 - A practical guide.

Free Energy Devices 10

Free Energy Devices 11 - List of suppressed inventions.

Free Energy Devices 12 - Amazing free energy generator video. Also here.

Free Energy Devices 13 - World Improvement Technologies (WITs).

Free Energy Devices 14 - History.

Free Energy Devices 15 - A complete listing.

Free Energy Devices 16 - China's payoff for hiding free energy technology is real cause for U.S. unemployment.

Free Energy Devices 17 - Nathan Stubblefield's ground telephone system - in 1892.

Free Energy Devices 18 - Permanent magnet motors.

Free Energy Devises 19 - The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems - Vol. II. Free PDF download.

Free Energy Devices 20 - Rex Reasearch.

Free Energy Devices 21 - The world of free energy.

Free Energy Devices 22 - Ether technology.

Free Energy Devices 23 - Free energy Light bulbs you can make.

Free Energy Devices 24 

Free Energy Devices 25

Free Energy Devices 26

Free Energy Devices 27 - Great site with a free download on the latest over unity device.

Free Energy Videos 1

Free Energy Videos 2

Free Energy Videos 3 - Where are they?

German Aircraft - WWII

German Disc / UFO Technology

German Discs 1

German Discs 2

German Discs 3

German Discs 4

German Discs 5 - In German.

German Discs 9 - Pravda.

German Discs 10

German Discs 11

German Discs 12

German Discs 13

German Disks 14

German Discs 15

German Discs 16 - Brad Steiger.

German Discs 17 - The Aldebaran Mystery: The Nazi/ET UFO Connection.

German Discs 18 - Disc Aircraft of the Third Reich (1922-1945 and beyond).

German Discs 19

German Discs 20

German Discs 21 - Vril craft.

German Discs 22 - Haunebu craft.

German Discs 23 - Vril Gesellschaft.

German Discs 24 - Eyepod.org.

German Discs 25 - In German and includes all types of aircraft.

German Discs 26 - Haunebu in German.

German Discs 27 - Hans Coler: Magnetstromapparat und Stromerzeuger.

German Discs 28

German Discs 29 - Vril video in German.

German Discs 30 - Russian video with Antarctic footage.

German Discs 31 - Antarctic and other interesting information.

German Discs 32 - Biblical references and much history.

German Discs 33 - All types of UFOs. In German.

German Discs 34

German Discs 35 - American investigator who examined a captured German craft.

German Discs 36

German Discs 37

German Discs 38 - More Vril craft.

German Discs 39 - Fireballs.

German Discs 40 - Good video links and info on the legality of the Third Reich.

German Discs 41 - Space Gate - Ultra Top Secret UFO Program.

German Discs 42

German Discs 43 - Art of Jim Nichols.

German Discs 44 - Another version. Very well documented.

German Discs 45 - Disc Aircraft of the Third Reich.

German Discs 46 - Antigravity technologies.

German Discs 47 - American copies?

German Discs 48 - Henry Stevens book, online.

German Disks 49 - English subtitled video of Antarctic expedition by Admiral Byrd.

German Discs 50 - 1937 crash.

German Discs 51 - Vril, Antartica, maps, etc.

German Discs 52 - NAZI Secret Weapon book, Ernst Zundel.

German Discs 53 - Vril and Trump's Space Force.

German Discs 54 - Robert Sepehr video.

German Discs 55 - Two flying disks video.

German Discs 56 - Ecosia search.

German Discs 57 - Alien technology for Germans.

Giants in America

Global Warming Swindle Explanation

Godly View of the Universe - Use the scroll bar to zoom in or out. Incredible presentation.

Google Earth Pictures: The Most Mysterious Sightings Ever - Unusual photos.

Government Knowledge of UFOs

Gravity - A possible explanation.

Gravity Wave Video

HAARP 1 - Angels don't play with this one.



HAARP 4 - The twilight zone. Pine Gap.

Hans Coler Free Energy Device - British Intelligence report.

Harun Yahya - Creation.


Hemp Facts Hemp

History - Video.

High Tech People Control

Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology

Hollow Earth - Fact or fiction?

Hollow Earth Theory in 3D HD - Incredible video.

Fukushima Updates - Most extensive coverage.

Fukushima Was Japan's 9/11 - But happened on 3/11.

Fukushima - Everything you need to know.

Fukushima Nuclear War Without a War

Fukishima Radiation

Fukushima - The Monster Under Our Bed

Fukushima Weapons Program  - What they do not want you to know.

Fukuhima Poisoning

Future Horizons Gas Additives 1 - Acetone.

Gas Additives 2 - Ethos.

Gas Additives 3 - Many ways to increase MPG.


Hollow Earth - Admiral Byrd's expedition there.

Hollow Earth Sites

Holosync Sound Technology - Music that cures.

Horse Dancing

Household Uses for Food

Hypnotizing Website

Household Uses for Food Humans Flying - Incredible video.

How Stuff Works

Hubble Gallery

1Hubble Gallery

2  Hubble Gallery 3 - Prepare to be humbled.

Hubble's Top Ten Discoveries

Human Planet - BBC video series.

Hummingbird Birth Pictures The

Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology Hybrid Car Hoax

Hydrogen Car Converters

Hydrogen Fuel Generators

Hydrogen & Multi-Fuel Car Conversion Video Instructions

Hypnotizing Website Ice Photos

Illuminati Technology

India Daily Technology

Institute for New Energy Websites - Excellent link site for alternative energy research.

Illuminati Technology

India Daily Technology

Institute for New Energy Websites - Excellent link site for alternative energy research.

Invisibility Technology - Here today?

Genesis History, Is it True? - Proves Genesis is true. Video.

JamesCasbolt.com - MI-6 agent reveals everything.

Japan Nuclear Disaster - Video on what is really happening.

Japan Nuclear Radiation Maps  - Updated daily.

John Cabot - Discoverer of the New World.

KeelyNet.com - Esoteric sciences.

Kitchen Fires - Video on how to put them out.

KeelyNet.com - Esoteric sciences.

Kitchen Fires - Video on how to put them out.

Leading Edge International

Research Group LED Lights - For the home.

Lion Cubs vs Water Buffalos - Battle at Kruger.

ListVerse.com - Lists of the strangest things in the world.

Live Science

Los Angeles Vintage Photographs

Lunar Anomalies Magic Explanations

The MAJESTIC Project / MJ-12 ATT144948.jpg (32487 bytes)Mars Anomaly Research Mars Colony  - CIA Project Pegasus.

Man in Space Presentation - Beautiful space shot presentation download.

Mars - We're already there.

Mars Civilization Evidence Directory - Lists all civilization anomalies on Mars.

Mars Images from MSSS

The Mars Records

Mars Sulphate

Mine with Sign? - This picture (SEMOIHMZCIE) is posted on the European Space Agency's website. Click on the picture, then enlarge it with the button in the right hand corner. Then scroll to the right hand bottom to see what appears to be a mining operation and a sign. More information can be found here.

Mars Trees - Earth trees planted on Mars?

Mars Structures - Yes, they are there.marswood.jpg (29847 bytes)

Mars Wood Math

Magic Memories - Perfect.

Metal Storm - Incredible new gun.

Meta Research Methernitha - Christian community in Switzerland with free energy devices.

Michael Cremo - Ancient archeology.

Milabs 1 - The book. Military abductions.

Milabs 2 - Very revealing PDF download.

Miles Mathis - New take on physics.

Military-Secrets.com - Abductions and Roswell.

Model Trains - Largest layout in the world.

Mind over Matter Moller Skycars

Montauk Chronicles - The movie. Read the AOL review here.

Montauk Project 1 - Experiments in time travel.

Montauk Project 2

Montauk Project 3 - Al Bielek debunked.

Montauk Project 4 - Al Bielek video. And here.

Montauk Project Videos

Montauk Pulse - Read sample newsletter of the continuing Montauk story.

Moon Anomalies 4/15

Moon Bases 1

Moon Bases 2  

Moon Base Video 1 - NASA lunar base coverup on back side of the moon.

Moon Base Video 2

Moon Hollow?

Moon Illusion - Why it sometimes looks so big.

Moon Hoax - The Dark Side Video - The hoax of the entire Apollo Program?

Moon Landing Filming 1 - Stanley Kubrick's best film?

Moon Landing Filming 2 - Commentary.

Moon Landing Filming 3 - Kubricked?

Moon Landing Hoax - Fox documentary. Watch all four videos.

Moon Landing Hoax Testimonial

Moon Landing - Hoax?

Moon Landing Hoax - The Dark Side of the Moon video series.

Moon Landing Hoax - Collection of videos.

Moon Landing Hoax - From NASA itself. Video.

Moon Landing Hoax - Film analysis.

Moon Landing Hoax - Admission by Stanley Krubik video.

Moon Landing Pictures - Faked?

Moon Landing Reverse Speech 1 - What were they really saying?

Moon Landing Reverse Speech 2Moon - Our Enigmatic Moon


Moon Ruins Munitions Dumping at Sea

Mount Shasta - Hollow earth journey.

The Naked ScientistsNASA Antigravity Space FleetNASA Mars Cover-up

NASA Secret Transmissions Video

NASA Watch

National Parks

Natural Cleaning Products 1 - Use natural ingredients from around the house.

Natural Cleaning Products 2

Natural Resources


Nature Video - With beautiful music.

Nature Photos 1

Nature Photos 2

Nature Photos 3

Nature Photos 4

Natures Best Photography

New Cell Phone/Internet

New Energy Report

New Madrid Earthquake

New Model of the Universe Videos - Incredible scientific videos on gravity, pressure and why the earth doesn't have a molten core. Extremely interesting.

The New Physics New Scientist Tech

Non-Terrestrial Officers - Off-planet Naval Officer list?

Non-Terrestrial Officers Video

NIDS Nikola Tesla - Video.

Nuclear & Biological Weapons

Nuclear Weapons Encyclopedia

Nuke Map - Find the devastation area for your city.

Oil vs Alcohol - The real history of oil.

Oil Origins - The Russians have known it for decades.

Oil Shortage Myth 1

Oil Shortage Myth 2

Open Source Energy

Optical Illusions 1 - Amazing demonstrations.

Optical Illusions 2

Optical Illusions 3

OrbWar.com Orion Project - Clean energy project.

Orion Technology

Oval Tech 2Ozone Layer Depletion - By chemtrails.

Pacific Ocean Radiated

Permaculture Institute - Natural farming.

Peters Projection map

Petroglyph's In The Sky Philadelphia Experiment 1 - Al Bielek debunked.

Philadelphia Experiment 2

Philadelphia Experiment 3 - Al Bielek video.

Philadelphia Experiment - Al Bielek.

Philadelphia Experiment - From A-Z. And here (future time travel.)

Philadelphia Experiment Videos Phil Schneider Lectures - Underground bases.

Phil Schneider Videos Photos 1 - Incredible collection.

Photos 2

Photos 3

Photos 4 - 2008 best nature photos.

Photos 5 - Long exposure.

Photos 6 - From Dr. Mercola.

Photos Go On Forever - Incredible photographic mosaic.

Photo Mosaic Software - Free download.

Photos Set to Music Physics - The new physics. Covers many varied subjects. Very interesting.

PhysOrg.com Pine Gap - Australia's mysterious underground facility.

Planet X / Nibiru - Is it real?

Plants with Eyes Powers of Ten Video Premonitions

Project Camelot - Free energy whistleblowers.

Pyramid Construction Discovered - Video.

Radar Detectors

Radio Frequency Warfare

Rainwater Pictures - Shocking & bizarre.

Real Time View of Earth

Rechargeable Batteries

Resonance Creates Form

Reverse Speech 1

Reverse Speech 2

Reverse Speech 3 - Metaphors.

Revisionist History Rex Research - Highly unusual scientific and antigravity devices and research.

Richard Hoagland Richard Shaver 1 - Fact or fiction?

Richard Shaver 2 - Fact or fiction?

Rife Technology RodinMath.com

Roswell Crash 1 - BBC documentary.

Roswell Crash 2

Roswell Crash 3 - Why Roswell?

Science Hobbyist Sea Creatures - Incredible deep sea pictures.

The Secret Beyond Matter - Perceptions and matter.

Secret Space Video

Secret Space War 1

Secret Space War 2

Secret Space War 3

Secret Space War 4

Secret Space war 5

Secret Space War 6

Secret Space War 7

Secret Space War 8

Secret Space War 9

Secret Space War 10

Secret Weapons Technology

Sensory Illusions - Experiments you can do yourself.

Shift Happens 5/09 - Video of the future.


Smart Meters 1 - Opt out.

Smart Meters 2

Smoking Gun for Life on Mars

Snow Crystal Pictures 1

Snow Crystal Pictures 2

Solar Power 1 - New breakthrough technology.

Solar Power 2 - Nanosolar, a new way to store and use sunlight.

Solar System Explanation

Solfeggio Frequencies

Sound of Silence - High tech weapon used in Iraq War.

Space.com Spacecraft


Space Daily

Space Plane

Space Pictures

Space Station 1 - Animated video.

Space Station 2

Space Station 3 - Life onboard.

Space/Time Distortions

Space Time News Space Video - Incredible Hubble space video.

Splashing Water

Spinning Disc Research Spirit and DNA - Reprogram able.

Spontaneous Human Combustion - Too much acid.SS-27

Stargate Chronicles - NASA insider spills the beans on alien contact.

Stonehenge 1

Stonehenge 2 Stonehenge 3

Stonehenge 4

Stonehenge 5

Stonehenge 6

Stonehenge 7 - How it might have been built. Also here and watch the second video here.

Stonehenge in the Amazon Super Bugs Suppressed Inventions

The Synchronized Universe

Technology Is Destroying Jobs

Technology News Technology & Science - From Illuminati News.

Ted.com - Interesting speakers on all subjects.

Teleportation Jump Rooms - Why bother with the craft?

Tesla's Electric Car  - With no batteries! Also here.

Tesla History 1

Tesla History 2

Tesla History 3 - Tesla vs Edison.

Tesla History 4 - Suppressed by the Illuminati.

Tesla Writings

Tesla Society

Tesla Tech Tesla Video - The missing secrets.

Tesla Videos - Numerous Google videos.

Themis - Extraordinary Mars photos.

Thought Technology

Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take? - Excellent movie, except that it leaves God out of the equation.


Tom Bearden - Alternative views on electricity and radio waves. Also here.

Time Travel - Excellent overview from the Anderson Institute.

Time Travel Videos - Watch them all.

Tire Safety - When were your tires manufactured?

Titanic Sinking - What really happened.

Titanic Sinking - Another insight.


Tree Huggers of America Trees - Incredibly magnificent trees.

Truthed.com - Videos on many varied subjects.

UFO's, Discs, Antigravity Craft

UFOS & Discs - Jeff Rense.

UFO 1 - New, unidentified model or photographic fake?

UFO 2 - Another set of the above craft, taken at another location.

UFO 3 - More sightings and analysis.

UFO 4 6/27 - Inside information on these new government crafts?

UFO 5 - Linda Moulton Howe

UFO 6 - Linda Moulton Howe

UFO 7 - The power of symbolic language and UFOs.

UFO 8 - Haunebu models.

UFO 9 - Eyepod.org.

UFO 10 - Faked recreation video.

UFO 11 - Best UFO pictures ever taken.

UFO 12 - 10 close encounters caught on tape.

UFO 13 - Jessup, a classic, controversial UFO manuscript in PDF format.

UFO 14 - Government TR-3B Flying Triangle video?

UFO 15 - NASA employee tells all.

UFO 16 - Evolution of the UFO (non-alien).

UFO 17 - Paradigm Research Group.

UFO 18 - Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary: Full Uncut Version 2013 HD

UFO 19 - Aerial drones debunked.

UFO 20 - Pheonix lights.

UFO 21 - The Black Vault.

UFO 22 - Kingman, AZ, crash in 1953.

UFO 23 - Secret Government UFO Test over Syria

UFO 24 - Aliens on the moon.

UFO 25 - What does the President know?

UFO 26 - Defense Minister of Canada speaks out.

UFO 29 - Project 1794

UFO 30 - A to Z, including the Illuminati.

UFO 31 - Ufology Explained.

UFO 32 - Steven Greer on false alien attacks.

UFO 33 - Dr. Joseph Farrel. And here.

UFO 34 - Excellent video of crashed craft.

UFO 35 - "Secret Space UFO's" on Amazon Prime. Draws highly on NASA Apollo Program, which may not be true.

UFO 36 - "Unacknowledged" on Netflix. Highly recommended.

UFO Alien Types Video

UFO Ancient Craft? - NASA video of ancient craft on the moon?

UFO Area UFO Conventions 1 - Ancient of Days.

UFO Conventions 2 - Roswell UFO Festival.

UFO Conventions 3 - MUFON.

UFO Conventions 4 - UFO crash retrievals.

UFO Cover-up

UFO Crash/Retrievals

UFO Chronicles - One of the best sites.

UFO Drone Team - Are they terrestrial or extraterrestrial?

UFO Encyclopedia - Exopaedia. triangelufo.jpg (13360 bytes)

UFO Evidence UFO

Exopolitics UFO

Extraterrestrial Recovery and Disposal - Official manual in PDF.

UFOFiler.com - Latest news.

UFO Files - Kept in secret places.

UFO Files from the UK Government

UFO Flying Triangle on Google Maps

UFO Galactic Diplomacy

UFO / Illuminati Connection

UFO Links

UFO Machines Parked in Orbit

UFO Mexican Air Force Video - Released 8/27/07.

UFO - Military Connection - All the groups we are presently engaged with.

UFO on Moon Video - Photographed by Italian astronomers.

UFO Mystery Space Machines

UFO News 1

UFO News 2 - John Kettler investigates.

UFO Non-Terrestrial Officers - Off-planet Naval officer list?

UFO Non-Terrestrial Officers Video

UFO Nordic Dhips - Don't get on them.

UFO Organizations - MUFON, the world's largest.

UFO Photos - 1942 Battle of Los Angeles photo enhancements.

UFO Project Camelot - Also here.

UFO Propulsion - AVRO.

UFO Questions UFOs.About.com

UFO Expo

UFO Secret Agreements

UFOs - Filer's Files - Subscribe to this free UFO update with incredible photos. Also, check out the archives.

UFOs - America's Secret Space Program

UFOs - The Greatest Story Ever Denied - The complete video.

UFOs - How to build them. This is based on U.S. patents. Click here for the free e-book in PDF.

UFOs - Man made.

UFOs Over U.S. Capitol - Historic movie footage of a fleet of UFOs passing slowly over the Capitol Building on July 26, 1952.

UFOs - Stanton Friedman, UFO expert.

UFOs - Space Gate - Ultra Top Secret UFO Program.

UFOs and Werner von Braun UFO Stalker - Impressive MUFON reports update.

edgar-mitchell-astronaut-324x205.jpg (19342 bytes)UFO Testimony 1 - Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell admits that aliens exist.

UFO Testimony 2 - Audio recording of the above testimony.

UFO Treaties - With ET. UFO Video - Impressive NASA film footage.

UFO Video - Released by the Italian Air Force.

UFO Video - "Out of the Blue".

UFO Video - Rex Heflin UFO photos interview.

UFO Video - Trailer for "UFOs - The Greatest Story Ever Denied".

UFO Video - Wide selection in German.

UFO Video - From NASA.

UFO Video - Best Sightings on YouTube.

UFO Video - Two stunning films of German UFOs.

UFO Wars - Air Force battles in 1952.

UFO Video - Latest updates.

USO Video - Unidentified Submerged Objects.

Underground Bases 1

Underground Bases 2

Underground Bases 3

Underground Bases 4

Underground Bases 5 - British bases.

Underground Bases 6 - Complete listing.

Underground Bases 7

Underground Empire

 Underground Rivers of California

Underground Tunnels




Universe Confirms the Bible

Universe Known - Video by AMNH.

The Universe Within - One of the

most incredible video presentations

you will ever see.

Universe Pictures

Universe Today U.S.

Video of the 50 States Valdamar

Valerian Victor Schauberger -

Brilliant water scientist. Vortex


Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM)

Water Bike Video Water Car -

Ready for production.

WaterCar.com 1 - Tesla car and

alternative powered cars.

WaterCar.com 2 - Interesting


Water Car Video 1 - Inventor


Water Car Video 2

Water Car Video 3  6/20 - Salt

water power.

Water Pump Run by Air - Video.

Water Purifier - To save the world?

Water Splashing - Photographed at

high speed.

Wavereaper Technology - Energy

from ocean waves.

Weather Modification & Chemtrails

Wernher von Braun at Roswell

Wilhelm Reich WhataTop.com - Incredible world pictures.

Working With the Law

World Clock - Worldwide statistics

on any subject as they are updated

by the minute.

World in 2030 - Video by Dr. Michio


World Pictures - Probably the most

incredible world and universe

pictures you have ever seen.

Worldwide Telescope - Your

computer becomes a virtual


Yellowstone Ready to Blow?




So, just the earth is flat?